Do You Need a Copywriter for Instagram Posts?

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Is it silly to hire a copywriter to create content for Instagram posts? After all, isn't Instagram primarily a social network for sharing photos?

Yes, you're mostly posting photos, but you are able to include some content with each post, as well as in the spot designated for your bio. There are some good reasons why brands do it. We’ve outlined some things to consider when evaluating your need for hiring a copywriter for Instagram posts.

Hiring a Copywriter Costs Money

Hiring a copywriter costs more money than simply posting photos on Instagram. While this may seem obvious, it can have a significant impact on the decision of hiring a copywriter for your Instagram account. Conversely, paying someone to post photos on Instagram without great copy might also be a waste of resources if the Instagram account doesn’t get the attention you want.

Creating Hashtags for Instagram Posts

Creative and funny hashtags that accurately describe what your business offers and connects with Instagram users are very important to finding new followers for your brand. This is something in which some copywriters have a lot of experience. They’ll closely analyze your campaign, brand, target customers, Instagram trends, and what your competitors are doing to find just the right hashtags for which people will look.

Do More with Each Post

Each time you post on behalf of your brand on any social media platform or digital property, you have an opportunity to connect with potential customers, vendors, and people who can help grow your business. In this way, you are wasting an opportunity to send a message to these stakeholders by not using the writing space you’re allotted per post. If someone likes the photo your company shares, you want them to have as much information as possible to further that buying conversation.

Stand Out from the Competition

Many companies under utilize the written portion of their Instagram posts. Writing clever and informative posts might be a way for your company to stand out among competitors who simply post a photo with hashtags. Do you need to hire a copywriter to do this? Probably not if you already have someone else who can create great content. However, writing content for each and every Instagram post takes time and adding resources to your marketing team can only help to get this task completed more quickly.

Business Social Media Goals

Not every business maintains the same social media goals. If your business’s Instagram account only showcases a few products or behind the scenes photos, you may not want to take the time to create a more substantial presence. For instance, a retirement community may feel that since their target demographic isn’t on Instagram, it isn’t worth the extra investment to market on that account.


Many businesses across different industries would benefit from better Instagram posts. Hiring a copywriter to create stellar content is one way to do that. You may also want to consider hiring a professional photographer to create amazing, original photos.

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