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You've heard of the famous Bill Gates quotes, "Content is King”, but the type of content that really takes the crown is the evergreen blog post. An evergreen blog post is content that remains valuable and relevant no matter what the trends are or how the market is changing. It could be subject matter that is highly searched by people all year round, rather than a trending topic.

So, what exactly makes content “evergreen”? To understand this, we need to think about where the term is borrowed from: plants.

Picture an evergreen tree. You might be picturing a Christmas tree or a palm tree, depending on what part of the world you’re from. Simply put, the leaves of an evergreen tree stay green year-round and they don’t fall in the winter.

Now you may be asking, what do plants have to do with a content marketing strategy? Well, just like an evergreen tree that remains green year round, an evergreen blog post remains sustainable long after it’s published. Think of an evergreen blog post as timeless content that isn’t seasonal.

What Exactly is an Evergreen Blog Post?

Evergreen blog content is SEO-friendly content that is always highly searched on search engines, and stays relevant no matter what the trends are or how the market is changing. It doesn’t matter if your reader finds your blog post on the day you published it or months later. It adds value regardless of the time. And since it stays fresh, it continues to drive engagement, conversions, and brand awareness without much work on your part.

Examples of evergreen content include how-to articles, FAQs, and case studies. It can take on different forms, from blog posts and podcasts to videos and infographics. The main qualifier here is that the content is sustainable and informative.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, don’t all blog posts deliver value and bring traffic? Absolutely! They do, but the difference is that evergreen blog posts are timeless and valuable for much longer after they’re created.

This difference might be clearer if you consider content that isn’t evergreen, which is known as topical content. Topical content is newsworthy and centered around a date or a trend. And as that date passes or that trend dies out, so does the traffic to that topical blog post. You can spot these types of blog posts by looking at your site analytics. Topical posts bring a large spike of traffic around the publication date, but then that traffic tends to taper off.

Chances are you already have evergreen content on your site. Look at the blog posts that maintained traffic over time, or, better yet, gained momentum over time. If you can’t seem to find blog posts that showed such a consistent trend in traffic, that’s ok. Read on to find out how you can optimize your existing content or write new content to be evergreen.

What Are the Best Practices When Creating an Evergreen Blog Post?

There are many great strategies you can use to create blog posts that continuously add value to your readers. Below are 3 tips on what you can do to create the best evergreen content:

A) Stick to One Main Idea

It might seem like the right thing to do is to write about everything under the sun that interests your audience. However, doing so would cause a headache for both your writers and your readers. Your writer would have a difficult time because there is too much to talk about. And your reader would get confused as to what’s the point of your post and lose interest. You wouldn’t want that.

Therefore, when you focus on one specific topic, the main idea is easy to follow and “sticks” in the mind of your reader. For example, if you want to write about agile methodology, you can choose topics such as “Agile Vs. Scrum” or “The Beginner’s Guide To Agile Methodology.” As you can see here, the main idea is clear to the reader so that they’ll immediately benefit from it.

B) Put Your Audience First

Your reader is not interested in who you are so much as what you have to teach them. That is, your reader is looking to learn something new and worthwhile from your blog post. More often than not, it helps to write at a beginner level and to avoid using technical language. Such writing is easier to read and follow, so you keep the attention of your reader.

C) Leverage The Power Of Links

When you’ve worked hard on an evergreen blog post, the last thing you want is for that post to get buried deep within all your other content. You could have written a high-quality, in-depth post but unless you feature it, it could easily get lost in the mix.

An easy way to showcase your best evergreen content is to link it in your site navigation. You can include it in a drop down or a sidebar labeled “Top Posts" and ensure your evergreen content is there. Better yet, you can create a pillar page for a main subject and link your related posts to it.

Using internal links or a pillar post improves your SEO and rankings which thereby boosts your authority on Google. As a result, you rise to the top of Google results pages and are more easily found.

5 Benefits of Evergreen Blog Posts:

Darren Rowse of Problogger was asked “If you could only write one type of content on your blogs forever, what would it be?” His answer? Evergreen content!

