Why You Should Hire A Freelance Copywriter Instead Of An In-House Copywriter

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With the gig economy booming, and more and more of the world’s most talented writers deciding to be freelancers, now is the best time to hire a freelance copywriter. Business owners are always looking to hire the best of the best, but also looking to optimize for both cost and time-efficiency. Considering all those benefits, PTOs, and more make it all the more difficult to find a great fit for a full-time copywriter. That’s why you should hire a freelance copywriter instead.

How can you find a team member that embodies all the characteristics you're looking for? The truth is, you might not be able to find one copywriter to do everything perfectly. For one reason or another, he or she might not have all of the fields of expertise you are looking for. Many copywriters specialize in just one niche. However, by considering multiple copywriters, their complementary skill sets might just fit the mold.

With that said, where should you start? Well, first of all, don't hire an in-house copywriter. Instead, try out copywriting services with little risk. Try out copywriting by choosing to hire a freelance copywriter instead. Below are some more reasons why you should hire a freelance copywriter instead of an in-house copywriter.

You'll Save Money When You Hire a Freelance Copywriter

The relationship between you and a freelance copywriter is fairly straightforward: You pay them, and they provide you with the copy you need, no strings attached. Simply put, you are just paying them for the work you need, a la carte. There are no salaries, commitments or regular payments involved if you don't want there to be.

Additionally, with a freelance copywriter (unlike an in-house copywriter) you don’t need to consider bonuses, sick leaves or holidays. Just like you don’t expect them to do more than their assigned projects, as they also don’t expect the additional benefits.

Working with a freelance copywriter can also be done completely remotely. Investing in a good online workspace is definitely cheaper (and easier to manage) than a physical office space. If you find the right freelance copywriter, they will be able to capture the essence of your company’s brand without having to work on-site.

A Freelance Copywriter Introduces Greater Flexibility

A freelance copywriter loves the gig lifestyle because they can work on their own schedules, anywhere they want. The traditional workplace can sometimes be a toxic and political place, resulting in stressed (and therefore inefficient) writers. 

Do they write best at a café? Then they just do that. They're feeling under the weather? They write in bed. Do they have trouble getting up early in the morning? They simply work in the afternoons and evenings. The flexibility of the freelancer life essentially gives them less of an excuse to slack off. 

If you hire a freelance copywriter, you might find that they can get more done in a couple of hours than a full time, in-house copywriter could do in a day. That’s because many freelancers are very skilled, very advanced, and fast. And, they often have a less stressful environment, keeping them in good spirits.

People who are less stressed are more productive, which leads to better quality work. Even the name itself pretty much gives away its appeal: freelancers are free to do whatever they want with their work as long as the end product is turned in well-written and on time.

You Don't Need to “Create Work" For A Freelance Copywriter

You may constantly feel the need to give an in-house copywriter work to do so you can get the most out of the salary you're paying them to work a full 8 hours per day. You might find yourself creating work when really, you don’t need their services full time. 

When you hire a freelance copywriter, you don't need to come up with unnecessary projects for your writers. You simply hire them for what you need, when you need it, and that’s that.

When you give a freelance copywriter only the necessary projects instead of giving them all kinds of projects that vary in importance, they'll be more inclined to write well. Since they aren't constantly getting projects, they'll understand that the copy assignments they do get are more valuable and important.

This goes back to say that you'll save time and money — two of the key factors to consider when building your business — if you hire a freelance copywriter.

You'll Have More Writer Diversity

From a financial (and logistical) standpoint, it's easier to hire a lot of freelance copywriters than a lot of in-house copywriters. This means you can choose who is most fit for each project from a large selection of freelancers, all around the globe. You’ll have access to top freelance copywriters all around the world, which opens up your options. If you identify the writing styles and the strengths and weaknesses of each writer, you'll have better-completed projects.

For example, let's say you hire a freelance copywriter who graduated with a degree in architecture. You would assign an architecture-related project if your client is looking for that type of content. If your client wants a copy that is business-heavy, it would be best to give this project to a writer who is knowledgeable about this.

A diverse team of copywriters will leave you with better projects overall. Not only can the writers you hand-select write about what they know best, but they'll also be less overworked. If you gave a bunch of different projects to an in-house copywriter, they're extremely likely to become burnt out.


How do you know if you should choose to hire a freelance copywriter over an in-house copywriter? Keep these things in mind:

• You can save money because they technically aren't employees.

• They're not in a stress-filled, toxic office environment, which will help them write better.

• You don't have to give your writers unnecessary work to do.

• Your team and therefore your projects will be more diverse in voice and expertise.

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