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It's hard to find copywriters—especially good SEO copywriters. And when you add two additional skills to copywriting—technology and business-to-business sales—it now feels a bit overwhelming.

And what if your client is on the cutting—sometimes the bleeding—edge of technology?

You've got the vision and you're ready to take advantage of the latest innovations. And it's an SEO blue ocean! So little content is written that keyword difficulty (KD) is incredibly low. "Augmented reality for business" is, according to ahrefs.com, only at a KD of 18. Wow!

But you need a talented copywriter to create that ranking content.

We'll break it down and look at the characteristics of an excellent B2B technology (tech) copywriter and where to find these elusive "unicorns."

So let's start by defining the traits we're looking for.

What Makes a Good B2B Technology Copywriter?

Choosing the wrong tech copywriter can cause headaches, increase delays, and cost more in the long run. But the right copywriter can make life easier, improve SEO results, and help produce more content faster. Here are the essential traits to focus on:

1. Industry Knowledge

Look for a writer who has experience in this particular industry. Find copywriters who understand the needs, concerns, and objections of B2B tech buyers. And we're talking about emerging technology here. So the copywriter should stay on top of the latest news, trends, and studies that will affect the target market.

Working with an industry-specific copywriter can significantly reduce research and revision time. This allows you to produce content faster, taking that first-mover's advantage to the fullest.

2. Capable of Being Trained

It may be challenging to find copywriters who understand the specific technology of your client. So you should be prepared to educate the copywriter before you can rely on them to write compelling copy.

If you find a skilled copywriter who meets the other requirements on this list, you can train them to understand the specifics. In the beginning, a good copywriter will ask plenty of questions to guide their research. But be ready to provide additional information to help them get up-to-speed.

3. Understands the Target Market

The target market for B2B tech is splintered into two very different audiences. One audience is IT professionals who want to know how the product works. They will want to know platforms and programming languages. Also, they'll be concerned with detailed hardware requirements.

While business buyers who aren't tech-savvy would be overwhelmed with that level of detail, they'll be more concerned about the cost of acquisition, the return on investment, and ease of use.

Find copywriters who can engage your readers and educate on their level. It’s important they use the correct language and tone without unnecessary technical jargon.

4. Uses Stories and Analogies

The challenge of selling tech products or services is that you usually sell to non-tech people. One of the most effective ways to relate to your prospects is through stories and analogies. It helps to build a personal connection and explain the intricacies of the technology.

Again, language is very important here. We don't want to overwhelm the audience with massive amounts of tech-speak.

5. Responsive to Communication

You need someone reliable and easy to reach when you need them. Determine the best communication platform and make sure you both will use it. The last thing you want is to spend days trying to get in touch with your copywriter.

Schedule specific communication touchpoints in your timeline. This guarantees communication at certain critical stages and ensures the project stays on track.

6. Has Proven Processes in Place

Make sure the copywriter has a systematic approach to producing and editing copy. Be clear on the steps which need to be taken by whom and on what schedule. How many rounds of revisions do you want or need? Take all this information into account when planning your timeline.

Here at Copywriters.com, we have an approach that is successful and yet adaptable as needed.

  • Define the project or scope of the project

  • Provide any company materials for research purposes

  • Allow time for research and the first draft

  • Review and provide detailed feedback on the first draft

  • Allow time for research and the second draft

  • Provide any feedback here for the final draft

What Sort of Hire is Best for Your Company?

A lot of SEO agencies start small and often outsource content at first. But then the question always comes up: Should you continue to work with a freelance copywriter, or should you find copywriters for in-house?

Which offers the better value? Which kind of writer will get you the best results? And where do you find applicants? Let's take a look at the options available. In particular, we'll break down the pros and cons of each scenario.

Find Copywriters to Hire In-House at Job Sites

If you're ready for a full-time, in-house copywriter, job sites like Indeed.com are the most common way to find copywriters. Create a job title and description, and ironically, you may want a copywriter to write this for you.

To stand out from larger companies, you have to inject popular keywords into your description for maximum visibility. Also include an accurate description of the job's responsibilities and requirements.

And keep the tone conversational, informative, and friendly. Pro tip: Record yourself explaining the position to someone. Remember, you are trying to convince them to work for you. Take that recording and transcribe it. That'll give you a rough draft to work with.

Once you have several applicants, start reviewing their resumes. Filter out the obvious ones who don't match key job requirements. Then you can begin contacting candidates to learn more about their qualifications, request samples of their work, and more.

