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Is it possible to find a writer who can write outstanding copy, and yet still see no improvement in your conversions or your revenue? Eventually, you will feel as if your writer is not an asset but a liability. But why is your writer's copy not converting? Most likely what they're writing is not converting because there is no market research behind the copy.

Adequate market research is the key to writing copy to trigger certain emotions in your specific target audiences. Writers who skip the research and jump straight into writing generic copy to appeal to the masses are making a critical mistake. Thus, they are not able to generate the desired end result - to have better ROI.

So, is there any proven formula that you should look for when you find a writer? Yes. Good copywriters split their time doing 80% market research and 20% copy.

An ideal copywriter spends most of their time doing thorough market research before writing a single word. They will have comprehensive insights about your product or service, target audience, niche, and sophistication stage of your market. No matter how long you have been in your business, there is a possibility that such a good copywriter may know your prospects better than anyone else.

It’s not easy to find such a good writer to take your business to the next level. When you're looking to hire the right copywriter, check that they have these 5 top traits to increase your conversions.

Trait #1: Find a Writer Who Can Build Buyer Personas

Building a buyer’s persona is an essential task to know your prospects better. It helps to execute your content strategy, sales funnel, and product enhancement more efficiently and save time and money.

No matter what format you follow to draft your buyer personas, it’s essential to populate adequate data about your customers and prospects by asking the right questions for the following 5 areas:

  1. Background: family, profession, work-life harmony, and personality traits.

  2. Demographics: age, gender, location, income, marital and parental status.

  3. Psychographic: preferences for books, shopping, movies, hobbies, and interests.

  4. Aspirations: career, business goals, and financial freedom.

  5. Obstacles & Objections: Hiring skilled staff, changing management, and financial issues.

The writer should leverage multiple sources to acquire the above information. Here are some ways to leverage sources:

  • Conduct surveys and offer some discounts.

  • Analyze historical data of sales funnels.

  • Interview prospects and customers, including those who have either positive or negative opinions about your business.

  • Interview top closers on the sales team.

  • Interview someone from referrals or social media followers.

When you find a writer, make sure he or she will take the research from these sources and put the results into a condensed format for you to review.

Bonus: An ideal copywriter also rehearses for the interviews multiple times before connecting to the interviewees. He or she may record these interviews to understand the message more precisely and look for anything he or she may have missed.

Trait #2: Assess Your Niche and Build a Content Strategy

If you’re selling branded wrist-watches, for instance, the content strategy that works for the student segment may not work for any other segments like business people or housewives. Your content strategy should be specific to the buyer persona. Your marketing campaign may include email marketing, landing pages, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, social media marketing, and many others.

It’s essential to evaluate your industry and niche and understand how your prospects consume your content. If you are more inclined towards inbound marketing for your niche industry than outbound marketing, your content strategy has to fuel growth.

Based on a survey of 414 marketers about their educational needs surrounding content management, 64% of marketers wanted to build a scalable content strategy.

You should build your content strategy for the next 3 to 4 months in advance. Planning for the future will give you more clarity to manage your marketing campaign more efficiently. You will get an early heads-up about the performance of your specific content for a specific segment of your target audience. Also, you will easily be able to accommodate required changes to your content strategy on the fly.

When you find a writer, ask this question and expect to get an in-depth, relevant answer: How will you build my content strategy?”

Trait #3: Keep Up With Marketing Trends

If you've been in business for a long time and haven’t yet upgraded your content and marketing strategies, you aren't taking advantage of all your money-making opportunities. The more cutting edge solutions and content you provide, the higher your chances of standing out in the market. Subway's tagline “where superheroes eat”, for instance, has leveraged The Avengers movie trend in order to get unwavering attention in the marketplace.

You could also include technology trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or any innovative way to execute inbound marketing. With worldwide response to emerging video trends, you could think about replacing images and textual content with just a single video on your landing page in order to boost conversion rates.

If you think Google Analytics is the only tool to help you monitor the performance of your campaign and calculate accurate ROI, you may get beaten by your competitors who are using more advanced solutions.

Understanding your prospect's awareness of the latest marketing trends is a value-added KPI when you find a writer.

Trait #4: Understand Your Value Proposition

Keep your business ahead of the game with the most compelling value proposition in your market. Understand the strategies of your competitors, such as their content strategy and acquisition mechanism. Consider the feedback they get from their customers and prospects. Get more insights about the limitations of their product or service, and build your strategies to fill in the gaps.

Leverage content analyzer tools such as Buzzsumo to get content ideas based on a competitor’s marketing strategy. Also, take a look at many other diverse tools that can help you gain insights about your competitor’s credibility, click-through-rate (CTR), keywords, content, and marketing strategies.

Besides the product or service itself, your value proposition includes a wide range of aspects such as:

When you find a writer, make sure he or she can evaluate your value proposition and provide a competitive analysis. It’s better to assess your writer with a demo test such as researching five competitors and providing a detailed report.

Trait #5: Write Compelling Copy

With in-depth knowledge of your market in conjunction with your product or service, the task of writing compelling copy becomes so natural and real. Most of the research-based copy consists of the following top 3 attributes:

Tone and language: If you’re selling a funky round-neck T-shirt to college students, for instance, the use of slang and an informal tone in your copy may help to grab the attention of students. But the same copy won't sell shirts to businessmen.

Emotion and hooks: Your copy should use relevant hooks to attract the audience and trigger your audience's emotions.


  1. Craft compelling ad copy so your prospect can’t leave it unclicked.

  2. Craft compelling headline copy, so your visitors can’t leave your landing page unread.

  3. Finally, offer unique values, so your prospects can’t resist taking action.

The flow starting from the ad through to taking action are well connected as if all the dots are connected internally. That’s simply the magic of copywriting based on human psychology and backed by profound market research.

Bonus: What if you find a writer who can write copy which is aligned with Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Although this talent comes at a higher price, it's worth it to hire a copywriter who is well versed in SEO based copywriting, rather than hiring multiple professionals on your team.


You'll notice that 4 out of the 5 traits mentioned above are about market research. That means 80% market research and 20% copy.

So, when you find a writer, make sure he or she has the relevant skills and passion for diving deep into market research. Evaluate your writer from all 5 aspects - buyer personas, content strategies, market trends, value proposition, and SEO friendly compelling copy. And if you want to expedite your process to find a writer who is aligned with these traits, click here.

Darshit Shah

Darshit Shah is a Copywriter with focus on marketing psychology and user experience, to help clients achieve record growths. He is hands-on in PPC Google AdWords and LinkedIn along with writing Copies of entire sales funnel. While working in Microsoft, he explored AI to Digital Marketing for accurate forecasting of Conversions and Call-to-Action rates, to reduce overall marketing cost.

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