How Brand Loyalty Can Be Achieved Through Clever Social Media Copy

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Social media marketing is more than promoting your products and services. It’s an opportunity to create brand loyalty. And nothing inspires brand loyalty more than interacting with and inspiring your customers through clever social media copy.

It isn’t a secret that people dislike ads and go out of their way to avoid them. They seem to pop up everywhere: on billboards, websites, and even the bus that passed your car on the highway. Yet, people won’t hesitate to engage with brands on social media, even though they know the brands want to sell them something.

The fact is people love to talk about their likes and dislikes on social media. And like it or not, your brand is most likely one of those hot topics. However, you can influence how they perceive your brand by how you engage with your customers on social media. Understanding this means you can begin leveraging your social media posts to increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Think of it this way, a loyal customer won’t think twice before buying from you first. By the same token, they won’t look at your competition or look into other options. If you give them a reason to be loyal, your customers can become your biggest cheerleaders. They’ll recommend your brand to their friends and family. That’s word-of-mouth marketing that can increase your brand’s exposure without any added effort on your part.

That’s the power of brand loyalty, and it can be yours if you nurture it using clever social media copy.

How Brand Loyalty is Created

Creating brand loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of several interactions with your customers over a period of time. Once you have an established customer, you shouldn’t stop interacting with them. In fact, you will want to continue interacting with them to keep developing that trust and relationship. Luckily for you, social media provides the perfect opportunity for further interaction.

As Brett Relander, Managing Director at X1 Sports Nutrition, pointed out, “Savvy marketers have long been well aware that customer loyalty is established and re-established at each interaction a brand makes with customers.”

For this reason, engaging with your customers on social media is key to building brand loyalty. In a 2016 study on social media interactions, they discovered the more a customer engages with a brand on social media, the more it humanizes the brand for the consumer. Due to this, customers can grow strong feelings of loyalty for your brand. They can even develop a strong customer relationship with it.

Your interactions with your customer can leave a lasting impression and affect how they remember your brand. For this reason, your social media copy needs to be compelling and interesting. You also need your customers to engage with your post by liking it and leaving comments on it. Ultimately, you want your customers to interact with your social media posts, so you can respond to their comments.

Every interaction you have with a customer on social media is an opportunity to strengthen their loyalty to your brand. All you need is compelling social media copy to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

What Exactly Makes Social Media Copy Clever?

Engaging posts, the ones that get plenty of shares, likes, and comments, have one thing in common. They all have great copy. You may be asking yourself, What makes copy great?

Great copy is compelling, memorable, and makes people talk. Further, it also inspires people to take action. On top of that, copy also helps establish trustworthiness and should build strong customer relationships.

Well-written social media copy has the capacity to accomplish all that and more. To make it really clear, here’s a breakdown of what makes social media copy clever.

1. Know Your Customers Inside and Out

To write engaging social media posts, you need to understand your audience.

First, ask yourself what the demographics of your audience are. Next look into your customers’ wants and needs. Knowing what problems your customers are dealing with will help you know what solutions and information you can offer. Finally, consider what language your customers use. Do they use any special phrases or jargon?

By knowing your customers inside-out, you’ll be able to identify the topics your consumers will be most interested in. Then, the copy can be tailored to resonate with them by focusing on their needs and using their language.

According to a revealing study from the digital agency Wunderman, winning long-term loyalty from your customers comes down to understanding them. They found that 79% of customers want brands that understand their needs and care about solving their problems.

That’s why understanding your customers is the first step to knowing how to connect with them through social media copy to build brand loyalty. The truth is your customers want to be understood. For this reason, on-point social media copy can make them feel like you care about them.

2. Keep Your Copy Simple and to the Point

With so many social media channels to pay attention to, your social media posts need to capture your audience’s attention fast - and then keep their attention. You can’t accomplish this with wordy and rambling copy.

People are usually scrolling through social media looking for something to entertain them. You want your audience to stop scrolling in their tracks because your post caught their eye. By keeping your copy clear and concise, your reader will get your message at a glance.

