How Much of Your Blog Content Should Be Evergreen Content?

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Many marketers understand the long term value of evergreen blog content. Evergreen content like top tips, how-to tutorials, and product review videos are timeless and always appealing to readers. People will constantly search for evergreen blog content online through search engines like Google, and this can bring long term and steady traffic to a business website.

Importance of Creating Evergreen Blog Content

Here are some reasons you should have a certain amount of evergreen content for your blogging strategy:

1. Improve authority in your niche

Usually, evergreen blog content is exceptional in quality. When other people find it valuable and link back to your blog content, your business gains authority in your niche as well as SEO rankings.

2. Bring steady traffic to your website

Although the amount of traffic generated by evergreen content is not significant in the short term, it will continue to grow over time. Your goal is to rank well for specific keywords on Google so you will have steady traffic.

3. Less workload and stress

Evergreen blog content is not time-sensitive. Once it is published, you can comfortably update it anytime you want to enrich the content. If your blog does not have enough keyword-optimized evergreen content, you will need to add more for long-term business growth.

Drawbacks of Creating Evergreen Blog Content

However, to get the benefits mentioned above, it is not as easy as you think.

1. Creating evergreen blog content is time-consuming

Evergreen blog content requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to create. It requires much in-depth research, multiple edits, and preparation of relevant images or videos. You might have to put in a lot of resources to create that evergreen blog content.

2. Difficult to rank on Google search results

Evergreen content usually targets broader and more competitive keywords/topics. It means not only you, but many of your competitors are probably also creating content on a similar theme with yours. As a result, the SEO competition is very intense.

If you have a newer website (or domain name) than your competitors, it may be even more challenging to beat your opponent in the search result rankings.

The Problem of Having Too Much Evergreen Content

If your evergreen blog content is ranking well and generating steady traffic for your website, congratulations.

However, in most cases, your evergreen content will be facing a very competitive SEO environment. It may require a long time to rank well on Google.

If you are relatively new to your market and 90% or more of your blog content is evergreen, your traffic growth rate will be very slow. It may take a very long time to see traffic coming onto your site.

The good news is, there is a "Rank and Traffic Booster" that can act as an assistant to rank your evergreen content, so your evergreen content does not require so much time to get exposure.

The Power of Creating Trending Blog Content

Unlike evergreen content, trending content, also called "seasonal content" can serve as a "rank and traffic booster" for your website. This type of content includes news, statistics, offers, or events.

Some marketers may overlook the benefit of trending content because of the one major disadvantage of creating this type of content: trending news goes out of date eventually. Its traffic source will end in a much shorter time frame compared to evergreen content.

So is it worthwhile to spend time and effort on creating trending content for short term traffic gain? Let's look at some major advantages of having a portion of seasonal content on your site.

1. Act as a Traffic Boost

Seasonal blog content has far less SEO competition because this type of content is often targeting long-tail keywords by nature. You can find relevant, time-sensitive topics that have a large search volume through a service like Google Trends. Once your piece of trending content ranks well, it can act as a booster that drives a lot of short term traffic to your website and brand.

2. Help Your Evergreen Content to Rank

When visitors reach your site through trending content, your evergreen content can gain exposure as well. Users may also view your evergreen content, and this improves your website SEO and authority on Google.

3. You Can Get People to Share Your Content

Humans are naturally attracted to news, appealing infographics, or seasonal discount offers. If you present your audience with a time-sensitive discount for your product, they will be more likely to share it with their friends and relatives through social media. In this way, you can get more social media referrals, traffic, and brand awareness.

So now, you may recognize the power of having trending news on your blog. The next question is: how much of your blog content should be evergreen content?

Optimal Ratio of Evergreen Vs Trending Topics

Unfortunately, there is no simple, one size fits all solution to this question.

But I'm going to throw you some questions that you can analyze to get more clarity about the optimal ratio of these two types of blog content for your business.

1. Are you a seasonal business?

BigCommerce stated that 40% of online sales happen in the last three months of the year. If you are an online retailer, you can make more use of a one-time offer like Christmas or Black Friday discounts to drive up the conversion. It would make sense to create a time-sensitive offer in this case, and the same goes for selling seasonal products.

2. Are you in some specific niche?

When it comes to services like personal training, going for more evergreen blog content will be a good idea. The reason for this is that you may need a higher authority position to attract more inbound inquiries and be able to sell at a higher price for your service package.

3. What's your current marketing goal?

For marketing goals like lead nurturing, creating more high-quality evergreen content can gain trust from your potential customers. For converting mature leads, you can create a time-sensitive offer to support your conversion goal.


It is not easy to decide how many resources you should put into evergreen or trending topics. It depends on the type and goals of your business.

If you need help related to blog content strategy, or you're looking for copywriters to help write evergreen and traffic-boosting trending content, fill in this form and tell us your current situation. Our experienced content strategist will discuss how we may be of service to you.

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