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According to research completed by Adobe, 61 percent of consumers want brands they use to contact them via email. This is a good sign for companies who want to reach their customers through email newsletter content.

You can build your audience by writing superior email newsletter content that engages them and cultivates brand loyalty. Consider implementing the following tips into your email newsletter creation process.

Quality Email Newsletter Content

1. Keep it Simple

There’s a fine line between creating a newsletter with too much content and one that’s sparse and doesn’t make a great impression on your customers. You don’t want to overwhelm your customers by sending a newsletter too many times in one month.

Keep it real but make the content readable and gauge the best sending frequency for your specific customer base. You want your customers to eagerly read the content without getting bored then clicking delete before reaching your call-to-action (CTA).

2. Get Technical

We live in an overly technical world, but if your business is not keeping current with technology, you may lose interest from your customers. Consider embedding engaging videos into your email newsletter.

Video content will make your newsletter stand out from other emails. Research completed by influential marketing blogger Derek Halpern showed that more people clicked through to an article from an email rather than from Twitter.

  1. Link clicks from emails—4,200

  2. Link clicks from Twitter—300

You can increase your chances of people clicking links embedded in the newsletter when you make it interesting. Using embedded videos will help you get those link clicks and completed calls-to-action.

3. Unique Style

A newsletter template that is unique to your company brand will allow customers to readily recognize your content. When they can easily distinguish your content from other brands, that’s like gold for your business.

Create a template that you use for each newsletter so it becomes identifiable. Use the same color palette and make sure your logo and contact information can be easily located.

4. Get Personal

Research completed by Experian showed that when companies personalize emails, they benefit from six times higher transaction rates. You want your customers to feel like they matter to your company.

You can do that successfully by including the customer’s name in the newsletter template. When they see that you specifically addressed the newsletter to them, that can increase their engagement with your company.

5. Get Thematic

Bring some fun and creativity to your email newsletter by getting thematic with the content. Add a theme of lists or fun facts to your newsletter for that month.

Of course, you’ll make these lists relatable somehow to your company, like the Top 10 Travel Destinations for the summer if you’re promoting a travel agency. Remember that your email newsletter content should be only 10 percent promotional and 90 percent educational, so you effectively engage customers and don’t turn them away.


There’s a world of possibilities for growing your audience simply by getting creative with your email newsletter content. Keep things simple but find that perfect balance of interesting content that engages customers.

Keep the reader’s interest by getting technical with embedded videos. However, keep it personal and showcase the unique side of your brand.

Writing quality email newsletter content takes time and practice. An experienced copywriter can help with writing newsletter copy that entices audiences to click that CTA button.

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