It’s worth mentioning that your social media copy walks hand-in-hand with a visual, usually a video or picture. Depending on the goal of your post, keeping your copy short and simple can shine an extra light on your visual, giving it the spotlight if that’s what you want. Whatever your intention, your copy should always support the video or picture included with your social media post.

3. Show Off Your Brand’s Personality

People get on social media to be entertained. It's a way for them to escape their daily responsibilities. That’s why your copy needs to be brimming with personality. Not only that, your posts should be fun to read and easy to remember. The last thing you want is for your copy to be as dry and unappealing as the stiff cardboard flavor you get with off-brand pizza.

It also helps to remember the more human you seem, the more likely your customers are to become loyal to your brand. Your brand’s voice is a big part of that perception. Keep in mind, your brand’s personality is what will resonate with your readers and connect with them on an emotional level.

Think of your brand as a person. What would your brand sound like if you could talk to it? Your brand’s voice should have a certain style, tone, and diction that makes it recognizable from other brands.

Is your brand’s voice fun and carefree? Sassy, yet classy? Direct, yet friendly?

Here are a few examples of real brand personas today:

  • If you look at Skittles’ brand personality, you’ll notice they have a strange and otherworldly brand persona, but it also has a fun vibe. It definitely helps them stand out from the competition.

  • The Dan Lok brand has a direct, no-nonsense voice. However, it’s also friendly and tailored to give a lot of value to its followers. People can expect to get straight answers.

  • Target has an energetic, peppy and playful persona. Their commercials aim to make you believe shopping at Target is really one big party.

Whatever your brand persona is, it’s important to ensure your voice and personality are consistent across your entire brand.

4. Make Your Call-to-Action Irresistible

Your customers are following your brand on social media because they want to know about your new products and services. So, give your followers what they want. Include a call-to-action (CTA) in your social media post. It could be a CTA to check out a new article or take a closer look at a special offer.

Giving endless value with your content and products or services goes a long way to building brand loyalty. Hence the reason you'll want your customer’s positive experience with your brand to be reinforced again and again. To accomplish this, you can persuade your readers to engage with your brand by having a compelling CTA in your posts.

The best way to make a call-to-action irresistible to your readers is to make it clear and easy to understand. It also helps to add a sense of urgency. This way the reader doesn’t close the page after reading the CTA, thinking they’ll get back to it later - and then never do.

Why Hiring Copywriters to Write Your Social Media Copy Makes You Clever

Everything it takes to write clever social media copy comes almost second-nature to a copywriter. Their training gives them a profound understanding of persuasion tactics and marketing strategies. This knowledge enables them to write persuasive and actionable copy, no matter what type of copy they’re writing.

Their one objective when writing copy is to get your prospects and existing customers to take action.

Hiring a copywriter for the purpose of writing clever social media copy for you means you can skip the learning curve if you write it yourself. Copywriters have the expertise needed to write compelling and concise copy targeted to your audience. Needless to say, every single word of copy will work toward getting your followers to take action.

Remember it’s keeping your customers engaged with compelling social media copy that nurtures trust, and ultimately, builds brand loyalty. And let’s not forget, customers loyal to your brand will buy from you exclusively. They will even market your brand through word-of-mouth on their own time.

For this reason, building brand loyalty is an important part of your marketing strategy. Why wouldn’t you want to hire a trained copywriter to write your social media copy for you? Imagine what having consistent, engaging social media posts will do for your business. In the end, hiring a copywriter can save you time and energy. Not to mention, boost your bottom line.


Social media is an effective marketing strategy for building brand loyalty. Every interaction with your customers on social media is an opportunity to nurture a relationship with them. It’s also an opportunity to increase your customers’ satisfaction with your brand. For this reason, you need clever social media copy to engage your readers and get likes, comments, and shares.

If you’re not already building brand loyalty, it’s time to start leveraging your social media posts. The benefits of having loyal customers make brand loyalty a powerful asset to your business.

If you’re ready to hire a proven copywriter to write clever social media copy for you, schedule a call today.

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