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What have compelling headlines got to do with getting traffic to your landing page? They have an important role which I'll show you by using an example.

Picture this. You're working at an SEO agency that wants more customers. It has decided to launch a marketing campaign through Google ads. You spend hours, days, or perhaps even weeks researching your targeted audience. Then you craft that perfect sales copy for your landing page.

At last! It’s done. You set up the link to lead your visitors to click and arrive at your landing page. You can’t wait to see the results.

The first day passes and nothing happens. You think, "It’s only the first day. It’s still early." Soon, days pass by, followed by weeks. And you're not that optimistic anymore.

When you finally pull out your data, to your dismay, your data shows only a trickle of visitors clicking on your link to your landing page. You’re shocked your campaign bombed so you check again. There are no system errors. You had the best designers to create the image for your ad. You've got the market profile set up in the right way on Google. You've got data showing impressions made by Google.

The Importance of Compelling Headlines

So what went wrong? Why didn't anyone click on your Google ad? The answer is simply your headline. Your headline resulted in fewer people clicking on your ad.

You see, before your prospects land on your landing page, all they see are the titles and images of your ad. They might even stop and look at your image if it's captivating. But if you want them to take one more step, and click on the ad that goes to your landing page, you need to make sure your headline is compelling.

Top marketer Karen Smith published research on the value of a compelling ad. She found that the most important part of an ad is the headline. And the purpose of the headline is to persuade readers to continue reading the article.

Neil Patel, another top marketer, noticed that if your headline isn’t powerful and engaging, you don't get any clicks.

Think about it for a moment. Without compelling headlines as a magnet to pull your visitors to click on your ad, you’re not going to get the leads you want. And this will affect your sales.

So now you know why compelling headlines are key to get your leads to land on your landing page.

Let’s move on to the next part that's critical.

Crafting Compelling Headlines that Hook Visitors to Your Landing Page

1. The ABC’s of Writing Compelling Headlines

First, know your audience. Who are you targeting? Are you using the right words? Do they resonate with your message? Get the right message to the right audience. You can only have that through in-depth research.

Next, include benefits. Your headlines needs to show your leads what’s in it for them should they decide to click on your link.

Now scroll to the top of this article. Take a look at the headline of this article again.  Did it stir up your interest to read further? At the back of your mind, you knew that there were answers waiting for you, didn't you?

Last, awaken your prospects' curiosity. Humans are curious by nature.

Take a look at the findings of BBC Future, which states, "Even the best learning will fail if humans are not encouraged to explore a little." Our brain knows that something we learned by chance today might come in useful tomorrow.

Most important of all, there's data to show the importance of benefits and curiosity in your headlines. After studying 10 million articles shared on LinkedIn, Buzzsumo found the top headlines that B2B (Business to Business) articles have all start with “How to”. Articles that answer curiosity and provide benefits have 3 times more shares than other articles.

If you saw a headline that read, “Write a Headline for Your Landing Page", you would most likely give this article a miss.

2. Paint a Picture in Your Prospect’s Mind with Your Headlines

What do you want your readers to feel after looking at your headlines? Evoke your prospects' feelings with simple descriptive words. Use words that even a third-grader can understand.

Marketing tools company Coschedule did an experiment. They found out that articles with emotional headlines got more than 1,000 shares compared to articles with bland headlines.

Neil Patel demonstrated the power of an emotional headline when he wrote, “Hate This Headline? You’ll Probably Share the Story.”

3. Hook Your Prospects with Headlines They Can't Ignore

Use headlines that ask questions of your audience. Write a headline that asks your target market about a problem it's trying to solve.

The weird thing is, your audience can’t help but answer the question you posed. They will at least answer it in their head and then see if their answer is the same as yours. With this type of headline, you engage your prospects. And engaged prospects are better than indifferent ones.

Here's further proof. Backlinko did a study of 912 million blog posts. In the study, question headlines that end with a question mark got 23.3% more social shares.

But why do humans react this way? Author David Hoffeld wrote this in his article that "the human brain can only think about one idea at a time. So when you ask somebody a question, you force their minds to consider only your question."

Similarly, your prospects can’t help but answer a question you’ve posed in your ad. Consider this headline: “Do You Make These Mistakes in Writing Headlines for Your Ad"?

Unknown to them, your question leads your audience to want to investigate further what you’ve got.


Headlines are what your leads see before they decide if they want to click on the Google ad. Catch their attention by writing compelling headlines that will lead them to your landing page.

Do consider this formula when writing compelling headlines:

  1. Target the right audience. Include benefits and curiosity.

  2. Use simple emotional words.

  3. Frame headlines as questions.

Now ask yourself:

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