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More than 205 billion emails are sent each day and that number is estimated to climb another 40 billion before 2020. With that knowledge, it’s vital that you find ways for your subscribers to notice your company information emails—and make them pop!

Your main goal with a company information email is to grab the subscriber’s attention with an engaging heading so they open the email and focus on your content from start to finish. The goal? For them to accept your call-to-action because this will benefit not only your company but also your subscriber. It’s a win-win.

Check out the following content ideas that will help make your subscribers decide they want to open your emails when they arrive in their inbox. The key is not to overload your subscribers with too much or confusing content, but rather to stay focused in your copywriting efforts.

Emails that Impact Customers

Eighty percent of business professionals have found that targeted email marketing improves lead generation and customer retention. So, make your emails count with information that customers want and that opens their eyes to the benefits of your company and products.

Write email content that shares blog posts and articles that detail favorable achievements and press about your business like the company anniversary, awards, or milestones. Share changes with your business that will impact your customers and explain the changes with the perspective that you value your customer base and want to improve their lives with your products or services.

Personalize the Company

Write information email content that shows your customers you want to engage with them on a personal level and are not just looking for their business. Show them there’s a personal aspect to the company by sharing endorsements from other customers who have had positive experiences with your products or services.

Additionally, share content that will help your customers better relate to your employees. Create a customer newsletter or set aside one email per month where you share content that showcases employee testimonials about their experiences within the company.

Then and Now Emails

Take your customers on a journey with your company by sharing insights into company history so they can see how your business started and how it came to its present status. Let your customers know that your company has a past, is committed to ensuring happy customers in the present, and wants to continue that satisfaction level into the future.

Of course, you won’t share any proprietary information, but be as transparent as possible with the information email content that you share each month with your subscribers. You want to cultivate a deep level of trust with your customer base and you can cement their confidence in your company by revealing your vision for the future.

Tell your customers you want to keep them for the long haul by crafting content that gives them insight into all the great plans the company has, such as innovative products currently going through research and development. Whet their appetite for the great products and services to come.


Take your email copywriting to the next level by using these effective content ideas in your next company information email. Persuade your customers to act: buy your product, visit your website, or like your Facebook page. Writing great email content will help your subscribers become more loyal brand enthusiasts.

Now, if you find email copywriting is a demanding, time consuming task, you can hire a copywriter whose specialty is information emails. They will customize your copy with messages that speak directly to your customers.

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