Why Copywriting Is the Most Effective Strategy to Make Money Marketing Your Business

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First, let's talk about the biggest common mistake that all small businesses make when it comes to the most effective strategy to make money marketing your business.

Let's fast forward into the future a bit. Imagine your brand at its best. What do you see?

Your logo. It's got so much exposure that everyone can see how big of a deal your business is, right?

Now, if you were to look at most small to medium businesses, they all have something in common: a logo without great copy. It's like a person with a name but no character or personality… possibly resulting in a being of low value.

Whether you look at their website (if any), ads (if any), or a spammy promotional email letter… these companies are all missing a great copywriter.

This itself is a big loss against competitors with a competent copywriter generating revenue— making money and marketing for the competitor's business.

Compare the importance of how copywriters can market your brand vs you having just a logo.

If you were to go to a website without any copy, I believe it's safe to assume that you will leave the website.

What people read is your copy. Every word, sentence, headline, subheadline, and paragraph are all part of your copy. This is what brings life to your logo and brand! This is what's needed to make money marketing your business!

Do this enough to create value and you might even see people tattooing your brand logo on their body.

Copywriter's Role to Make Money Marketing Your Business

A copywriter plays a crucial role in making money marketing your business in the digital era. They are like a well-rounded salesperson... but in online print.

And if you're looking to find or work with a digital marketing agency, or you currently are working with one, then I'd recommend you make sure they have a competent copywriter!

Why is Copywriting Vital?

I'm a copywriter and many other expert copywriters agree that almost all the words that you see on the internet are all a part of copywriting. Every single piece of information on the internet is meant to persuade you to believe or buy into something!

As arguably one of the best global sales coaches and salesmen, Jordan Belfort says, "ABC: Always Be Closing! It's the definitive mantra of the sales industry."

This is the same for every copywriter. And now that you understand the role of a copywriter and why copywriters are so vital, let's move on to the next point.

What Does Having a Copywriter Mean for Your Business?

From the style of writing, tone of voice, strategies, formats for every marketing channel, and buyers' personas— these are the special ingredients to the secret recipe that'll optimize and enhance your overall brand to make money marketing your business.

A whole new being with not just a name (your logo), but something living with value (your brand).

Writing Your Own Copy Equals Losing Time or Money

Time is money.

Don't be the type of person that thinks they can fix the toilet by themselves when you're better off hiring a plumber for a few hundred dollars or less! In other words, don't write your own copy!

Copywriters from Copywriters.com are competent experts that can help you generate revenue— making money by marketing your business.

Every second of the day counts, and if you're an entrepreneur or working with one that has a sense of urgency… you understand THAT very well.

It's NOT about ROI... it's about this instead:

"You’ve heard of return on investment – ROI – but here is a more powerful concept – ROTI – return on TIME invested."- Dan Lok, serial entrepreneur and best-selling author

If you want to learn more about how to use and maximize leverage with ROTI, click here.

Do what's best and choose the most efficient way to do things.

Generate Cashflow 24/7

You see those salespeople—you know— those typical employees that clock in-and-out only to make you money for a certain number of hours?

Well, a copywriter is a not-so-same thing, because we are able to generate you money on a 24/7 basis by having the well-written copy run while you sleep!

A sales team that never sleeps!

Whether it's on Facebook, Instagram, blogs, articles, emails, landing pages, sales pages… to make money marketing your business, copywriters at Copywriters.com can we can set you up for any copy to make sure you get your ROTI.

Stop Collecting Dust!

Stats show that 3.5+ billion searches are happening per day on Google— translating to 1.2 trillion searches per year.

Yet, even if you have the best copy on the internet— if your copy is not SEEN as the cream of the crop— as the top of the list of results… nobody will click on it.

In fact, the last 5 remaining results only have a 3.73% chance of getting clicked. The LAST 5.

So How Do Copywriters Really Help You Then?

That's why you need SEO copywriters to have your customers find, click, and appreciate your copy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriters don't just focus on the style of writing, but also the effectiveness of it. You need to have the best of both worlds to make money marketing your business.

The difference between two words in a piece of copy can get you promising results for SEO, resulting in the click-through rates of your ads.

If you're looking for an SEO company to help with your copy, you may need to check these 15 signs first before hiring one.

Psychologically Trained Copywriters for Your Prospects

Do you know a person who tells a joke to a group of friends, but is the only one who laughs at their own joke— leaving everyone to scratch their heads?

When you're writing your own copy, you may have a close relationship with your business, but you pay the price if you don't know your prospect's pain points or deep desires. The end result is confused or unsatisfied prospects. This is like the lone joke teller analogy.

You may know and understand the "common sense" of your business values and the vital information which makes sense to you. But, if you do not know the "psychographics" of your customers, chances are you may need a copywriter (psychological online closer).

How Copywriters Tie Your Marketing

Imagine speaking to your coworkers as if they're your two-year-old child. That just doesn't work. A copywriter makes sure that doesn't happen across all your marketing campaigns and channels.

They efficiently tie your business together and adjust their tone of voice depending on which platform you use— from informal (social media, YouTube, etc.) to formal (case studies, news articles, etc.).

So in order to make money marketing your business... no matter how and who your company, audience, and community are— copywriters leverage this information to "hit a home run".

Adding Emotion Equals Money

To make money marketing your business, you have to understand that, according to a study, "emotion is what really drives the purchasing behaviors, and also, decision making in general."

If you learn how to use emotion-triggering tactics that make money and market your business, you can increase sales conversions using gratitude, fear, scarcity, or a partnership with a good cause. These can all be great emotions to use for your copy!

Another way to use emotion is storytelling. This is one of the classic ways that'll always work. If you can tell great stories, you can sell— making data/facts sing, building trust and rapport, and motivating others to take action.


As you can see, copywriters can help you make money marketing your business. They save you time, generate you more cashflow in your sleep, increase search traffic, build brand consistency, and give your customers a brand to trust and an experience on each piece of copy they read.

Competent copywriters are essential and a core member for your digital marketing strategy and digital marketing agency!

If you're interested in learning how we can help you increase your sales conversions and brand presence, click here!

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Kang Tran is a professional copywriter aspiring to improve with the expert copywriters of Copywriters.com. His main goal is to give value and write the best copy to generate the highest potential amount of revenue for clients. He doesn't just want the target audience to read just any article, but one where they can "feel", "experience", and benefit from what they read.

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