Create Dynamic Social Media Posts with These 5 Writing Tools

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Writing copy for social media is an entirely different game with its own sets of rules compared to writing content for blogs, product descriptions, or white papers. Social media posts need to be short and sweet and feature dynamic content that grabs the reader’s attention.

But there are resources for social media marketers and copywriters who write content for companies and brands. Check out these five writing tools that can help you take your social media posts to the next level of internet greatness.

Rule Social Media with These Writing Tools

Error Free Content. No social media marketer wants to promote content online that contains grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Use the Slick Write tool to help you write better social media posts.

You can easily copy and paste the social media content you want to post into this online tool to check for any grammatical errors or misspellings. You’ll love the user-friendly interface.

Simple Tweet Threads. Usually, you want your tweets on Twitter posted one at a time within the updated 280-character count. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Use the Writerack tool to create a dynamic tweetstorm that impacts followers in a huge way. This writing tool helps to automate your important tweet threads so you don’t have to manually input each of the tweets.

Avoid Plagiarism. Writers must avoid plagiarizing when writing blog posts, articles, and white papers. However, this can be an issue when writing social media posts as well.

With the Help.PlagTracker online tool, you can ensure that your content is original, and you are not plagiarizing someone else’s work, accidentally or intentionally. It is important that all your social media posts are unique to the brand for which you’re writing.

Simplify the Content. Writing for social media posts involves crafting content that quickly gets the point across to your reader. These short posts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn need to be succinct and avoid wordiness.

The Hemingway App was designed to help writers create content that reads well. The app will identify if you have used too many adverbs or passive voice and highlight those sections for easy revisions.

Online Proofreading. Sometimes you might need extra help to review your social media content and require the assistance of outside proofreaders. With the Wordy online writing tool, you can send in your content for a real-time editing service, which is completed within 20 minutes.

This tool was designed to enhance the readability of your content by polishing it. Check the website to find more information about pricing for the proofreading service.


Writing social media posts can be a fun experience since you’re writing short posts that are designed to quickly engage readers to your call-to-action. You want them to feel connected to your brand and become loyal customers.

Create dynamic posts that have been well crafted to easily engage the reader. Make sure you’re writing posts that are unique to your brand and error-free.

The writing process will be made easier when you take full advantage of these five writing tools. Start using them today to help you rule the social media world.

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