Copywriting For Product Descriptions: Do You Need a Professional Copywriter?

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Product descriptions are often the first thing a potential customer will read when making a purchasing decision. That’s why product descriptions are often the first interaction a business has with a new prospect. 

A well-written product description can convince a prospect to buy. On the other hand, a poorly-written product description can do the exact opposite and convince an interested customer not to buy. For example, while the product’s image or headline may be enticing, a poorly-written product description can deter the enticed buyer from actually buying the product.

Writing product descriptions that are professional and compel consumer action can be difficult for those who lack experience in copywriting. For this reason, hiring a copywriter to write product descriptions that sell can be a worthwhile investment in your business strategy.

Often, entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that selling their product is as simple as having the infrastructure in place to sell it. In reality, customers have to be convinced, which is why the description’s wording is so important.

The fact is, regardless of what market you operate in, there are likely a variety of competitors who sell the same or similar products. Because of this, it is crucial that your product stands out.

Even if you are a strong writer, hiring a professional copywriter to write your product descriptions is still a good idea. 

Who needs a copywriter to write their product descriptions, and why? Let’s discuss this, along with a couple of ways business owners can benefit from hiring a product description copywriter.

Who Needs Product Descriptions Written?

Different types of online businesses call for different kinds of copy, but many of them can benefit from hiring a copywriter to write up their product descriptions. Does your business model involve selling products on your website, or on a third-party website such as Amazon or eBay? Below are some examples of when product descriptions are necessary:

1. Standalone E-Commerce Stores

If you are selling products on your own standalone e-commerce store, you're often up against much larger companies. Companies that are more well-known are often selling similar products to yours. As a result, hiring a professional copywriter to put together product descriptions that stand out from your competitors is a great idea.

2. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy Stores

When you decide to put your products up on any of the mainstream e-commerce websites, you are signing up to compete with many other companies. In this case, you should absolutely be thinking about search engine optimization.

That is, what terms are your customers searching for when they look for products like yours? Once you identify those, you can hire a copywriter to smoothly include those keywords in your product descriptions. If you'res selling products on Amazon, it's especially effective to incorporate target keywords in your product descriptions.

3. Service-Based Businesses

Because service-based companies often have many competitors, it can be critical to illustrate how your offerings are different from theirs.

For instance, there are thousands of digital marketers online. Why should your customers choose you over someone else? Is it because your results are better? Is it because your process saves your clients time? If so, how? Put it in writing.

Reasons Why You Need A Copywriter To Write Your Product Descriptions

Why exactly should you hire a copywriter to write your product descriptions rather than writing them yourself? After all, you know your product best, right? Let's discuss some reasons why even if you know your product and you're a strong writer, you should still hire a professional copywriter:

1. Professional Copywriters Save You Time

One of the worst things you can do as a business owner is spend too much time on the wrong things. While sometimes this means chasing uninterested clients or running meetings that last far too long, it is frequently the case that owners neglect to delegate. A perfect example is a business owner who spends too much time writing their product descriptions.

If you are operating an online store, then you already know the obligations that come with it. From product design to market research and strategy, in most cases, it isn’t efficient to write your own copy. Especially because of the delicate nature of crafting a compelling product description, bringing on professionals can save you time and boost your sales.

2. They Optimize Your Product Descriptions For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Oftentimes, even the strongest, most well-written product descriptions aren’t good enough. That is because you need your users to find you before you can sell to them.

Consequently, another significant benefit of hiring a copywriter for your website is in taking advantage of their understanding of SEO. And when a description aligns with the engine’s perception of relevance and usefulness, more customers will see what you're selling.

3. Persuasiveness and Targeting

Frequently, entrepreneurs mistake their comprehensive understanding of their products for their ability to sell them. Even if you can create a perfectly accurate product description, that doesn’t mean it will actually be convincing.

That is where hiring an effective copywriter can help.

Copywriters are adept at framing their descriptions in a way that encourages consumer action. And with their level of precision with which they orient their words, your brand can connect with customers in a way that persuades them to take action and buy.


Though it is true that business owners understand their products on a deep level, there are many benefits to hiring professional copywriters to help put together great product descriptions. You can even supply the copywriter with samples of the product so that they know what they're writing about.

With the right combination of great products and compelling product descriptions, you will no doubt be able to close more sales. Book a consultation with a professional copywriter today.

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