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Why should you be interested in copywriting tips for social media? Take a close look at these numbers. Twitter currently has 326 million active monthly users. There are approximately two billion active users on Facebook plus 400 million active users on Instagram. With over 2.7 billion active users on these social media platforms, have you been generating the leads needed for your business?

You can generate leads on social media, but you need to implement the right copywriting strategy to augment your efforts. Consider using the following three copywriting tips for social media to generate more leads.

1. Use Social Media to Promote Contests

People like free things. Many companies and brands realize this and host contests in an attempt to generate more leads. Use social media to promote the contests you’re hosting to increase the engagement with your current followers and prospective leads.

Make sure the text of your posts clearly defines the rules so people know how to participate. If you make this process too convoluted, people will get frustrated and move on to the next tweet or post with someone else.

Things happen quickly online. You need to craft content that makes people’s lives easier, not more difficult. Consider the following example on creating a post for Facebook for a restaurant hosting a contest:

Our new menu is out! We’re offering ½ price appetizers from 4 to 6 and 9 to closing time! Help us celebrate our new menu by entering our #giveaway for 3 $50 GIFT CARDS. Follow these steps to enter to win: Tag a friend, like, and share this post. Winners announced on Facebook 5/31/2019.

This example provides clear information about the purpose of the contest, the timeline, what to do, what you win, and the end date of the contest.

2. Provide Links to Free Resources

Another of the useful copywriting tips for social media involves providing value. Again, giving things away for free is a great lead generator. You promote the giveaway online and link to your blog or website. When people click your link, they need to give their contact information to get the free resource.

Bingo! You’ve got another lead simply because you’ve given away a free resource like an eBook, whitepaper, downloadable PDF or video file.

However, you need to package the promotional text for the giveaway the right way if you expect to engage anyone in clicking your link. Consider the following promotional example:

July 15 is National Give Something Away Day and you can use that to your advantage in generating more leads online. Create an infographic showcasing your free resource, like an eBook. Share this promotional tweet on July 15 in honor of this day. Tell people that you want to participate by giving something away.

There are many quirky “National Days” that can be celebrated and you can link to various resources that you’d like to give away.  This strategic generosity will not only generate leads but also build loyalty. Check out the 71 holidays in May like National Chocolate Chip Day on the 15th or National Pizza Party Day on the 17th. You can easily find any reason to give something away and promote it online.

3. Share Engaging Live Videos

People love to interact with each other and comment on social media posts. Use copywriting tips for social media to engage your audience and generate more leads. Become known as a brand that shares live videos on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Approximately 52 percent of marketers have realized that they can effectively increase brand awareness by using live videos on social media platforms. Consider using some of the following ideas for your next weekly live video:

  • Monday Motivational Content

  • Thursday Thoughts or Tips

  • Sensational Saturday Stories

The idea is to create live video content that engages people and gets them excited to tune in each week to see what helpful or fun information you’ll share.


When you use these three copywriting tips for social media, you can improve the way you generate leads online. Start promoting contests, sharing free resources, and posting live videos to generate more leads.

If coming up with lead generation ideas is not your strong suit, or you'd rather spend time on other areas of your business, you can ask social media experts to help you with your social media strategy.

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