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How do you define your brand if you just started out or you're rebranding your business? Building a brand can be a difficult part of building your business if you try to reach every person on every media outlet all of the time. Not only is this a difficult thing to do, but it’s also unnecessary. The best brands don’t try to reach everyone everywhere. Instead, they focus on a specific set of outlets, communication methods, and content options.

If you want to have a clear and recognizable brand for your company, define your brand by limiting your content options.

Choose Only a Few Content Channels

To define your brand, start by limiting your content options to only a few content channels. The number of content channels is steadily increasing with the popularity of social media, but trying to communicate over all of them leads to complications and rising costs. Instead, find the content channels that are right for your business.

Each content channel has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, Instagram is great at distributing visual content, but is not great at holding conversations. If your brand is built around continued communication and conversations, then Instagram would not be a good option to build your brand. Do the research into the different content channels to see their strengths and weaknesses. Then, try to match several with your branding style.

Be Selective with How Information Is Distributed

One way to improve the quality of your communication is to be selective with how information is distributed. You can send information in several ways, but not every type of content works well with different methods of distribution. Returning to our Instagram example, video content is not served best by Instagram. While it is possible to share videos that disseminate information on Instagram, long form video content is better served on YouTube. Match your preferred communication style to the right channel for the best communication.

Only Send Out High Quality Content

Once you have the right channels, build your content for them. While it’s tempting to send a lot of content in rapid succession, it’s more important to make that content high quality. Every time you send content, there’s a chance you will attract or drive away clients. All of it makes an impression, and every interaction has the potential to rebrand you to clients.

Consider Maintaining a Consistent Brand Voice

When you think about iconic brands like Apple, you immediately think of the image and voice of Steve Jobs, due to his many appearances during press conferences and on commercials. You can use this technique with your own company by having all the content come from one of the founders or a key figure in the business.

Enter into New Content Partnerships with Caution

It can be tempting to work with other companies and media outlets that want to work with your company. This can include guest posts, interviews, and news stories about your business. Publicity is usually a good thing, but which companies your business associates with has a lot to do with how customers perceive your brand. If another company does something less than favorable, your brand could be associated with it, just from a simple post on their site.

It's necessary to define your brand, but it can be overwhelming if you go about it the wrong way. Focus on a specific set of channels and use the best content you can create. This will help build your brand quickly and keep you on the right track for continued growth.


Define your brand by being very selective. Choose the content channel that's best for your business. Then choose quality content using a consistent brand voice to attract customers in your target market.

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