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Erica Gordon
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Maintaining a successful company blog involves an ongoing commitment to practicing the best blog strategies. It’s officially a new year, and you have an opportunity to make some positive changes and better business decisions in 2020. One of these new goals should be to start harnessing the true power of your blog. Perhaps you don't realize just how powerful your company blog can be, or how much revenue your blog can generate.

Your company blog is extremely important, as a blog can improve your website’s Google ranking, improve SEO, and get more traffic to your website. Plus, blog posts can be used to educate your prospects about your product or service, making them feel more comfortable buying. If you include a call-to-action at the bottom of the blog post, then blog posts can result in sales. That’s why improving your company blog should definitely be one of your 2020 business goals.

You may be wondering which blog strategies you should equip your team with, to increase engagement. After all, the traffic on your company blog consists of both existing and prospective clients.

With this in mind, you want to be writing content that engages your existing clientele, but also opens doors for new client relationships. 

This might sound challenging, but it’s definitely possible to do these things in tandem with the right blog strategies in mind.

So what are the best practices when maintaining a company blog? And how can you best use your company blog to drive sales and better promote your products and services? 

Below is a breakdown of some of the best blog strategies to follow for your company blog:

1. Post New Content Weekly

The frequency at which you post new content should depend on the size of your company. Hubspot writes that smaller companies find success by posting one to four times a week. However, larger companies may feel inclined to push new content out daily.

How big is your company? How big is your readership? The rule for posting frequency can be broken down like this: the bigger your readership, the more often you should be posting content to keep them engaged. Some companies only need to post a couple of times per week. Posting daily requires more resources, but if you’re able to commission a daily writer, it will only benefit your SEO to post daily. Especially if the content is high-quality.

2. Word Count: Longer is Better for Blog Strategies that Improve SEO

The word count of your posts depends heavily on what kind of engagement you’d like to receive. Smaller posts between 300-600 words will often receive a good amount of shares and social media engagements, but posts this short often get overlooked by search engines. Why? Because search engines like Google tend to favor longer, more informative content.

Long-form articles tend to get more attention from search engines, which is why you should try to post long-form content sometimes. Google’s highest-ranking articles are most often above 2,450 words. If you prioritize your visibility on search engines, then long-form blogging is among the best blog strategies. However, you’ll want to keep your topics relevant to adequately compete with similar content.

3. What Time Of Day Should You Post?

Examine your readership before deciding what time of day to post. You’ll want your posting times to correspond with your largest reader demographic.

If the majority of your readers live in the eastern United States, you’ll want to think about posting in relation to EST. 

After 10pm is surprisingly one of the best times to post - it’s when your readers are active while bored at home, and searching for content. However, readers are also looking for content when they’re commuting to work in the morning, especially if they take public transportation.

You should also experiment with posting during low-traffic hours as well as high-traffic hours. This way, you’ll reach as many readers as possible and be equipped with an effective strategy against day-time posting competition.

Remember that sometimes, the time of day you publish your new blog post is not as important as the time of day you promote that new blog post on your social media channels. The time of day you post on social media must be a time people are active. That’s why it’s important that you use Google analytics to find out what time zone the majority of your audience is in.

4. Content Distribution

Readers won’t likely visit your website to look for a new blog post. That’s why you have to distribute the new content on social media, and maintain an active social media presence.

Using sites like Facebook and Instagram to promote your content is among the most effective blog strategies. Especially if you join niche Facebook groups that align with your target market, and join groups that allow you to share your new blog post with its members.

Don’t wait for your readers to come to your blog themselves. Share each new blog post as many places as possible, and come up with an effective distribution strategy to use for sharing and promoting each new post.

5. Best SEO Practices For Blog Posts

SEO is one of the primary reasons why business owners start a blog on their website. That’s why the best blog strategies involve implementation of SEO best practices, such as the following:

  • Use highly-searched, strategic keywords in your blog posts

  • Incorporate concise, compelling and SEO-friendly meta descriptions

  • Use alt text when uploading the images to your blog posts

  • Try to avoid using the same target keyword in more than one blog post

  • Continually update and optimize your old content

  • Have a mobile-optimized version of your website

If you have questions about how to write an SEO-friendly blog post or how to implement the above SEO strategies in your posts, contact us for more information about this.

6. Implement a Content Strategy 

Having a monthly content strategy is vital for a successful blog, and there are many factors to consider. First, compile a list of keywords that you think will most appeal to your target demographic. These keywords should be frequently-searched with low competition, and be relevant to your existing and prospective readership.

Once you have a clear rotation of keywords to implement in your blog posts, come up with intriguing blog post topics that relate to each keyword, and draft a content calendar. Having a regular content schedule is key, independent of what kind of content you’re publishing. 

A content strategy based on targeted keywords is one of the best blog strategies to increase engagement and make your company appear more reliable.

Who Can Get The Job Done?

Having a team of consistent, reliable, and talented writers is vital to maintaining a company blog. You should know that copywriters write the best blog posts. Copywriters are trained to write engaging content and to help you format your blog for success. They’re also trained to write a call-to-action at the end of a blog post that can compel the reader to take action and buy your product or service. If you want your blog to be SEO-friendly, you’ll be happy to hear that most copywriters are trained in SEO best practices.


If you want to maintain a successful blog, you’ll have to implement multiple blog strategies. Here’s an overview of the best blog strategies:

  • Scale how often you post to the size of your readership

  • Remember that search engines prefer longer content

  • Tailor posting times to your largest reader demographics and their time zones

  • Have a content strategy surrounding specific SEO keywords 

  • Hire competent copywriters who will write high-quality, SEO-friendly blog posts.

Hire a copywriter today to get a jump start on your 2020 blog strategy goals.

Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a lead strategist for, an SEO content writer, blog writer and a copywriter. Erica has over a decade of experience writing for top tier publications such as Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, Elite Daily and Thought Catalog. You can follow Erica on Instagram @ericaleighgordon to say hi and see her full portfolio.

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