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Facebook ad copy is immensely valuable, since Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in use today. In October of 2019, Facebook reported their most recent statistics, which confirm 2.45 billion users worldwide. This number excites marketing professionals, as it shows the huge potential of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is advertising or marketing campaigns that exist within a social media network. Since the advent of social media and the digitization of marketing, advertisers have flocked to Facebook. Compared to other advertising outlets like television, radio, or billboards, the cost per lead of Facebook Ads is much cheaper. In short, you can run ads on Facebook and reach more people for way less. What does this mean? More sales for less spend on advertising.

Let’s say your website isn’t generating a ton of traffic yet, or you want to leverage new lead opportunities through untapped markets. Social media provides a simple, yet effective way to reach thousands of people if used correctly. With traditional media and advertising, copywriting efforts in ads require thousands, if not millions, of dollars to produce.

To harness the potential of Facebook ad copy, your business needs to know the basics of Facebook advertising. In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of Facebook advertising and how your business can capitalize on this marketing tool today.

What Are Facebook Ads and How Do They Work?

You’re probably wondering how Facebook ad copy is any different than copy in a normal ad you would see online. First of all (as the name suggests), Facebook ads are advertisements either created on or run on Facebook. There is a higher chance of engagement possible compared to say, a regular website. This is because Facebook ads show up when a Facebook user is scrolling through their app or checking their news feed.

Facebook Ads differ from some of the other social media networks out there today. These ads work by targeting certain groups of users with common or similar interests or traits.Facebook Lets You Target Very Specific Audiences

Facebook Allows You to Target Very Specific Audiences

Facebook is wonderful in that it lets you target very specific audiences. For example, you can go broad with your targeting, for example by targeting mothers in the northern Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina. On the other hand, you can choose a more narrow market to advertise to. For example, you can target female New York Yankees fans between the ages of 18-25 in Port Jefferson Station, Long Island.

You then place these ads traditionally in a user’s News Feed, although you can also put it on the right-hand column of their Feed.

Currently, there are eight different ad formats to choose from, depending on the goals of your ad. In order for your ads to work correctly and hit your goals, you need to understand your audience.

When creating a new ad on Facebook, you can create highly targeted lists of your audience depending on several factors. Some of these include:

  1. Location

  2. Age

  3. Gender

  4. Interests

Narrow your fields as closely as possible to your buyer personas and viola! You will have a targeted Facebook Ad ready to go.

Why is Facebook Ad Copy So Effective?

There are 1.45 billion active daily users on the platform every day. That’s a lot of people who can see your ad, and its copy.

Facebook ad copy is effective because it harnesses the strengths of both copywriting and Facebook's global reach. Copywriters are known as sales professionals who persuade with the written word. Their ad copy evokes emotion, creates action, and drives a consumer to buy something.

Facebook has billions of active users every day. Pair that with the power of copywriting to generate thousands of dollars in ad revenue over time, and it's not hard to see how copywriters could take a Facebook ad to the next level, and create a mega-successful advertising campaign on Facebook.

On that note, as with all marketing efforts, you need to do your research beforehand to meet your goals. Otherwise, Facebook ads are a total flop. Fail to plan and plan to fail.

How Do Copywriters Write Facebook Ad Copy That Sells?

To be an effective social media marketing professional, you need to be savvy in several areas. For one, skimping on the copywriting is a big no-no in today's social media marketing world. You need to make sure your ad copy will yield results, hence hiring professional Facebook ad copywriters.

Writing copy that sells is very different from technical or editorial writing. The Facebook ad copy needs to be focused, persuasive, and effective in increasing the buyer's intent. A journalist or documentation writer won't get the job done, nor a beginner copywriter.

By hiring a professional, you can ensure that your business will reap the rewards of high-performing copywriting. This guarantees a better ROI from your Facebook ad copy. You can then generate leads for sales and stronger data for refined future marketing endeavors. Recognize that every ad is an opportunity to improve on the last campaign.


Are your ready to improve the results of your Facebook ads? Your business can generate significantly more revenue online using Facebook ads, with the right professional copywriter on hand. Inquire with us today to discuss our Facebook ad copy packages. Feature image credit: PixieMe / Shutterstock.com

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