Copywriters Needed for Your B2B Content Strategy? Here's How to Outsource Expertise the Right Way

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Is the outsourcing of copywriters needed to be done in the right way? Well, done correctly, outsourcing can be the game-changer for your B2B content marketing. There are many upsides when it comes to outsourcing writing, but there are three worth mentioning:

  1. It frees your time because of consistent, high quality writing.

  2. It helps you with the marketing budget as it’ll cost less than hiring and training new employees.

  3. It cuts a massive amount of workload so you and your team can put more focus on other essential aspects of your business.

So the upside looks very appealing. In fact, almost 56% of B2B companies outsourced their content marketing activities. However, most companies still struggle to enjoy the benefits.

Does it mean it is impossible to outsource writing and still get a decent ROI out of it? No. In fact, it is possible.

Outsourcing writing is like building a pro-sports team. Both the players and the management team go hand-in-hand. It doesn't matter how much talent the player has if the coach, trainers, and the facility is sub-par—the team would never win.

Also, if the coach and trainers are superb, but the players are mediocre, that team will always struggle. However, if both players and coaches are world-class, that team will have a chance of winning for a long period of time.

This article will explain 4 practices to follow when you have copywriters needed for your B2B content strategy. Some of these practices help you to outsource writing and still maintain the quality and the voice of your brand. Also, I’ll explain what kind of copywriter requires little to no interview or filtering.

So let’s jump into the first proven practice:

Best Resources for Copywriters Needed

A common problem most companies have when outsourcing their content writing is brand voice consistency. As Forbes states, personal branding is the next big thing for business, so brand voice has become more crucial than ever.

One trick professional copywriters do is they like to transcribe and hand-copy the existing content to quickly match their client’s voice. By first preparing these resources, it can help copywriters to connect with your brand voice faster. But that’s not all.

They also notice certain words, values, and ideas that target customers like. It can help your future copywriters to better understand the niche market and customer you want to focus on.

However, remember to filter some resources that are too confidential to share with an outsider. Your future copywriters don't need to know everything. So what are some of the resources you can share? These resources are usually a collection of existing content that’s already converting target customers.

This content can be blog articles, eBooks, whitepapers, webinars, and product demonstrations. It can also be social media posts or videos that have generated plenty of engagement. Another great resource to have is data on the target customer.

Basic data, such as their demographics, pain points, goals, and desires, are must-have data to share. Then there are more private details copywriters need to know, such as recorded sales calls and repeat buyer’s interviews. You can also prepare a chat system or private communication line to give copywriters easy access to the sales team.   

Set Up the Gold Rating System

Another trick to make sure the writing has the same quality and voice is by creating a rating system. The outsourced copywriters needed for projects should also follow your gold standard. There is a lot of stuff you can put in the rating system, but there are three that every rating system should have.

First, is the detail of the total word requirement. Start by setting up the minimum and maximum words based on each type of content. If it's for blog articles, 1000-1500 words are great for standard SEO-friendly cluster content. But if it's for pillar content, 2000-3500 words are more fitting.

The words inside each sentence and sub-headline also have to be set up. Some writers like to use long sentences and long paragraphs, and some like to write in short sentences.

Second is the list of websites that the outsourced writers can’t link up to. You don't want content linked to pages with a broken link, outdated information, or low domain authority. These links would hurt their brand and make the company look unreliable.

Third is a clear profile of target customers to help the copywriter tailor their writing. Every piece of content has to feel conversational and speak directly to the readers' intent. As the copywriters needed for this copy must optimize the content for SEO, every piece of content must come with the same intention. 

Expanding the “One-For-One” Rule

You may have already heard of the one-for-one rule. Let's say you need blog articles, social media posts, and email sequences. Copywriters who specialize in SEO writing will produce great results if creating compelling articles is their primary focus. The same principle applies to both social media and email copywriters.

However, most companies use this "one-for-one" rule only for writing. Other tasks, such as editing and topic curating, are also added to the writer's job tasks. As a result, the quality of their content isn't as excellent as it should be. Does this mean that a copywriters' ability is limited only to writing?

Not entirely true. Professional copywriters are capable of editing and setting up a content strategy. The problem is that when the copywriters needed for your B2B content strategy do these three-person jobs, the results wouldn't be optimal. The content quality may be great, but it can be better and produced more efficiently.

So let's expand this "one-for-one" rule even further. For example, you can hire copywriters who take the role of copy chief to provide feedback and handle all editing processes. You also can outsource copywriters as content strategists to look after data analytics and curating relevant topics and keywords.

One thing to note is that they aren't prohibited from writing content. Occasionally they still can write content, but their main focus is to be excellent at these other roles. This way, if you need a large amount of writing, your content creation process will run like a well-oiled machine.

There will be no hiccups or chaos around your B2B content creation. Everyone is in their place, ready to assemble high-quality content. 

Why Do You Need Growth-Driven Copywriters?

Earlier I mentioned a type of copywriter that requires little to no interview or filtering. They are called a growth-driven copywriter. So what are the benefits of outsourcing this growth-driven copywriter?

Copywriters who are hungry for growth value skill improvement over a paycheck. They know that when they can consistently improve their skill, the bigger their paycheck. But that's not all.

Their constant improvement will also give you many advantages, such as:

  • No wasting time to train them in-house as they’re already skilled enough to write high-quality content.

  • No quality setbacks as they gradually increase their writing skills.

  • And no need to worry about investing big money on them as they’re more likely doubling or tripling your ROI.

These growth-driven copywriters are the copywriters needed for a B2B content strategy. There are two places to find this growth-driven copywriter. First is by meeting with them in-person at high-level marketing and copywriting events. It's a kind of event where their attendees must go through qualification to get in. Second, is by finding a scale-focused platform like

All of our copywriters must go through a 7-week certification and ongoing mentorship program before they work with us. They are professionally trained to produce high-quality writing for every niche on a consistent basis.

As you can see, both options are designed to filter out the poorly skilled or poorly trained copywriters you tend find in content mills platforms.


There are 4 proven practices to get the best outcome with copywriters needed for your B2B content marketing:

  1. Collecting and preparing your best-existing resources that are already converting target customers.

  2. Creating a rating system as the gold standard for every piece of content produced.

  3. Building a well-oiled machine where everyone inside your content team focuses on one primary task.

  4. Finding a place where growth-driven copywriters are gathered.

If you’re looking to outsource the expertise of professional copywriters without having to worry about the outcome, you can start today. Book a call here with one of our B2B content strategists and start generating profitable results from your B2B content marketing.

Kendrick Liang

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