How A Public Relations Copywriter Can Improve Your Outreach Strategy

Erica Gordon
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One of the most important ways to grow a business is media outreach, which can be achieved by hiring a public relations copywriter. You can sell the best product or service in the business, but if nobody knows who you are, everything else is irrelevant.

Creating a recognizable brand and establishing a strong relationship with consumers is essential for your company's success. This is because a positive relationship with consumers based on reliability and transparency can also increase the chances of scaling business growth. 

However, while it's important to invest time into outreach strategies, it's just a waste of time without hiring a public relations copywriter. 

Why Invest in a Public Relations Initiatives?

According to the Public Relations Society of America, public relations (PR) can be defined as a “strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” Building a positive and memorable brand for your business is only possible through a strong PR team, whose focus is making sure your business sounds appealing.

PR can help your business establish brand credibility, global recognition, and increase your company’s overall profitability, among other things such as positive brand exposure.

What Exactly Does a Public Relations Copywriter Do?

Now that you know what PR is, are you still wondering why you need to hire a copywriter that  specialize in PR?

First of all, here’s what makes a public relations copywriter different from a standard copywriter:

A public relations copywriter deals with communication, while a standard copywriter is just in charge of producing content such as sales copy. A public relations copywriter is different than other types of copywriters. What do they do, you ask?A public relations copywriter’s role primarily focuses on writing your PR pitch, press release, PR newsletter, and other PR-related materials. By doing this, they help maximize press outreach initiatives, and subsequently help your business grow. 

Their position is a niche role, which is beneficial for both you and the writer. Since they specialize in PR, they'll be experts in dealing with the press and getting your brand’s name out there.

This is important since dealing with the press is a skill within itself, as the press ignores most outreach attempts. The copy in the outreach, however, can change all of that.

Additionally, allocating all PR duties to one person, in particular, is much more time-efficient. Now, the rest of your copywriting team can focus more on their own niche responsibilities, such as website copy or Facebook ad copy. This will boost overall company productivity.

Through creative communication strategies, a public relations copywriter is focused on disseminating valuable content to shareholders. This helps business operations to run a lot more smoothly and expedite the process of establishing relations with consumers. 

How Can a Public Relations Copywriter Improve Your Outreach?

Media outreach is crucial for a business’ growth and exposure. So how exactly does a public relations copywriter improve your outreach?

Reaching out to the press. One of the main roles of a public relations copywriter is working closely with the press to pitch stories or send out important news releases so more people get word of your business. Solidifying a strong relationship with the media is incredibly important. 

It ensures news of your business will be prioritized by certain outlets and that it will be seen by a wide range of consumers.

Reaching out to the press is essential. If you’re just starting a business or working at a small company, getting noticed by the press can be hard. A public relations copywriter deals with communicating to the press why it would be beneficial for them to cover your business. 

Plus, they can help find a niche news outlet for your product or service, so your target audience is more likely to hear about your company.

Overall, the only way a business can achieve success is if people know about it. Effectively communicating and partnering with journalists, influencers, and bloggers will allow your business to be amply covered by a diverse set of news outlets. 

Growing your social media presence. Expanding outreach through a public relations copywriter isn’t just exclusive to the press, either. Rather, with social media outlets like Twitter and FaceBook only continuing to grow, hiring a public relations copywriter can ensure your message gets spread widely across a multitude of digital platforms.

To reiterate, the more the public gets word of your business, the more likely you’ll be seen as a credible, recognizable brand. Being able to establish that consumer interest and trust is invaluable. 


In summary, one of the best things you can do for your business, especially if it’s just beginning to grow or wants to see rapid growth, is hire a public relations copywriter. This way, your company's public presence will be an accurate reflection of your business' core values.

Strengthening your PR team will help you increase brand recognition and credibility. By doing so, this is guaranteed to help boost sales and overall profitability. So, when it comes to improving outreach, it’s wise to hire a public relations copywriter to get the job done efficiently, strategically, and professionally.

Erica Gordon

Erica Gordon is a lead strategist for, an SEO content writer, blog writer and a copywriter. Erica has over a decade of experience writing for top tier publications such as Huffington Post, POPSUGAR, Elite Daily and Thought Catalog. You can follow Erica on Instagram @ericaleighgordon to say hi and see her full portfolio.

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