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The system of mobile apps turned ten in 2018. With over 6 million apps available on Google Play, the Amazon AppStore, and the iOS App Store— like Headspace to help with concentration—you are sure to find idea apps that can help you with your copywriting.

You write content to generate an act from readers in response to your call-to-action. But what happens when you have a copywriting gig and you don’t know how to write that compelling blog content?

The blank page on your laptop is starting to dull your senses and put you in a trance. Stop the frustration of uninspired ideas and check out these great content-creating idea apps.

Top Content-Creating Idea Apps

1. Creativity– This app is perfect for helping you brainstorm. It generates ideas with varying points of view and helps you ascertain the best one for your copywriting project. The app offers several techniques such as Write Text, Random Words, and Six Thinking Hats.

There is a basic version with some limitations or you can upgrade to the Pro version, available for Android through the Google Play Store.

2. Hemingway App– Ernest Hemingway was well-known for writing short sentences that had a great impact on the reader. Successful online content is similar to Hemingway’s style: readable with a conversational tone.

Easily copy and paste your text in the app platform for suggestions on ways to shorten the text for more readability.

3. Blogging 101– When writing blog content for a client, the Blogging 101 app offers users basic tutorials on writing blogs that convert, and creating content that generates traffic. Free content creation tools and other resources are available to help you write dynamic blog posts.

You can use the app to generate blog topics that get clicks. The app helps you easily integrate proper SEO techniques into the content.

4. BRNSTRM Idea Generator– This app is perfect for those times when you need help generating blog topics, ideas, and titles. You can brainstorm ideas on a variety of topics in their user-friendly interface.

The app creators are constantly adding new categories for content creation, so you’ll never be without great ideas for your next blog post.

5. Feedly– There are so many things in our world today that can inspire your next blog post or assignment for a client. Readers want to read relevant blogs that pertain to what’s going on in the world minute by minute.

The Feedly app is an online hub to track news from a variety of sites. What better way to find a clickable topic than to get inspired by real-time news alerts?


Blog posts with dynamic titles attract readers. People continue reading if the content is interesting, honest, original, and adds value to their lives.

Creating blogs that meet these criteria can feel daunting for the copywriter experiencing the fear of the blank screen staring back at them. Conquer the blank page by using these great content creation idea apps that will take your blog writing to the next level of greatness.

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