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Maybe you've heard the term "snackable content" before. What is it and why would you need it?

Imagine you are waiting for a friend and they are running late. While you are waiting, you pull out your phone and check Facebook. A post catches your attention. It’s short and you can digest the information with one glance. That’s exactly what snackable content is about.

Snackable content is short, neat, and easy to consume. It’s called snackable because it’s quick and easy to digest—just like a real snack.

Why do you need snackable content? In a 2019 survey by Demand Gen Report, 93% of users said they prefer shorter content.

73% of respondents said they have less time for reading.

Still, the survey respondents would spend 10 minutes or more on visual, audio, and interactive content.

What does this tell us? Content shouldn’t be static and boring but rather interactive and entertaining. Snackable content is exactly that. Common forms of snackable content are short videos, infographics, and bulleted lists.

It’s usually attention-grabbing and visually pleasing. Snackable content helps you to cut through the noise and grab the user’s attention.

When it comes to B2B marketing, 78% of respondents found infographics valuable, especially in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. And 44% of users share infographics and videos with their colleagues.

Are Our Attention Spans Decreasing?

Snackable content is attention-grabbing. People today apparently have shorter attention spans than only 20 years ago. Reports claim the average person has an attention span of eight seconds.

To be frank, talking about an “average” attention span doesn’t make much sense. Average attention doesn't exist because attention depends on the task at hand. For easy tasks, we use only a fraction of our attention. For harder tasks, we are more focused.

As a marketer, you want to make sure some of the attention goes towards your content.

To draw the user in, you have to present them with content bits and pieces they can easily digest and share.

Snackable Content Grabs The Reader’s Attention

Why does snackable content work so well? Just like a real snack, it offers the user instant gratification. Now, what does that mean? Instant gratification means that a person has a desire or need and instantly wants to fulfill it.

Since the rise of social media, fewer people are watching the news. What do they do instead? They turn to their social media feed to see what’s going on in the world. They want the news and they want it right away. So, if your content is snackable, you help the user satisfy their needs.

Snackable Content Increases Engagement

Most social media algorithms love it if you can hold a user on your content longer. It's even better if they engage (with likes or comments). The masterclass is to get them to share your content—and that works especially well with short, sweet, snackable content.

Now, there is one thing you also want to consider. When it comes to search engine rankings (SEO), longer content usually performs better. This is especially true in the long term.

That’s why the best case is you offer both: long-form content and snackable content. If you publish a long article, for example, you can use parts of it as snackable content later.

And even when you are creating long-form content, some snacky-rules still apply. You want to make it easily digestible and visually pleasing. In other words, you want to make it easy to scan. For a blog post that would mean writing short paragraphs, and using subheads and bullet points.

Why and When Should You Use Snackable Content?

To grab the user’s attention you want to use bite-sized content. Most people use social media on their phones. So, you definitely want it to be mobile optimized.

Now, when do people use social media on their phones? Usually when they are waiting in line, while they are cooking, or while riding on public transport. Basically, any time when they don’t use their full attention span, they are on social media.

The person who is waiting in line, for example, is observing the line while also checking their phone. The moment it’s their turn, the phone slides back into their pocket. So you only have this much time to grab their attention.

It’s not so much about the attention span of the person. It’s much more about the fact that they are only giving you a part of their attention, and only for a short time. Do you see why it’s important to grab their attention fast?

Does Snackable Content Fit Your Audience?

Now you might be thinking, snackable content doesn’t fit your audience. After all, your audience is sophisticated business people, right? Still, they are also human. And when they use social media, it’s likely they only give it a fraction of their attention and brainpower.

So even if you target doctors, lawyers, or entrepreneurs, you can still grab their attention with snackable content. The quality of your content will determine if they stay on or return to your profile. You have to nail that first contact and spark their curiosity.

How Do You Create Snackable Content?

Now how do you create attention-grabbing, easily digestible content? The good news is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Popular types of snackable content do already exist. You can fall back on them and implement some of those in your social media strategy.


Infographics are visuals that combine graphics and copy. The information on infographics is short and visual. Usually, they include images, graphics, and small chunks of text. They are snackable because the reader can consume the information in one glance.

"Infographics really do work well, possibly because 65% of people are visual learners.”—Neil Patel

Infographics have an additional benefit. You can use the design to further your corporate brand.


Short videos are another form of snackable content. Videos do extremely well on all social media channels. To create bite-sized videos you don’t need a big budget, so you can expect a big ROI on your short videos.


People love quotes. Posting quotes on social media usually has a big impact. What’s more, people love to share quotes.

Interactive Content

Interactive content is very snackable. Instagram does this especially well on Instagram stories. Users can answer questions, take quizzes, and share their opinions through emojis.

Long-Form Content

I know, usually, you wouldn’t consider long-form content to be snackable, but hear me out. Long-form content provides lots of value to your readers and you can easily make it snackable.

Write in short paragraphs and sentences. Break your paragraphs with subheads and spice up your text with images. When it’s easy to digest, people will love to read your long-form content.


When it comes to content, the most important part is that it’s valuable for your audience. Snackable content is great because it’s attention-grabbing and easy to digest. Who doesn’t love a nice snack?

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