And now, you're ready to start the interviewing process. When you find copywriters who are the right fit, make a verbal offer. Be sure to include salary, benefits, and any other necessary information. If accepted, follow with an official offer letter and non-disclosure agreement. Congratulations! You just hired an in-house copywriter.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an In-House B2B Tech Copywriter


  • They're available whenever you need them. And their priorities and schedules are determined by you.

  • They can deep dive into a particular industry.

  • They will know the products and markets of your clients exceptionally well. If you have a long term relationship with those clients, you can count on a fast project turn around.


  • Tech copywriters get paid extremely well. The average salary is $71,357 US, and that's not including the B2B aspect. Expect to pay top-end prices ($90-100K) if you want to try to keep them.

  • The process to find and hire is lengthy and time-consuming.

  • Having enough clients in the tech industry to keep your copywriter busy.

  • The most significant risk of hiring a good copywriter is losing your copywriter! The freelance lifestyle is trendy and often more lucrative.

Find Copywriters on Popular Freelancer Sites

If you've decided that a freelance copywriter is a better fit for your company or project, you may be tempted by popular sites such as Fiverr and Upwork. At most of these sites, you list your project and give as much detail as possible. And then applicants "bid" for the contract.

After reviewing submissions, it follows a similar path to hiring an in-house copywriter. You interview the candidate, consider examples of their work, look at testimonials and reviews, and more. Then when you find copywriters who seem appropriate, accept their proposal, and sign all legal paperwork.

Pros and Cons of Using a Popular Freelance Site


  • They will be cheap.

  • They will be easier to find than an in-house copywriter.

  • You might get copy that will rank, maybe.


  • They can be ridiculously cheap, so buyer beware.

  • There's no standard filtering process for listing services on these sites. It could literally be the 14-year-old kid down the street with a stock photo.

  • No way to tell if the samples someone submitted were actually written by them.

  • The person available today can be limited or non-existent tomorrow. It forces you to go through the entire process over and over.

  • Since availability is questionable, you may need to shift copywriters between projects. And that results in an inconsistent voice across your brand.

  • They can be flaky. Deadlines and communication can be hit or miss.

  • The quality of these writers can not be assured.

Find Copywriters Without Hassle

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur." – Red Adair, famous oil well firefighter

Here at Copywriters.com, we provide highly trained, professional copywriters for SEO agencies. This includes tech-writers, SEO content writers, B2B writers, Facebook ad creation, and more.

All of our certified copywriters have undergone rigorous in-house training and are hand-selected for each project, depending on skills and experience. They are experts at researching markets, writing compelling and scalable copy, and creating an emotional connection with the audience.

The advantages of working with such a large pool of highly-trained copywriters are numerous. Want a copywriter with experience in programming? We've got those. Someone from the corporate world? Check. Magician? Check.

From augmented reality to sailing yachts (unfortunately, no zoologists yet), we either have someone with hands-on experience or have people from a similar vertical ready to get up-to-speed fast.

And because they've all gone through the same training program, our copywriters are capable of consistent writing. All writing also goes through a rigid editing process performed by highly qualified copy editors.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Copywriter from Copywriters.Com


  • We have rigorous and uncompromising training. Our copywriters don't write for clients until they prove themselves worthy.

  • Search engine optimization is standard in our content. We follow best practices to get content ranked for the desired key phrases.

  • We have solid research standards in place. Our copywriters will understand the technology, the market, and the offer thoroughly.

  • We have a pool of talented and certified writers and editors available when you need them. You're not getting an individual freelancer but an entire team.

  • Ultimately, we would like a long term relationship with you. So your success is our success.


  • We initially cost more than one of those popular freelance sites because reliability and quality cost more. However, the time and effort you'll save from continually looking for talent are priceless.


"People often mistake technology for a static picture. It's less like a picture and more like a movie. It's the velocity of technology innovation that matters. It's the acceleration."—Elon Musk

The most important aspect of SEO writing in the emerging technology market is staying on top of the lightning-fast speed with which these products hit the mainstream. For example, we see this with the augmented reality market, particularly in the business world.

With the invention of Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens, augmented reality products are poised for huge growth. There's a massive advantage to being a first-mover in this industry.

With Copywriters.com by your side, your SEO agency can go after these coveted technology clients and be the superheroes in ranking their content. Most emerging tech companies are well-funded and eager to succeed, making them great clients. Hire a copywriter today to expand your agency into this exciting and lucrative market.

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