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The solution to finding talented copywriters is finally here and you don’t need a Copywriters Wanted ad to find them.

Are you having trouble maximizing the leads you generate because you lack the copywriting talent? According to HubSpot, "61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is their top challenge."

Finding a talented copywriter is the key to tackle this challenge. The ability to convert your readers into leads is a skill a talented copywriter must have.

A master copywriter is as important to a business as a master salesperson is. I would argue they’re even more important. The salesperson needs those leads to generate more sales.

Let me use football as an analogy. What position in football is considered to be the most important? Most would agree that it’s the quarterback. The wide receiver needs a good quarterback to pass him those balls so he can convert those catches into touchdowns.

When it comes to generating revenue in your business, a good copywriter is the key piece your business must have.

But if you’re like most businesses, trying to find a talented copywriter can be a frustrating process ending in disappointment.

Are You Making This Mistake Finding Your Copywriters?

You can go the traditional route of posting a Copywriters Wanted ad on a job site or freelance site. But I would not recommend this approach. Here’s why.

This passive process could take a long time to get a big enough pool of applicants. The quality of your applicants might not be the best either.

Think about it… what type of people apply to these ads? People that are looking for work because their work isn’t good enough to keep them busy.

Benjamin Franklin said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Master copywriters aren’t searching for your job posts.

So can we now both agree that posting a Copywriters Wanted ad is NOT the way to find good copywriters? Good.

So what are some of the ways to find them?

Freelance sites like allow you to contact freelancers to invite them to view your job postings. But these sites host a wide variety of freelancers from virtual assistants, accountants, web developers and everything in between. Also, anybody that can write in English can call themselves a copywriter on these sites.

Going through profile after profile could take up your entire workday. You don’t have time for that.

You need to look for master copywriters on a site designed for copywriters. These sites do exist.

I’m about to reveal the best site to find your next copywriter.

But first, you need to know what differentiates master copywriters from normal copywriters.

More and More Copywriters Wanted But Where Are They?

According to Jennifer Grubbs of Copywriter Today, "Compelling copy draws 7.8 times more site traffic and produces brand recall which brings higher engagement rates. According to surveys, 56 percent of marketers believe this to be true."

Finding a good copywriter can be quite frustrating.

A copywriter that’s a good writer won't necessarily be a good copywriter for your agency. You need a copywriter that understands the industry they are writing for and its customers. The more complex the industry is, the harder it is to find these copywriters.

A good copywriter in the fitness industry might not do so well in a B2B company that sells industrial tools. The target market is different and the insider language is different. There are more and more copywriters wanted in B2B industries because most copywriters don’t understand the B2B market.

Your copywriter doesn’t need to currently be an expert in your industry. BUT the copywriter does need to be willing to research your industry. The problem is most copywriters aren’t willing to put in that sweat equity.

Get As Many Eyeballs as Possible Without Getting Your Ads Shut Down

Master copywriters also need to be able to understand SEO.

According to Carmine Mastropierro, the #1 copywriting trend in 2020 is keyword research. "Every copywriter needs to know the fundamentals of SEO. One practice of which is keyword research.… Doing so helps you rank personal or client pages higher on Google, driving traffic and leads."

Yet, most copywriters aren’t knowledgeable enough in SEO. They’re writers, not SEO specialists. Your copywriter can write the world's greatest copy, but if nobody can find it, how can it increase your company’s revenue?

You also need your copywriter to write good copy on the platform or platforms you use. Platforms include

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Emails

  • Chatbots

  • Google Ads

Each platform requires a different strategy. You need your copywriter to write copy that converts and follows the terms and conditions of the platform.

With Facebook shutting down Facebook ad accounts without warning, it’s getting more important to follow terms and conditions. Imagine pouring all those marketing dollars into your Facebook ad campaigns, only to see those dollars flushed down the toilet.

Your Search Is Over

I know you’re desperate to find a master copywriter, so where do you find them? is becoming the go-to spot for companies searching for master copywriters. The website is exclusively for copywriters. You no longer have to rely on those old Copywriters Wanted ads.

The site doesn’t just accept anyone with a pulse, unlike some other copywriting sites. Bootcamp

For starters, each copywriter MUST complete an intense 7-week copywriting program. Then they MUST participate in a continuing 12-month copywriting program.

One of the main underlying themes in the training is understanding the customer. The writers of invest even more time researching who their audience is than they do writing their masterful copy.

Understanding who their target audience is what separates their copywriters from the rest.

They also MUST become Content Marketing Certified and Inbound Certified by This certification assures they understand the best practices to make sure their copy doesn’t break any terms and conditions.

Get the Best of the Best

Being accepted on isn’t guaranteed even if the writer completed the intense program. Their copywriters also understand there are copywriters wanted on other platforms, yet they choose to focus their efforts on

Great copy that nobody sees is like a guy with those abs wearing a parka 24/7 living in the North Pole. He’s the only one around that knows he has that 6 pack. What’s the point of working so hard to get that 6 pack?

Their highly-skilled copywriters will increase your conversion rates, ultimately resulting in more leads.

They cater to businesses of varying sizes including lead generation agencies. By teaming up with, you can focus on the increased number of leads that will be generated.

The site currently has 16 business categories that their copywriters specialize in. Hiring a copywriter that specializes in your business ensures that you’re getting copy tailored to your target audience. Some of these current categories include fitness, finance and investments, eCommerce, and SAAS.


A master copywriter is essential in maximizing your lead generation. But finding one can be a challenge. trains its writers to produce exceptional copy. The screening process their copywriters go through proves these copywriters wanted to become master copywriters.

Find your master copywriter now by going to

Brent Rarama

Brent Rarama is a copywriter that has been trained by some of the top copywriters in the industry. He has many passions that he loves to write about including health and fitness, sports, business, self-improvement, and real estate. Brent believes that writing about topics that he's passionate about will result in powerful copy for his clients.

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