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Branded content has become a trendy phrase. Many search engine optimization (SEO) experts and marketers encourage businesses to get on board with branded content as a cornerstone approach to their marketing plan. Here we’ll go over what you need to know about branded content and how you can use it in your business’s marketing plan.

What is Branded Content?

Branded content is content that has been paid for by an advertiser. Typically, this includes a company paying a website money to feature a blog post written by said company on its site. The content isn’t sales-related in nature, but rather provides valuable information to the target audience of the website about your brand.

For instance, a company that sells anti-aging beauty products has a branded content piece in a women’s beauty magazine about tips for keeping your skin looking vibrant. Perhaps the article mentions the company’s products as one solution, but that isn’t required. Branded content helps to get your company in front of new customers and to position it as a credible expert.

Benefits of Branded Content

The primary benefit of branded content campaigns is that you create an article that customers actually want to read. Most customers don’t want to read a sales pitchemail marketing campaign, or sit through a sales pitch. However, these same customers will gladly read an article about a topic that interests them if it’s placed where they’re already reading content.

Disadvantages of Branded Content

There are two primary disadvantages to branded content. First, branded content can be expensive. Publications, websites, and TV shows that feature branded content can charge whatever they want to for branded content campaigns.

In many ways, you’re at the publication’s mercy when it comes to the price. It’s worth studying their demographics and traffic, as well as comparing different options in advance, to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

Second, there are no guarantees about performance or viewership when it comes to branded content. You can create an amazing piece of content for the right audience and still see very little in terms of results. This doesn’t mean that branded content isn’t worth a try.

Importance of Distribution Strategy

Even the best content will fail if you don’t have the right distribution strategy. You must make sure that the content piece fits within the native environment of where it’s being published. This means that you want to match the tone of the website, as well as include the type of information its audience wants to read. You also must find ways to market it, whether through your company’s social media accounts or your own website.

Essentially, branded content is an article that’s a paid advertisement on a website that interests your target market. How much you’re willing to spend on the placement and how many different websites you want to post on is up to you. Many companies find that using branded content is a highly effective strategy that helps to engage new customers.


Branded content provides your audience with useful, valuable information that they want to read. Its purpose isn't to sell, but to tell people, particularly new customers, about your business. You'll need to be strategic about where you place your branded content because you could be spending a lot on its distribution with no guarantee about performance or viewership.

If you would like some tips on writing your branded content, or coming up with a strategy for its distribution, you can get more information here.

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