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Are you looking to find content writers to write for your blog? It’s no secret that blogging is on the rise and businesses who aren’t blogging are missing out.

Content marketers understand the power of blogging and its strong correlation with revenue. Blogs increase website traffic by up to 6x and generate 67% more leads for B2B marketers. More traffic and leads mean more sales.

But a blog is nothing without its content. You may have looked into getting someone in-house to create the content. Or you even considered hiring a freelance writer. But the problem is, the blog posts you’re getting from them aren’t converting as well as they could be.

You see, writing blog posts that reach page one of Google takes more than writing content. Deep industry research, SEO, and compelling copy are essential for a blog post’s success.

If you can delegate to someone in-house who understands these aspects, that’s great. But chances are, they don’t.

So then you may have looked to find content writers on freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr. And I’m here to tell you to forget it because the barrier of entry is so low. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who might be writing in their spare time to make a couple extra bucks, would you?

You need writers who produce persuasive content that educates and engages your readers. So where and how can you find content writers who can help your blog gain more organic traffic?

Find Content Writers Who Are Guest Bloggers

How would you like to get high-quality, free content for your blog? Guest blogging is a great way to attract and find content writers. They will often produce content for your blog for free in return for the exposure. So why should you consider interesting guest bloggers to write for you?

Having guest bloggers publish content on your blog helps you in many different ways. Guest bloggers:

  • Create blog content for you (which means less work for you and your team).

  • Offer new and different ideas and perspectives, adding variety to your blog.

  • Help get traffic to your site, because they’ll share their guest post with their community.

  • Help you build your blog’s reputation and credibility.

So how do you get guest bloggers?

First off, it’s important to establish clear guidelines so you know their work will be of a certain standard. You wouldn’t want to deal with a bunch of low-quality writers, would you?

Guest bloggers find these guidelines on a “Write for us” page or similar on your blog. It provides them with guest writing guidelines and the submission process.

Before looking to accept a writer to write a guest post, ask for a sample of their work and a list of topic ideas. This will give you insight into the experience level of the person and a preview into what to expect. Determine if they will be able to captivate your audience before giving them the green light.

While guest posts are great, if you have a blog with a small audience, you might have trouble finding people to write for you. So you may have to compensate them with money to start off.

Otherwise, guest posts are a great way to help produce more content for your blog. But you shouldn’t rely on guest posts to produce content for you, so where else can you look to find content writers?

Delegate to a Content Agency

Do you have a budget set aside to outsource your content needs? If you do, then hiring a content agency is a great way to access a large network and find content writers for your blog.

They provide you with experienced writers and scale based on your needs. Agencies will often take care of everything from coming up with ideas to writing and editing for you. You only need to give direction on the types of content you need.

But, agencies are expensive. With writing, you get what you pay for and it definitely shows when hiring an agency. You'll have all your content needs taken care of, leaving you with peace of mind and justifying their price tag.

Finding a content agency online can be easy but finding the right one based on your industry can be a hassle. While agencies have the experience, they may lack the specialized knowledge you need.

If you can find a content agency that can provide you with consistent, high-quality content in your industry, then it’ll be worth the investment. Otherwise, you may struggle to find agencies that meet your needs. That’s why the next option may be the best option for you.

Hire Copywriters Who Are Content Writers on Steroids

Copywriters are the best choice when you want to find content writers to write for your blog. Why, you may ask? Well, copywriters understand the impact their content has on your content strategy. That’s why they write engaging content with your end goal in mind, gaining customers.

Copywriters are well-versed in producing content that compels your readers and gets them to take action. Paired with their understanding of marketing, they’ll bring in traffic and leads like a machine.

So where do you find these professional copywriters? You can find such copywriters here at We provide clients with professional copywriters, matched for each gig. So you can rest assured you're not getting a random freelance writer who wants to make a quick buck.

So hire a copywriter from to write for your blog today.


As writer Andrew Davis said, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” If you want your blog to succeed, then it’s important that the content you publish is compelling and connects with your readers.

So here’s a quick summary on what to look for to find content writers:

  • Collaborate with guest writers for free content and traffic. Have clear guidelines and only publish submissions that will benefit your audience.

  • Delegate to content agencies for all your content needs. Set aside a decent budget and make sure they know the ins and outs of your specific industry.

  • Hire copywriters to maximize the results of your blog. Find the right copywriter for your content needs here at

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Austen Lee is a certified full-time copywriter who focuses on producing results for his clients. He writes engaging and research-driven copy that connects to your audience and inspires them to take action. Austen is dedicated to becoming the best version of himself who inspires others to do the same.

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