The Best Ecommerce Services for Successfully Selling on Facebook

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Successfully selling on Facebook is not easy, but it can quickly grow your empire.

With an estimated 2.45 billion users in 2019, Facebook doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. You can quickly make a lot of money on the platform, if you know what you’re doing.

But be warned: Without a proper strategy in place, you can burn a hole in your pocket fairly quickly! Way too often, I see glaring mistakes that small and large companies make on Facebook. These mistakes can cost them a small fortune over time.

What kind of glaring mistakes am I referring to? Things like banner blindness, poor Facebook ad copy, and badly run campaigns. These mistakes can greatly affect your sales over time.

Not only that, as a business owner, it’s extremely difficult to manage all these tasks by yourself. Without proper guidance, growing your business can be an extreme hassle. Every decision without guidance becomes more expensive and time-consuming.

So, how do you prevent yourself from falling into the same trap? Simple. You get expert services to help you grow. When you hire qualified people to grow your business, it can make your life a lot easier. They know how to implement advanced strategies to take your business to the next level.

You'll want help creating and scaling brilliant advertisements that customers keep thinking about. Your ultimate goal should be intriguing customers and begging for your products!

I'll be discussing 3 eCommerce services your business needs for successfully selling on Facebook. These services can help your ads scale quicker, and help your brand grow in popularity.

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1. Earn More Selling On Facebook with Product Photography

Ever heard of the term banner blindness? According to a study, 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness. This condition affects many eCommerce owners today and drastically hurts their chances of selling on Facebook.

If you haven’t heard of the term, it means that people consciously or unconsciously ignore certain banner ads on Facebook.

I want you to picture something for a second. Imagine you're scrolling through your Facebook news feed. You come across several eCommerce ads for t-shirts. Nothing is really catching your eye, and all these products look exactly the same. You let out a deep yawn because you’re bored, and decide it's better to just scroll past all these annoying ads.

Did you see what happened? These companies fell victim to “banner blindness”. Their ads simply didn’t attract enough attention. Many companies are trying to sell you the same product, without changing their ad images. So, how do you fix this problem?

The solution is simple. You need product photography services ASAP.

Adding action shots or lifestyle pictures can help your products stand out. Customers that see lifestyle imagery with products develop an emotional connection to it. So, when you create deep emotional connections with your customers, you make more money selling on Facebook.

2. Next-Level Copywriting Services for Facebook

Never let inexperienced people write copy for your Facebook ads. They need to know your audience!

Without understanding your customer avatar, you’ll have issues connecting with customers. You need to learn to speak your customer's language and learn their deepest desires. You’ll want to find someone who understands how to do market research and write copy that converts.

Good copywriters can uncover hidden desires in your customers by doing the research. Uncovering these desires can encourage people to part with their hard-earned money.

Robert Collier who’s a famous author and copywriter from the 1920s once said, "Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer's mind.”

This means that in order for your ad to be successful, your copy should speak to that customer. By tapping into existing thoughts and feelings, you can speak to them on an emotional level.

When you tap into your customer's emotions, they will feel like you understand them. Once you do that, you’re one step closer to selling on Facebook with wildly successful ad campaigns.

One last thing! I also wanted to quickly talk about scalable ad copy. Copywriters who write your Facebook ads have a very important job. They help you write Facebook compliant ads that convert.

When you’re Facebook compliant, you no longer have to deal with the nightmare of getting your ads flagged. This allows you to properly scale your business. No more dealing with devastating ad account interruptions and shutdowns.

3. Facebook Ad Manager Services for Ecommerce

Facebook ad managers are the key to turning on your traffic and helping you make sales. They take charge of your business ad account for selling on Facebook. You’ll want an ad manager who knows how to set up your account and optimize your budget to get the absolute best results.

Here are a few things campaign managers focus on:

  • Campaign type: brand awareness, traffic, engagement, conversions, etc

  • Pixel tracking: making sure the pixel is firing correctly for your website and campaigns

  • Budget optimization: setting different budgets for campaigns; daily, lifetime, and manual bidding

  • Analytics: understanding data points that help you figure out the strengths and weaknesses of a campaign, and where to improve

  • Targeting audiences: including location, age, gender, and detailed targeting

  • Retargeting: building custom audience campaigns for those that have visited your brand, and remarketing to them.

  • Split tests: testing different ads against each other, so you can find out which one will give you the best results

It’s important to give ad managers time to test campaigns and see what works best with your budget. Remember, you’re playing the long game and building up valuable data over time. 

I would suggest hiring an ad manager who’s familiar with selling eCommerce products. They will be more familiar with the type of data metrics you need for selling on Facebook.


I hope you take action and implement each of these services into your eCommerce business when selling on Facebook.

Here’s a quick recap of the points we’ve discussed:

  • Preventing banner blindness with quality product photography

  • Hiring a copywriter for compelling Facebook ads

  • Getting the expertise of a Facebook ads manager who manages your budget properly

Having a strong, supportive team can make your eCommerce business a massive success. It’s important to have great communication with your team so they can coordinate on projects.

Looking for help selling on Facebook? Consider hiring a dedicated copywriter who can help you grow your business.

Chris Hoff

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