Essential Elements of an Effective Landing Page

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A landing page is a standalone webpage—not part of a company’s website—created specifically for a marketing campaign. It’s where the customer “lands” after clicking on a paid advertising link, such as a Facebook ad. An effective landing page compels a prospect to take action.

In B2B marketing, the main objective of a landing page is to capture leads. You want people to provide their contact information so you can build a relationship and move them toward a buying decision.

A landing page moves a reader from a passive visitor to an engaged potential customer. From “Hmm, this looks interesting” to “Okay, I’ll give you my email address to get your coupon code” (or free download or weekly newsletter or whatever other lead magnet you’re offering).

Three Main Points of a Landing Page

When prospects click on an ad and visit a landing page, they subconsciously ask three questions:

  1. Where am I? This is easy to answer because your brand will be obvious.

  2. What are you offering? This is also easy because your offer is exactly what you said it was back on the ad they clicked to get there. (Though you can talk it up a bit more here to drive home those benefits and reinforce the decision to respond.)

  3. What should I do next? Another no-brainer! The call-to-action (CTA) will be featured prominently, making the next step ridiculously easy.

With the tools of an experienced copywriter, you can answer these questions well. Then your landing page visitors will likely become leads.

Tips for an Effective Landing Page

  1. Less copy is more. Landing pages have one specific goal. Any words that distract from your primary message will prevent you from achieving the goal. Avoid extra information about the company, and don’t try to be too clever with the wordsmithing.

  2. Keep the design simple. Similarly, work with the designer to avoid visual clutter and extra navigation. Make sure readers don’t have to figure anything out on their own. They won’t bother. Finding and responding to the call-to-action should be so clean, so intuitive, that it requires no brain power whatsoever. MailChimp and other email providers offer easy-to-use templates if you need help with this.

  3. Feature your CTA button. This is the point of the page. So make obvious what you want the reader to do. Offer only one call-to-action button (remember, we’re streamlining the message here) and place it “above the fold,” so no scrolling is necessary.

  4. Use actionable language in your CTA. You can do A/B testing on this, but try phrases that start with verbs like Get or Try or Download for your CTA. (This post gives more tips on CTAs.)

  5. Keep the form simple. It’s tempting to try to get a bunch of valuable information from your potential customers. They’re filling out a form anyway, right? Resist that temptation. Get only what you need for the offer on the table. For an email subscription, you need a name and an email address. That’s it. They’ll be irritated if you ask for more, and they likely won’t comply anyway.

  6. Avoid message mismatch. Make sure the headline copy of the landing page matches the copy on the ad that readers clicked. If the ad offered a free eBook, the landing page should also talk about a free eBook. Promote the video course and the 3-day seminar another time. Deliver what you promised.

  7. Use second person. People who visit a landing page are primed for conversation. Their interest is piqued. Effective landing page copy talks directly to them with lots of you and your.

  8. Highlight benefits in your headlines. Answer the question: What’s in it for me?

  9. Use bullets. Short and simple bulleted lists are preferable to blocks of text.

  10. Use credibility boosters. Provide a free trial. Mention the money-back guarantee. These assurances help soothe doubts.

  11. Include your contact information. It’s another way to instill trust and assure leads that you are available to address their questions or concerns.


An effective landing page keeps your customer engaged and compels them to take action. There are several tips to follow to create an effective landing page, such as having a simple design and clear CTA. You want to talk directly to your audience and keep the message aligned, starting from the ad.

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