How To Boost Your Product Page Conversions With eCommerce Copywriting

Arthur Kam
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Implementing eCommerce copywriting to improve your product page conversions is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue for your store. However, many eCommerce stores focus on other elements on the page, like layout, images, and design. While those are of importance, the product page copy has the most significant effect on increasing conversions.

There are three challenges in coming up with a high-converting product page:

  1. Providing information about the features and benefits of the products

  2. Creating a desire that makes the customers want to take action to make a purchase

  3. Developing a relationship with the customer and the brand through shared mutual values

Persuasive eCommerce copywriting is the one thing that can tackle all these challenges at the same time. 

There is a direct correlation between your product page copy and your conversion rates.

Words have a strong effect on our brains and can move people to action. A Baylor University neuroscientist named Read Montague wrote a book about decision making called Why Choose This Book. He says, "Complex verbal descriptions … can set off reward seeking circuits. It's a proxy for the reward to come." 

What that means is if your product page copy can describe the benefits to the customer well enough, their brains already start experiencing that benefit. This would drive them to take action to purchase the product to experience that benefit further.

So, you might be asking, "How can I implement effective eCommerce copywriting for my product pages?"

Today I'll share with you two ways you can use eCommerce copywriting to boost your conversions and increase your revenue.

Going Underground with eCommerce Copywriting

Have you ever heard of selling the benefits and not the features? Features relate to the function of the product, while the benefits relate to the results the customer will receive.

While this general concept is valid, most eCommerce stores are missing out on a critical distinction when it comes to proper execution. Most companies are merely discussing surface-level benefits. 

Surface level benefits are nice to have, but persuasive and compelling eCommerce copywriting goes beneath the surface.

What we need to look at are the benefits of the benefits.

Let's use a snow shovel as an example. The features of a snow shovel could be a polyethylene blade reinforced with galvanized steel. The surface benefits of this feature could be snow easily slides off the blade.

Now, what if we go underground and look for the benefit of the benefit?

We could ask ourselves, what's the benefit of snow easily sliding off the blade? Well, it could be that you can effortlessly keep your walkways free from snow and ice.

Going Several Layers Deep

Want to go even deeper underground? What's the benefit of keeping your walkways free from snow and ice? Well, it could be you're keeping your family safe by preventing them from slipping and hurting themselves.

So, which description do you think would trigger your customers' brain to experience the benefits? A snow shovel where the snow easily slides off the blade, or a snow shovel that keeps your family safe from slipping on the ice?

By using eCommerce copywriting to highlight the benefits of the benefits, you can connect with your customers' needs and desires on an emotional level. The more you relate to what's top-of-mind for the customer, the better your copy will convert.

So how many levels deep should you go when looking for the benefits of the benefits?

Generally, this comes down to product price and customer sophistication. The higher the product price and the more sophisticated the customer, the more your eCommerce copywriting needs to connect emotionally with their deep desires and fears.

Outsmarting Your Hidden Competitor

Do you know who your biggest competitors are? Perhaps you can name a market leader or category king in your industry. But they're not the competitor you need to worry about. You can do plenty of research on your industry and still not find them.

So, who is it?

Your most significant competitor is inaction.

According to a report from Wolfgang Digital, the average eCommerce conversion rate is 1.82%. Does this mean that over 98% of people that don't purchase from you make a purchase with someone else?

Not likely. Or else your competitors would have conversion rates that are much higher than 1.82%. What ends up happening is that most people that visit your website decide not to spend any money and don't take action with any company. 

Instead of worrying about your industry competitors and what they're doing, your greatest competition is overcoming the status quo and getting your visitors to purchase from you.

Moving Away from Status Quo

One principle that you can use in your eCommerce copywriting to move people away from the status quo is loss aversion.

For example, people want to avoid losing money more than they do gaining money. That's why it's less likely people will leave a game of Blackjack when they're losing, versus when they're winning. They want the chance to earn back their money to avoid leaving the table with losses.

It doesn't matter what you sell or how famous your company is, your customers are more likely to do nothing instead of making a purchase. 

The best way to combat that inaction is to show your customers how doing nothing will make them worse off.

You could demonstrate how much time they would lose without your product. Or how much money would be wasted if they did nothing. Or perhaps they may experience declining health without investing in your solution.

The question you want them to consider is, "If you don't take action now, what will you be doing that's better for you?"

Creating the Desire to Buy and Forming a Bond

By painting a picture of the benefits of the benefits, you provide customers with information about your products. At the same time, you are showing them how their life will be after using your products. This imagery activates the reward circuits in their brain and creates the desire to make a purchase.

Leveraging loss aversion is an effective way to use eCommerce copywriting to create a desire in your customers to take action. Otherwise, they will remain in the status quo and do nothing.

Lastly, when you connect with customers on a deep emotional level, you start to form a bond. Your customers can share mutual values with your brand and begin the process of building a long-term relationship.


Implementing these eCommerce copywriting tactics will help you to boost conversions on your product pages and increase revenue for your stores.

But what if you're focused on other priorities within your company and don't have time to write high-converting copy? Or perhaps you want to implement even more tactics to boost your conversions further?

We can help with that. Simply click here to hire a copywriter, and we'll help you to boost conversions on your product pages with persuasive copy.

Arthur Kam

Arthur Kam is a revenue-generating marketer and direct-response copywriter. He's a former engineer, who bootstrapped and exited two eCommerce brands that each made multiple 7-figures in sales. Nowadays, when he's not focused on helping clients scale their companies through copy, marketing, and funnels, he loves to travel and experience the world with his wife and business partner, Dr. Grace Lee.

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