Having Trouble Converting Warm Leads Into Sales?

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Are you having trouble converting warm leads into sales? After reading this article, you'll have a plan of attack you can take into the marketing world.

How exactly does a cold lead turn into a warm lead? They turn into warm leads by showing interest in your product or service, following your company on social media, or signing up for your email list. They might even be a referral from a friend or previous client.

But what’s next? Here’s the thing: a warm lead must convert into a hot one first, before becoming a sale. You wouldn’t want to assume they want your product or service at the “warm” stage.

Imagine going into an electronics store to try a new phone you had your eyes on. The salesperson jumps at you with, “Do you want the 64GB version or the 128GB? The red one or the blue one?”

What would be your reaction? You probably wouldn't feel like buying anymore because of all the questions.

That’s what you don’t want to do when it comes to converting warm leads into sales. Nurture them into hot leads first by providing value and educate them to make a decision themselves.

So don’t skip nurturing warm leads into hot leads or even rush the buyer’s journey. If you rush them, it might turn them off. And that will leave the door open for your prospect to buy from another company.

How can you make sure your leads don't run off to your competition? That brings us to the next point.

Do This Before Thinking of Converting Warm Leads Into Sales

A common mistake in marketing is to rush through the buyer’s journey based on random assumptions. You don’t want to assume your prospect already knows the value your company delivers. A warm lead is still likely to explore and consider multiple options.

That’s why it’s essential to know your audience’s exact needs. It helps you make the sales message effective. And that might be the missing factor when converting warm leads into sales. Without this, you cannot compel them to take the next step.

So research your audience. What are their demographics and interests? What are their goals and desires? What are the pain points your product or service can solve?

If you ever wondered, "Why am I having trouble with converting warm leads into sales?” The answer is usually lack of research.

You want to take the time to understand your prospects to ensure you are delivering value and providing the right information to help them make a decision.

Now, wouldn’t it be helpful to share practical ways to help you with converting warm leads into sales? Below you’ll find some of the most effective ways to help you nurture warm leads:

Create Drip Campaign Emails

Many marketers focus on emails as the heart of lead nurturing campaigns. Well, not just the heart, but the soul. According to a study reported by Invesp, 78% of marketers say email is the most effective channel for lead nurturing.

Now, what do you do after someone subscribes to your email list? Do you start telling them how great your product is right away? No. That’s not an effective approach when it comes to converting warm leads into sales.

Once you acquire a prospect's email, you can put them through an email drip campaign. They're also called automated email campaigns, or lifecycle emails. What do they do? They steadily and strategically send emails tailored to your warm leads.

You create the emails in advance, then use an automated system to send them the emails. You nurture the leads based on their buyer’s journey through your marketing funnel.

Now you might be wondering, "How do I craft such emails?" Good question. You want to become more personal.

Craft Personalized Emails

You can personalize emails to help you with converting warm leads into sales. Personalized emails must be tailored to your lead’s interests, desires, and goals. This allows your email message to be more effective. Your prospects need to know that you understand them.

Multimillionaire entrepreneur Dan Lok said it best in his book F.U. Money: “Remember, people don’t buy from you because they understand what you sell—they buy from you because they feel understood."

You want to start with a personalized subject line. Make your subject line friendly. Instead of sounding like a pushy salesperson, make it look like you’re sending the email to a dear friend.

For example, don't write, “Learn more about our email management system.” Instead, write the message in a friendly and personalized way like, “Is managing an email list a real pain? I know how you feel."

Next, write the email copy. You want your message to be custom-made and well-written to touch on your lead’s desires, goals, and/or pain points. That’s why research comes first before writing a single word for your email.

Personalized emails make marketing more human. And when consumers feel understood, they are much more likely to consider doing business with you. Doing this will create a more devoted relationship and help you build trust with your prospects. As a result, it helps you with converting warm leads into sales.

Leverage High-Quality and Targeted Content

Any marketer will tell you that content is king when it comes to converting warm leads into sales. Providing high-quality content helps to build both intimacy and value with your brand. The content has to bring value for the lead in their day-to-day life.

Deliver value-driven, high-quality content to establish authority and build trust. But to deliver the kind of content that converts warm leads, the personalized touch must be there.

And that’s where targeted content comes into play. Create social media content that speaks to the heart of your prospects’ goals, desires, and pain points. Deliver free, downloadable offers that will appeal to them. Or craft blog posts that will help them solve a problem they relive regularly.

Furthermore, you can deliver highly targeted content in your email campaign. Address the prospect by name and help them to realize the content they’re receiving is specifically for them.

High-quality and targeted content can produce the kind of value that helps you with converting warm leads into sales.

Utilize Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to convert warm leads who are already interested in your product or service. A simple, straightforward video gives all of the information your prospects need to make a buying decision. As a rule from HubSpot, remarkable product videos encompass the following:

  • Engaging dialogue and narration.

  • Video content that explains the product and its benefits, but short enough to keep the viewer's attention.

  • Professionalism, without being "stuffy”.

  • Empathy and relatability.

According to HubSpot, product videos can increase purchases by 144%. In fact, more than 50% of consumers prefer video content versus something that they read.

Product videos are an excellent way to arouse a prospect’s level of interest. Giving a clear, concise demonstration of just how awesome your product or service makes it much more memorable. It will also help you with converting warm leads into sales.

Build Highly-Converting Landing Pages

After you “warm-up” a lead, eventually, you want them to take action and buy. Landing pages are the place where the real work happens. Where the decisions are made to buy or say “goodbye”.

Landing pages are crucial when it comes to converting warm leads into sales. But not all landing pages are created equal. You might have heard the saying, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

So you want to use best practices to create a highly-converting landing page. Now, what makes a highly-converting landing page turn warm leads into sales?

Excellent question and here’s your answer:

  • A killer headline: It must imply a personal benefit for your leads. Also, it has to be simple to understand.

  • Compelling subheadline: The subheadline is supporting your headline. You use it to further explain your claim. Or to arouse curiosity in the reader.

  • Emphasis on your benefits with bullets: Readers skim and scroll through the landing page and often miss key information. But bullets stand out from the copy and grab your reader's attention.

  • Conversion copy: This is the foundation of every successful landing page. It's using the power of written words to inspire and influence your readers to take action.

  • Show social proof: This can be customer reviews, testimonials, or logos of brands that have used your service. And if you have a lot of followers on social media, you can show those numbers.

  • A clear call-to-action (CTA): The best way to convert warm leads into sales is to have a clear call-to-action. Whether it’s “Enroll Here,” “Start Your Free Trial,” or “Subscribe to My Email List.” Your call-to-action must be clear.

  • Clean and simple landing page design: It needs to be designed so that it’s easy to skim through and read. Keep it simple.


Your ability to convert leads into sales is in direct proportion of how well you understand your audience. When converting warm leads into sales, first you need to nurture them to become hot leads.

You can achieve that by providing value and educating them with content based on their buyer’s journey:

  • Drip campaign emails.

  • Product videos.

  • High-converting landing pages.

Luckily, we can provide you with proven copywriters who are in the trenches and converting warm leads. Your copywriter will research your target audience to create copy that speaks to their needs. Simply click here and contact us to learn more. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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