That comes as no surprise because of the massive benefits of content that’s evergreen. You can depend on it to support your SEO efforts, bring in traffic, and convert leads. Below are 5 reasons why evergreen blog posts are so beneficial.

1. Your Content is More Shareable

A quality evergreen blog post is memorable and shareable. It's the type of post your reader can bookmark, share with friends, and quote on social media. Why is that? Because according to a study by the NY Times on the psychology of sharing content, people share content because it makes them look or feel good.

You can only achieve this level of being memorable and share-worthy by offering truly valuable information. That is, when you educate your readers through immensely valuable blog posts, you make a special connection with them. As a result, your reader is more likely to share your blog posts.

There is something so powerful about teaching your readers. When your readers learn what something is or how to do something, they remember that you taught them the lesson. Once you’ve earned this credibility, you can expect the same reader to return to you as a reference again and again. Your reader sees you as the industry expert, someone who is reliable and trustworthy. And when you have your reader’s trust, they are more likely to go through your sales funnel and purchase your product or service.

2. Super Optimal SEO

The very nature of evergreen blog posts makes them ideal for search engine rankings. You must be wondering, what's the nature of evergreen content? Let me explain. Since you’re teaching something to your reader, evergreen blog posts tend to be in-depth and in long-form. And search engines like Google prefer content that is detailed, valuable, and relevant to the topic. Combine that with killer SEO strategies, and you have yourself a SEO-driven machine.

You might have asked yourself, wouldn’t a long, in-depth blog post turn off my reader? Surprisingly, no! Reading an evergreen blog post is like getting lost in a good book. No matter how long it is, if each word and sentence continues to engage your reader, they’ll keep on reading. As a result, your reader stays on your webpage longer and increases the dwell time. This improvement in dwell time boosts your ranking on Google. And since your blog post is evergreen, this ranking is likely to stay steady or improve since the content remains relevant long after you’ve published it.

3. Steady Traffic

Have you ever wondered how you can get a steady stream of visitors who engage with your blog posts? An easy way to do so is — you guessed it — to make your content evergreen! By creating content that is relevant all the time, you’ll have a constant flow of visitors which you can turn into leads and eventually customers.

Steady traffic and improved search engine ranking also go hand in hand. As one improves, so does the other. You might even see an increase in traffic for your evergreen content because of the compounding effect that arises from ranking well. So why not leverage evergreen content to boost your traffic for the long run?

4. More Leads for Less Money

No matter how good or bad your business is doing right now, you can always benefit from lowering your customer acquisition costs. Wouldn’t you agree? By leveraging the power of evergreen blog posts, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your lead acquisition. Let’s explore how.

Recall that when you write evergreen content, it remains relevant and useful to your readers for extended periods of time. As a result of this longevity, your evergreen content continues to attract, engage, and convert for far longer as well. This is in contrast to topical content which works for a shorter period of time.

Imagine what a lead generation machine can do for your business as it continues to work long after it’s created.

5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Content

What should you do if you have an evergreen blog post that is ranking well, gaining traffic, and converting leads? Repurpose it!

Repurposing means you recycle your evergreen blog post and use it for new content. You can do this in a number of ways. One way is to create a new blog post with a fresh perspective on the content. An example of this would be to take a blog post on the basics of agile methodology and repurpose it as a FAQs post about agile development. You can also present the content of the post using a new medium such as a video or an infographic.

Repurposing is awesome because you get to experience the benefits of evergreen content again and again. For instance, you can easily get an increase in traffic by tapping into a new audience. Also, adding more evergreen blog posts can improve your site authority so that you rank better in Google searches. The benefits just continue compounding. Now, how’s that for a good return on your investment?


If you’re interested in making your content an SEO-rich blog machine, use the best strategy and make it evergreen! Evergreen content establishes you as an industry expert, helps you rank better on Google, and continuously brings in leads for you long after the initial work is done

If you’re ready to generate an ongoing source of quality leads using an evergreen content strategy, hire one of our expert copywriters to write high-quality evergreen blog posts for you.

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