How to Drive Traffic to Amazon Listings Without Side Effects that Hurt Your Amazon Rankings in 2020

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If you drive traffic to Amazon listings the right way, it might increase your sales and ranking on Amazon. So you’re thinking about ways to get more traffic to your Amazon product page as most eCommerce sellers think you should do, aren’t you? But right here is an error most sellers often commit. They send off-site traffic straight to Amazon listings.

Well, as we know, more traffic, more sales. What’s wrong with this? If you drive traffic to Amazon listings the wrong way, what you believed would improve your sales and rankings actually doesn’t turn out the way you want.

It’s like how prescription medications heal us when we're sick, relieve our discomfort when we hurt, and help us to avoid or regulate chronic conditions. Occasionally, however, even when they do the job they're meant to, they can have unwanted side effects.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When You Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

Back in 2019, this time last year, an Amazon seller spent thousands of dollars per month on both Amazon PPC and Google Network. They indeed generated more traffic and sales but still couldn't rank the targeted keywords on the first page. Even their sales volume was higher than some other sellers on page one for weeks.

You know what they did wrong? When they drove traffic to Amazon, they sent external cold traffic directly to their Amazon listings and didn’t filter it through a medium like a landing page.

Why You Should Stop Sending External, Cold Traffic Directly to Amazon Listings

Does more traffic mean more sales? When you drive traffic the wrong way, chances are you’ll hurt your Amazon ranking! Why does it produce side effects to your Amazon ranking when you send off-site traffic straight to your item listings?

According to Amazon’s A9 algorithm, sales velocity is one of the crucial factors. Although sales velocity frequently converts to higher rankings, many experts consider that conversion rates also play a fundamental part in Amazon ranking.

Compared to inner web traffic, external website traffic occasionally shows reduced conversion rates. When you drive traffic by sending external, cold traffic straight to your listings, it will certainly enhance visits. That being said, it will relatively bring down your conversion rates. When conversion rates go down, it influences your ranking negatively!

“When inexperienced online marketers decide to try their hand at eCommerce, they quite often make the early mistake of just getting as many visitors to their website as they possibly can, regardless of who these users may be.

Of course, those of us with a little more experience know that, who these visitors are is the most important aspect of gaining traffic.” - Tom Buckland

What is the Conversion Rate of Different Traffic Sources?

Consumers on are there for one purpose: they are going to get something. Traffic on converts better than the traffic outside of it.

According to the statistics on digitalcommerce360, Amazon Prime members have a conversion rate of 74%. Non-prime Amazon buyers have a typical conversion rate of 13%.

In contrast, the research also shows that the typical conversion rate throughout all online shopping was simply around 3.32% or less.

How Should You Drive Traffic to Amazon Listings to Increase the Conversion Rate?

1. Drive Traffic to a Landing Page

The very best technique is to drive external, cold traffic to a landing page. By utilizing a landing page, you can gather e-mail addresses as well as Facebook Pixel information (if you use Facebook ads). Much more than this, you can filter and warm up the cold traffic with a sales funnel before they get to

2. Build a Sales Funnel

Before getting your prospects primed to buy on Amazon to convert better, obtain your prospects on exterior website traffic channels like blogs, Google ads, Facebook ads, or YouTube, etc. Then send them to your landing page.

Your goal is to utilize this action as a possibility to catch your client's e-mail address (before they reach A simple means to do this is by giving away single-use discount codes on your landing page. A price cut gives motivation for your prospects to give out their e-mail while motivating an uptick in sales on Amazon.

3. Engagement with Your Consumers

Apply a sales funnel for your off-site traffic before you drive traffic to your Amazon products. Thus you have actually obtained a fantastic opportunity to enhance your Amazon rankings while establishing the structure for a worthwhile connection with your consumer in the future.

Although it might appear counterproductive to include added actions for your prospect to take, the key is engagement. A repeat consumer is more valuable than their one-time purchase.

“Prospects and customers are giving you their email addresses. Send them something in return: email. Email marketing allows you to send targeted—and well-timed messages—at various stages of the buying lifecycle.” — Neil Patel

Why You Should Drive Traffic to Your Amazon Listings?

Now, as a vendor, you might ask yourself, why should you also think about driving traffic from Google or other platforms when you can simply concentrate on the Amazon system to promote your items? Why would you also intend to drive traffic from outside of

Although your very top priority ought to be enhancing your website traffic along with conversions within Amazon, you cannot lose out on Google.

What Are the Advantages When You Drive Traffic to a Landing Page?

As we know, if you do it the right way, you’ll drive more traffic and sales.

