Two Ways Content Can Help Increase Your Customer Base

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"More customers." Ask just about anyone in business what’s on their wish list, and this response more than likely tops all others. Luckily, technology has made it easier than ever to increase your customer base. All you need is a little online content.

Here are two easy ways content can help you attract and retain more customers.

1. Help Potential Customers Decide They Like You

Potential customers are evaluating you long before they make direct contact with you. In fact, the average buyer reviews three to five pieces of content before choosing to interact with a sales rep. So why not leverage that content to turn more of your prospects into loyal, paying customers?

With a little strategy, you can use content to nudge prospects through the buying cycle.

Before creating your content, consider:

  1. The biggest benefits and most compelling features you have to offer.

  2. What makes your brand stand out from your competitors?

  3. The most common questions and concerns you may encounter with your customers.

Now make sure your content addresses those items in a straightforward way.

For prospects who have just been introduced to your brand, talk about common pain points and smart solutions. One of those solutions should be your product, of course. For prospects who have likely been shopping around awhile, showcase your product’s optimal value and make it clear your brand is the obvious choice when measured against your competitors.

If you want to go a step further, spend a little time making sure you have plenty of customer reviews that are easy to find. BigCommerce found that prospects who read reviews are 58 percent more likely to convert, and they spend 3 percent more.

Voila! You’ve just given your prospects all the facts they need to make a buying decision, and probably lessened the time they’ll spend researching and comparing your brand with competitors. All your sales rep has to do is finalize the deal.

2. Use Content as a Vehicle for Lead Generation

Do you ever find cool, free resources on the internet but must submit your email address to download the information? Congratulations, you’re a lead. (Don’t worry, we’re all leads because we all like cool, free stuff).

Why not employ this same tactic to increase your customer base? Rather than waiting for prospects to come to you, cast a net and reel ‘em in. This tactic yields excellent results for B2B marketing in particular, as 38 percent of buyers rely on media articles and vendor-authored materials when making purchasing decisions for business software and similar resources.

All you have to do to generate more leads is to create an awesome piece of freebie content, then drive a little paid search traffic to it. Or, if you’re on a smaller budget, promote the content on your website and across your social media accounts.

The freebie content could be anything that’s relevant to your target audience—an e-guide, checklist, whitepaper, template, or introductory lesson.

But there is a caveat: your freebie must be something so valuable that it’s worth forking over your email. If something similar can be found elsewhere online and doesn’t require an email address submission, you won’t see stellar results. Remember, much of the buying decision is based on quality, so providing valuable content is key to closing that lead later in the game.


It's easier now more than ever to increase your customer base. First, help customers to decide that they like you by providing them with information about how your brand is the solution they've been looking for. Second, use your freebie content as a way to generate more leads.

If you're implementing these lead generation ideas and you're still struggling to increase your customer base, we'd like to help. Contact us today and we'll work on a plan to create content that will attract and retain you more customers.

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