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So you are looking to find that perfect script to use for your YouTube advertising. With its 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is an excellent platform to showcase your product. But what makes a YouTube ad retain view through rates (VTR)? Better than VTRs, what type of ads reduces your cost per acquisition (CPA)?

Now before we jump into the core of this, there are a few assumptions we are going to make. First, the target audience is properly setup. No matter how great the punchline is, you aren’t going to sell triple A wagyu beef to a vegan, even if it was 90% off!

We are also going to focus on TrueView In Stream skippable ads but this will work for non-skippable ads as well. Since you are looking for tips on a YouTube script, it is safe to assume that you are not considering bumper ads or 5 second shorts. Let's look at the first important step, the punchline.

Everyone focuses on the punchline first. It makes sense. It is the line that stops people from skipping. However if the punchline is amazing, but the follow up after is terrible, well, your ad will still be skipped. So how do we structure an ad that doesn’t get skipped and has view throughs right to the end?

We want to think of YouTube advertising like a well oiled slide. A slide that brings the prospect smoothly through each step right to the call-to-action. Let's start with stealing views.

YouTube Advertising that Steals Attention Away from the Intended Video

You are browsing on YouTube and see a catchy video thumbnail. You click on it, and an ad begins instead. You have seen thousands of ads before, so what is your initial reaction? Where is your mouse? Its hovering over the “Skip Ad” button of course. But at the same time, are you focused on the ad? Probably.

You see with a 30 second unskippable ad, that is long enough for someone to jump onto the phone or grab a glass of water. But with a 5 second ad, you might just wait it out. You know that in these 5 golden seconds, you need a punchline that pulls the attention away from the video and into your ad.

Have a look at the following examples:

“Hey, are you a _____ that is looking for ____?”

“Hey, are you facing ______ and don’t know how to _____?”

“Hey, are you a content manager trying to piece together an ad that has a 100% view through rate?”

You may also consider a bold statement along with borrowing credibility

“Have you noticed how everyone is investing into stocks even though Warren Buffet specifically said that the market will crash in September 2020?”

The goal here is to grab attention and retain it long enough to get your next line in. You see, if you describe the problem emotionally and make it relevant to the viewer, this could retain them long enough to get your next line in. Keep in mind that this hook may not work the first time. Consider that the viewer may skip your ad multiple times before it sinks in.

Assuming you have managed to achieve this, and you have the prospect’s attention pulled away from the video that they want to watch, next you need a line even more powerful than the first.

Grab Your Audience, then Throw Them Down that Smooth Slide

So you grabbed the attention of the right target audience and they didn’t hit that skip button. Not yet at least! This is an achievement for any YouTube advertising, but also know that the viewer can now skip at anytime. From here on, we need to keep that viewer on that slippery slope.

You have about 5 more seconds to explain a problem they are experiencing. Make it clear and add emotion. Your prospect should be thinking, “I guess I am a content manager looking for the best proven YouTube advertising scripts. So what is this about?” Next, you must present the problem. Focus on common problems or mistakes that they didn’t know about and make it emotional. Ask your audience:

“Do you want to present material with emotion and persuade viewers?”

“How do you capture a viewer’s attention if they can only focus for about 4 seconds?”

You see the idea is to hit the viewer again with a problem that they agree with. You can poke at their pride a bit while describing an obvious problem.

”After you put out top quality content, how do you make sure it doesn’t get lost among all the low quality material?”

You want the viewer to think that you understand their pain. You want them to think, “So have you found an easy solution to my problem?”

At this time you can also present the desire or the goal: “With so many advertisers fighting for attention, this is how I get my view through rates above 15%.” You want your solution to be a cheaper, faster, and more effective way of getting what they want. You also need to make sure your solution is proven and believable.

Avoid Spammy Claims (Did You Know I Can Cure Cancer?)

If I told you something like, “There is a 100% chance I can cure cancer!” Of course the first thing you are going to say is, "Prove it." Big claims that bridge between the problem and the desire must come with proof. YouTube advertising without proof will feel like a scam mail that got past spam filters. So you must show your ad isn't spam within the next 5 seconds.

You have a wide range of options here. A testimonial works pretty well in this case. Having a single testimonial from a strong source is very powerful. Have your successful client in the video speaking about the results you got for them. If that is a challenge, then real statistics about your credibility works as well.

“To date I have helped 352 clients reduce their CPA by at least 25% just by bringing more emotion to the words.”

“____ has helped me increase my view through rates from 7% to 14%! This reduced our CPA by half!” — Client Name

If your viewer has made it this far and they skip, it's your fault!

If your YouTube advertising script has brought a prospect this far down the slide, and you lose a prospect at this point, it really has nothing to do with the script. If your call-to-action is a large ask or it doesn’t strike a nerve, then you are going to lose all your previous build up.

A big ask would be, “Buy now to generate more leads.” However, the word "buy" will trigger the thought that you are just trying to sell them something. Rather something with emotion, provide a softer and a lighter ask such as:

“Here are some tips you can apply now to boost your VTR.”

“I have prepared a webinar explaining my process to cut your CPA by 50%.”

“Here is a quick, 3-step process you can use to boost your VTR now.”

You want to give back to the viewer! You are not pushing them to buy something. You are instead getting noticed, getting them into an email funnel or getting them to watch a longer webinar.

Your viewer needs to feel that they are getting value by giving up their time. You see, even if the viewer sees value in your pitch, they may just think, “I’ll check it out later” or “I’ll just open this up in a new tab.” It is very easy for the viewer to forget your ad. Your ad isn’t the most important thing in the world.

You Are Not Your Own Boss, Neither Is the CEO, The Marketplace Is

I understand the attachment to content. You're tempted to say, “Check out that punchline! It's going to work on everyone!” No. You are always going to be the most excited about your product. Don’t project that onto your audience.

Don’t assume and make claims without any backing. Split testing and numbers are your boss. To achieve a low CPA, you must focus on split or do A/B testing. We aren’t talking about just normal split testing here.

Instead of just splitting the punch line, ideally you want to test with many variations. Change the punch lines, mix up the call-to-action. Use different proof. Your goal is to find numbers that work for you. You want to hit your CPA budget and improve on it. This means you need to run multiple tests with multiple combinations, even with different markets. No matter the number of years you have as a content manager, you can expect surprises.

The unexpected can outperform the expected.


The secret to great YouTube advertising is to start off with a great punch. Your only goal here is to grab the attention of the viewer for a few seconds, long enough for you to present your next point. Your next line should be an emotional hit on the pain of your audience. You are presenting the problem with the desired goal.

The solution that you present to the viewers must have proof. You do this with testimonials, credibility or positioning.

Finally, a gentle call-to-action that brings the viewer to where you want them to be. Keep in mind that you have seen the same ads yourself multiple times. It's likely you are not going to get someone in your pipeline the first time they viewed your content. It is a long process of multiple views of the same product but with different ads and timing to get a viewer into your pipeline.

Are you looking for a copywriter that has an understanding on how to write YouTube advertising scripts that are like a slippery slide? Maybe your VTRs are not where you want them to be. Here you can get more information on how our copywriters can help you write YouTube scripts.

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