How To Create Product Demand With Your Facebook Ads

Erica Gordon
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Efficiently generating product demand with your Facebook ads can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time running ads for this product. Once you’ve got the right visuals and a copywriter has crafted a persuasive message, it’s all about the delivery. If you’re sure that your product is market-viable, and you’ve got a concrete value proposition, you’re halfway there. The final step is running your Facebook ads the proper way.

A delivery-oriented understanding of running ads is what makes the difference between a good product, and one that sells. The truth is that successfully bolstering your product’s demand has to do with its actual value, but you can't neglect its presentation.

This is to say that there is an abundance of products whose viability, less than the product, comes from its packaging. On the internet, your advertisement is your packaging. It’s what will draw the prospects eye, and if powerful enough, will land you a sale.

The following are three things you can do to create demand efficiently with your Facebook ads.

1. Have Your Facebook Ads Target the Right Audience

The single largest misstep a new business can make is promoting their Facebook ad to the wrong target audience. Although it’s easy to think that your product is so amazing that everyone should be your target, it's never that simple. Sometimes your audience will be obvious, and other times it will require some trial and error.

When you target the right prospects, you’ll generate more sales than if you advertise to a less targeted audience. Not only does Facebook have a comprehensive ad manager where you can tweak your audience in even the most minute ways, but it also provides analytics so you can actually determine if you’ve selected the right target audience. Further, with your analytics, you can narrow down wide audiences to those with whom your product performs best.

2. Have Strong Ad Copy

The only time in which the proper target market will not respond well is if your ad copy is mediocre. While there are innumerable online guides to enhance your copywriting skills, you may find it most useful to hire a copywriter.

Not only are copywriters typically both educated and experienced in writing, but they’ll also often have portfolios you can look through to find the right writer for you. What’s more, in the context of operating efficiently, at a certain point it is wasteful for an entrepreneur to not outsource writing when so many other operational tasks require their attention.

It’s frequently the case that an entrepreneur’s attachment to their product — and intimate knowledge of it — causes them to focus on the wrong things when writing ad copy. A third party can be especially useful in helping you discern the most relevant aspects of your product or service to mention in its promotion.

It’s also worth noting that Facebook ads are run through a screening process, and hiring a copywriter who is familiar with the process ensures that your ads won't be rejected. This saves you time and money.3. Be Willing to Alter Your Facebook Ads

The process of Facebook advertising isn’t straight forward. Keeping a close eye on your analytics should be about more than checking results. Your analytics should serve to guide your choices to make your Facebook ads more effective. This is much more involved than just determining if you have selected the right audience. It’s easy to think about engagement or impressions in a vacuum. What’s difficult is considering how those metrics are interrelated.

This is where the purpose of your ads come into play. If you’re looking to build brand recognition, your engagement matters less than your reach. But if your impressions are far greater than your reach, it means your target is potentially too narrow. Also, it could mean the same people are seeing your ads.

Alternatively, you might have found a specific niche in which your product sells best. If that's the case, focusing on generating referral traffic might become the best way to optimize your ads.

Altogether, provided you have the right audience and strong ad copy, your Facebook ads should do well, and your sales should grow over time.

With that in mind, understanding that audiences are dynamic means that your ad strategy must be as well. As audience values and interests change, your ad copy — and perhaps even your targeting— must follow suit. Want to optimize your Facebook ads to maximize sales? Ask us about our Facebook ad copy packages.

Erica Gordon

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