1. Get Seen Ahead of Your Competitors

I think you must know the importance of consistently optimizing your Amazon listing for organic sales. But do you know what your competitors will do? All your rivals are doing the same thing. With a growing number of them getting on the FBA bandwagon, this competition is getting tougher and tougher.

Not only are you in a continuous fight for your Amazon search ranking, but your rivals can spend more on ads to skip your listing on the Amazon search results page. For your item to stand out and become your customer's first impression, it needs to get seen first before your competitor.

To bypass all those Amazon sponsored ads, you can leverage mediums like blogs, social media, videos, landing pages, etc. This will help you get the first impression of potential customers from the beginning.

2. It’s an Opportunity to Build Strong Brand Awareness

One more way vendors are flourishing and enduring on Amazon nowadays is with a solid, well-known brand name. It's something that separates them from all the other resellers. The issue is, Amazon provides minimal possibilities to do this. Amazon also desires to press its own brands onto customers.

Your Amazon listing has quite rigorous restrictions. If you don't want to get banned and kicked out on Amazon, you shouldn't try to defy Amazon on those restrictions.

However, you can be as innovative as you want when you promote outside of Develop a distinct voice for your brand name, and also make it something customers bear in mind.

You can distinguish your items from others on Amazon by building a brand name. It's also insurance for your business. Beginning with Amazon's review of policy change in 2016, lots of vendors are discovering their testimonials going away overnight.

What's more, sellers have limited controls on their accounts. If you do some research on the top sellers on Amazon today, they are all dedicated to building brand awareness. They are not just flourishing. They're enduring.

3. Generate Sales Leads

Email advertising is incredibly vital in any kind of service, specifically online shopping. It's shown to be one of the most successful tools to drive traffic and do digital marketing, with an ordinary return of $44 for each $1 invested (

It's a piece of cake to utilize e-mail advertising and marketing for your brand if you contrast that to the expense of Facebook advertisements or Amazon Pay Per Click.

In recent times, Amazon removed the access for you to see Amazon consumer e-mails, out of concern that vendors will certainly attempt to route them far from And also if you take a look at Amazon’s terms, they restricted vendors from sending out e-mails (other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service) to Amazon's clients.

Since Amazon does not allow you to collect your clients' e-mails, you should drive traffic to build your own leads. Instead of relying on Amazon only, collecting leads is one of the ways for you to take control.

With email marketing, you'll have effective launches, enhance your sales, and have a long-term relationship with your consumers.

4. Have a Lasting Business Model

In the long run, when the consumers buy your item on Amazon, they are not your clients. Rather, they are Amazon's clients! What do you think about putting all your eggs in one basket?

Indeed, Amazon is a terrific system to sell on. They have a broad base of consumers that are primed to purchase. And also their storage space and FBA assist you to take care of a huge part of your physical inventory.

That being said, Amazon punishes policy violations, regardless of the dimension. It results in lots of vendors being put on hold or eliminated from the system. They're likewise releasing an increasing number of private label brands, which are difficult for third-party vendors to contend against.

It could be fantastic today, yet you need to constantly recognize the possibility that you may not have the ability to rely upon Amazon in the future.

5. What Would Happen If Your Amazon Sales Vanished Today?

Without Amazon's client base, you need discover exactly how to drive traffic quickly to your very own website. That means if you're currently driving website traffic, it's going to be much easier to establish a website and drive traffic in the same way.

Drive Traffic to Amazon Listings: Summary

1. Collect Leads

If you send external, cold traffic directly to your Amazon listings, it will be a one-time purchase and you'll never ever have the access to obtain their e-mails or any one of their contact information.

2. Build Long-Term Relationships

When you are driving traffic to Amazon, building relationships is crucial for vendors that are seeking to expand and scale.

3. Spread Risk

Boost your sales to page one on Amazon immediately by building long-term relationships with your customers before you drive traffic to it, so you aren't relying on Amazon alone.

4. Drive Traffic to a Landing Page or Sales Funnel

Drive traffic to a landing page, to give away promotion codes, generate leads, and also market through e-mails so you can increase your sales and scale effectively in the long run.

5. Have an Engaging and Compelling Landing Page

It may take some work to produce an engaging and compelling web page, but the outcome is certainly worth it.

6. Team Up with a Committed Copywriter

Team up with a committed copywriter if you desire to optimize your conversion rate for your landing page.

Specialists on will certainly work with you to bring you the results you're looking for. Based on your demands, we'll match you with a top-notch copywriter experienced in your specific niche.

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