How to Craft the Perfect ‘Cold’ Email

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Are you searching for a better way to generate fresh leads? If you are, then have you heard good things about the potential of cold email?

Even if you’re new to cold email, it doesn’t take long to catch on—as long as you know the best approach to take.

Before you do anything, compile a list of email contacts. You can do this in many ways, by pulling from your current network, looking on social media, or simply searching Google for local businesses.

Below are five tips to implement into your cold email strategy:

1. It Starts with the Subject Line

Remember, your recipient isn’t expecting your email. For this reason, the subject line sets the tone.

If your subject line comes across as “spammy,” don’t expect your open rate to be high. However, if you stick with something attention-grabbing and concise, your chance of success is much greater.

Tip: according to a recent report, including the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase your open rate by approximately 22 percent.

2. Get to the Point

It’s natural to want the first paragraph (or more) to introduce yourself and your accomplishments. But your recipient doesn’t know who you are, so if you don’t get to the point straight away, they’re likely to delete your email and move on.

Do include some information on you and/or your company, but save it for later in the email.

In the meantime, start with a one-sentence introduction and then explain why you’re sending the email.

3. Don’t Push for a Sale

Yes, there’s a good chance you’re sending a cold email because you want to make a sale. However, if you jump the gun and focus too much on this too early, it’ll scare the person away.

It’s okay to talk about what you offer. But if you go straight for the sale, your response rate will nosedive.

4. Personalize the Email

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is sending a “blanket” email to a large list of people.

Every cold email should include personalized information. Yes, this will take more time. And yes, it can be a hassle to dig up personal details. But if you want to do it right—which means receiving an above average response rate—then it’s a must.

Here are some examples of how to personalize your email:

  1. Make note of a recent accomplishment (maybe something you read about the recipient online).

  2. Talk about something the two of you have in common.

  3. Add something about a mutual connection.

The point here is to show the person that you took the time to do your research.

5. Make a Suggestion on the Next Step

You send cold emails because you want your audience to take action. So, it’s important to be clear as to what you want to happen next.

Are you hoping to set up a phone call with the person? Are you interested in them visiting your website and making a purchase? Is it your goal to have them review a particular project and provide feedback?

You’ll hurt your conversion rate if you’re not clear about the type of action you want your reader to take.

Just as there is a perfect way to write social media posts, the same holds true with cold email messages.


If you’re ready to add cold emailing to your marketing strategy, let these five tips be your guide.

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