Copywriting Tips: Making the Most of 280 Characters on Twitter

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So, you got a new copywriting assignment to write dynamic tweets on Twitter that will get retweeted and go viral. Are you ready for the task?

Twitter has seen significant growth in 2018 with an increase of 6 million new monthly users. You can reach this audience and make the most of the 280 characters in your tweet, by following these basic steps.

Create Dynamic Tweets with these Twitter Techniques

The Twitterverse is a happening place with hundreds of users tweeting every second. With more than 336 million active Twitter users each month, you need to find a way to make your tweets stand out.

1. Play Nice in the Twitter Sandbox

All content and interactions on Twitter must be personal—not robotic—in tone. Don’t fall into the trap of insulting other users or being offensive when creating content and engaging with people.

Play nice in the Twitter sandbox, follow all the rules, and write copy that has a conversational tone that attracts replies and retweets.

2. Write Content that Matters

Get to know your client’s brand so you can write relevant tweets that are noticed by followers. Follow the 80/20 rule regarding any content that you write for your client.

Eighty percent of social media content should inspire engagement with users and twenty percent is then focused on sales or business offers. You don’t want to alienate followers and potential followers by selling to them all the time.

People enjoy connecting on Twitter for the conversational aspect. Get to know your followers and write tweets that cultivate engagement.

3. Stay Relevant with Followers

Focus on current events related in some way to your client’s brand and write tweets centered around them. Staying relevant to what is happening each day will excite followers and increase your chances of engagement.

For example, October 14th is National Dessert Day, so if your client runs a bakery, write tweets related to this event. You can visit the National Day Calendar to find more relevant days that pertain to your client’s brand.

Utilizing hashtags is another important way to stay relevant with your followers and give more life to your tweets. Tweets are only seen by followers and don’t get extra life unless they are replied to, retweeted, or contain hashtags.

With the right hashtag, your tweet can be seen by potential new followers and gain more impressions. Check Twitter for trending hashtags and tailored trends that are geared toward each user.

For a more in-depth look at trending hashtags, you can use third-party applications like Trendsmap, Sprout Social, and RiteTag.

4. Create Compelling Content

Your client must provide relevant content to retain existing followers and find new ones. Help them with relevancy by creating tweets that add value to the follower’s lives.

Make your client’s followers feel compelled to follow them because they receive important information each day. For example, retweet a link to an interesting article from a magazine and add a comment saying this is a must-read.

Share information like great apps for writers or interesting online offers. Such information is likely to be retweeted and foster further engagement.

5. Always Think Before Tweeting

When writing tweets for a client, you won’t necessarily be the one who posts the tweet. However, the idea of thinking before tweeting still applies to the copywriter.

Writing copy for Twitter is very different from other types of copywriting, like blogs or web pages. You need to think differently because these tweets are meant to engage with users in an entirely unique way.


Review your tweet content to make sure it follows all the tips mentioned in this article. Have you been respectful and written content that matters? Will your content engage followers in Twitter conversation?

Copywriting for Twitter can be a fun and rewarding experience that helps to further your client’s brand. If you aren't currently working with a Twitter or social media expert, you can start working with a copywriter now.

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