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Some form of email automation is utilized by 49 percent of businesses. It’s likely that your business uses email marketing to reach your customer base—but have you used email copywriting to humanize your business?

There are some simple steps that you can take to humanize your business through innovative and effective email copywriting. You need to think outside the box and exceed the average of 28 percent of consumers that like to receive promotional emails at least once a week.

Humanize Your Business with Employee News

Writing style matters when crafting the perfect email, but you need to pay just as much attention to the content. One important way to humanize your business through email marketing is to share employee news.

Let your customers get to know the employees in your business by sharing information about new hires and include photos, with employee permission of course. Share content on achievements like employee of the month or other team spotlights for exciting accomplishments.

Share Blog Posts by Team Members

You may think this could be a risky move, but without great risk, there is no great reward. You can humanize your business by sharing blog posts from various team members.

Let your customers see that your business is more than simply a company trying to sell products and services to them. Show your customers that your employees are a huge part of the viability of your company and that without these employees, your business would not be as successful.

When your customers get this deeper insight into who your employees are, they will realize your business is one they can trust and with which they can build a long-lasting relationship.

Show Your Customers Their Value

You can humanize your business by showing your customers how valuable they are to your company. Without your customers, you wouldn’t have any sales and would not meet your bottom line.

Craft email content that shares positive feedback you’ve received from customers. When you create these compelling testimonials, they can reach your customers at a personal level and show them yours is a company that values feedback.

Let your customers know they’re valuable by creating a customer loyalty program to thank them for their patronage. Make the email content depict how exciting this program is for customers who want to be brand ambassadors or who get special rewards for meeting specific purchasing criteria.

Showcase Company Charitable Acts

Now, you don’t want to toot your own horn and sound like your company is the greatest for giving to charities and doing other charitable acts. However, you can humanize your business with email copywriting that showcases what you’ve been doing to help others.

Your customers will gravitate toward these charitable acts and see your company more as run by people who want to do good than as simply business people going after their money. Create content that thanks your donors for contributing to any charitable campaigns you are hosting.


Humanize your business by writing targeted emails that speak directly to your customers about the more human aspect of your company. Being relatable will strengthen their brand loyalty.

Show a more personal side to your business to build a relationship with your customers. You can achieve this with email copywriting. But if writing email content isn't your strongest skill set, our copywriters can work with you to craft email content that your audience is craving to read.

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