How Emotion Affects Your Landing Page Conversions

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What do landing page conversions boil down to? Emotions and here’s why: as humans, our actions are tied to our emotions.

People take action because of different emotional states. For instance, we say someone did something “because he was sad” or “because she was happy.” In fact, 85% of our actions are based on emotions.

So the idea of having high landing page conversions is straightforward. If you can evoke the right emotion for why people buy, then you can inspire your audience to take action.

What is the point of a landing page? A well-written landing page touches the reader emotionally and intellectually and generates conversions.

Your target audience is actual people. What would it mean for you if you can show them that you understand their emotions?

Beth Comstock, the former vice-chair of General Electric and executive at NBC, said it best: “Whether it's B2B or B2C, I believe passionately that good marketing essentials are the same. We are all emotional beings looking for relevance, context, and connection.”

Now, if emotions are the motivators to take action, then how do you evoke your audience’s emotions? By the use of the right words.

Depending on your industry, words associated with specific emotions can affect your landing page conversions. You want to be very mindful of which words you use, so you trigger the right emotion in the reader.

You see, your audience visited your landing page based on their core values and emotions. So choosing words wisely will help you influence your audience emotionally to take action.

Continue reading to see how words play a huge part to arouse emotions in different industries.

How Words Affect Landing Page Conversions Based on Your Industry

Software company Unbounce analyzed the behavior of 74,551,421 visitors to 64,284 lead generation landing pages in a mission to find what emotions are better for landing page conversions across ten major industries.

These industries included real estate, education, travel, business consulting, credit and lending, health, legal, and home improvement.

Unbounce targeted eight basic emotions (joy, trust, fear, anger, sadness, anticipation, disgust, and surprise). Then they analyzed how words associated with these emotions affected the landing page conversions.

Words on a landing page can be associated with several emotions, but only by one sentiment at a time, whether positive, negative, or neutral. You don’t want the prospect to ride an emotional roller coaster.

Now, let’s break down Unbounce’s massive report about how emotions affect landing page conversions. Keep in mind words associated with specific emotions that work in one industry may not work in another.

Below you’ll find 6 takeaways from Unbounce’s Conversion Benchmark Report about how emotions affect landing page conversions:

1. In the Travel Industry: Build Trust

First, let’s take the travel industry for example. What kind of words do work well for this industry? Well, words associated with trust could result in conversion rates that are up to 20% better.

But words that arouse anger in the travel industry can lower the conversion rate by 25%. No one wants to feel angry about their vacation. Common words that evoked the feeling of anger in the travel industry include: fee, loss, accident, endless, limited, theft, and many more.

Travelers don’t want to hear about limited resources (money) and necessities. Or the idea of losing luggage or paying endless fees. Instead, use words that arouse trust like guide, personal, save, enjoyment, spa, food, star, provide, friendly, and recommend.

Pretend you’re in the travel industry offering travel tickets based on traveler needs. Instead of talking about fees, services, terms and conditions, write about how they’ll enjoy their holiday. How they’ll witness magical sights or visit historic locations. Or eat at a famous restaurant.

Make them feel you’re the reason to reach that destination and have a great time. Those words will help with landing page conversions.

Disclaimer: This data about emotions was generated by an algorithm, if you're planning to utilize it, use your best judgment.

2. Avoid Feelings of Fear

Fear is not always an effective motivator for conversions. Words that arouse fear often harm landing page conversions, especially in the health, legal, credit and lending, and travel industries.

Using fear-based words to sell a weekend at your spa hotel is like using happy music at a haunted house. It simply doesn't fit. It also doesn't go with what the audience is expecting.

However, in the business consulting industry, Unbounce analysts found that filling between 1% to 2% of your copy with words that create fear can help conversion rates.

So be cautious with words that create fear. But you might see a positive impact by inserting a splash of fear words in the copy for some industries.

3. In the Education Industry: Make Them Feel Joyful

Using words that arouse emotions of joy in the education industry can help with your landing page conversions.

Commonly used words that arouse joy in the education industry include: success, improve, enjoy, scholarship, graduation, achieve, and journey.

You can motivate students with the joy of success, advancement, growth, and achievement. So using words that evoke the emotion of joy can help you boost your conversion rate.

Imagine you’re looking for a college. Would you apply for a college that encourages your dreams and goals? Or a college that entices you with the fear of failure and lack of fulfillment? Of course you would pick the first one.

4. Joy Shouldn’t Be Used Everywhere

Joy has a positive impact on conversion rates for the education industry as mentioned above.

But it can harm the conversion rate for other industries like the legal and home improvement industries. The best-converting pages in the home improvement industry have less than 1% of their copy communicating joyful words.

Words associated with joy in the home improvement industry include safe, friendly, clean, perfect, satisfied, happy, and comfort.

Excessive use of joyful language in the legal industry could make you seem unreliable or untrustworthy. As a result, it may affect your landing page conversions negatively.

Using joyful language in the legal industry is like that friend who tells funny stories in the wrong situation. As joyful as the story can be, the time and place don’t fit the occasion. And people might not take that friend seriously anymore.

5. In the Business Consulting Industry: Avoid Words that Convey Disgust

Using words that evoke feelings of disgust in the business consulting industry could hurt your landing page conversions. Some of the common words that aroused disgust in the business consulting industry are: failure, collapse, disaster, cheat, provoking, and corruption.

The study found some landing pages in the industry uses such words. As a result, they lowered the landing page conversions.

6. Trust Words Are Effective in Some Industries and Ineffective in Others

Using words that arouse the feeling of trust can lead to higher conversions in the travel and business services industries. If more than 8% of your copy implies trust in the business services industry, you could improve your conversion rate.

“If people like you they'll listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you.” - Zig Ziglar

Common words that convey trust in the business services industry include: mange, system, grow, team, and improve.

You see, people love to do business with the ones they trust, like, and admire.

However, in the credit and lending industry, you should reinforce a sense of trust in no more than 3% of your copy. Anything more than that lowered the conversion rate by 10%.


Choose your words wisely. When it comes to writing copy that converts, no words should be selected randomly or based on personal assumptions. When you build your landing pages, make sure you're giving extra attention to each word. Choosing the right words that evoke the right emotions will affect your target audience to take action and boost your landing page conversions.

This goes back to researching and understanding of your target audience. Once you know your audience, you’ll know the words and the emotional buttons to press and make them react.

A website like can provide you with a proven copywriter experienced in your industry. If you want landing pages that convert, then contact us today. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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