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Would you like to know what your business can gain from using Instagram advertising? CNN was talking about a significant increase of enterprising young adults using Instagram to build a multimillion-dollar business. Fox Business News reported influencers using Instagram to spur the growth of the food industry. So what can Instagram advertising do for your business?

It depends on your target market and how active you want to be on the app. Statista said Instagram users have a high engagement rate of 37% and 90% of users follow at least one business on Instagram. It's one of the top two social media networks for those below 35 years old.

It could be the perfect opportunity for you to make use of this platform if this is your target group. Instead of being on every social media platform, you could focus on Instagram, where your target audience gathers.

5 Strategies to Grow Your Business Using Instagram Advertising

1. Influencer Marketing

Forbes defines influencer marketing as "a relationship between a brand and an influencer. The influencer promotes the brand's products or services through various media outlets, such as Instagram."

Influencers are not the usual kind of spokesperson most of us are familiar with. These influencers have a group of faithful followers within a niche they operate in.

Data from influencer marketing agency Mediakix show the benefits of using influencers for Instagram advertising:

  • 80% of companies find influencer marketing useful

  • 89% said ROI (Return of investment) from Instagram is comparable or better than other marketing channels

  • 3. 71% of companies stated the leads from influencer marketing are more qualified as compared to other channels

  • 89% believe Instagram advertising remains the most popular way of advertising for these companies.

Internet entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk also promoted the use of influencer marketing. In one of his recent 2019 events, he stated, "I'm very bullish on influencer marketing. I understand it. And I run a lot of math around it."

Researchers Elmira Djafarova and Chloe Rushworth did a study on the effectiveness of using influencers on Instagram. They wrote about how influencers on Instagram influence the purchasing decisions of young female users.

Their research found that non-traditional celebrities like bloggers, YouTube personalities, and 'Instafamous' profiles have a more powerful influence. Respondents in the study found that these types of "celebrities" are more credible. They can relate to the influencers, instead of the more traditional celebrities.

Selecting the Right Influencer for Instagram Advertising

After seeing the statistics, you've decided there is a benefit to including influencers in your marketing strategy. What's next? Let us go through some of the questions to guide you in your influencer selection.

  1. Who is this influencer's target audience? Does this influencer's audience resonate with your company's products? Is this person the right fit for your business?

  2. What is the quality of this influencer's content? And how actively is he or she posting content on Instagram?

  3. Are the followers responding to the influencer's posts? Does this influencer care about his or her followers? Are the responses from the followers genuine?

  4. What about any past campaigns this influencer has done? Any conflict? Stay away from influencers who are engaged by your competitors. You don't want to confuse your audience by using the same influencers as your competitors.

  5. What budget have you set aside for influencer marketing? Does engaging this influencer make financial sense for your business?

  6. What kind of real success has this influencer had with past promotions?

Impressions and engagement are nice to have, but what counts is the sales this person can potentially bring in to your business.

So how does your chosen influencer bring in sales for your business?

Two Ways Influencers Increase Sales When You Hire Them for Instagram Advertising

  1. Influencers can provide your target market with an honest product review, and according to Statista, influencers affect 45.4% of consumers' purchases.

  2. You can get influencers to conduct a contest and give away your products or services. Activities like games and giveaways will result in more Instagrammers knowing what you have to offer.

Most importantly, you need to have a CTA (call-to-action) where the followers of the influencers can buy your products or services. With the right CTA in place, you can turn them into your customers.

2. Content Repurposing

Have you ever wondered how some businesses manage to create so much content for various media channels? For instance, they have content on their website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You name the platform and those businesses have content posted on it.

How did they manage to do all that? Could it be they have an army of marketers working for them? Could you replicate these results if you have a small team?

But what if I tell you there's no need to hire a massive number of staff to churn out content for each platform every day? Did you know you can still have all the content you want on all your platforms?

By adopting content repurposing, you can create the content once and adapt it to all your marketing platforms.

Neil Patel, an internet marketer, also uses this approach. He states, "I seldom create new content, and I repurpose it. That way, you get to become more efficient and get the most bang out of your marketing bucks."

Imagine this.

You started with a blog article, and you spent days in researching, writing, and putting in the pictures. What if you can use the blog article and do any of the following:

  1. Use that existing blog's images and post on Instagram with the right caption.

  2. Create a new picture for your Instagram post.

  3. Use quotes from your blog plus images.

  4. Divide the blog into several collections of individual Instagram posts.

  5. Use the data from your blog and create an Instagram post.

  6. Use Instagram stories (in a slideshow format) to share your article.

  7. Create long-form content in video format (under IGTV, Instagram TV) from your entire blog post.

The list is endless.

By repurposing your content, you can provide more content for your business. You don't even have to put in more time or resources to create new content ideas for each platform every single day!

3. Direct Messaging

The direct message allows Instagrammers to send private messages in two ways: through one-to-one and up to 15 users at once. Before this new feature was available on Instagram, all followers can view all the messages sent from your account. With direct messaging, it allows businesses to have more personal contact with their followers.

Now, this doesn't mean Instagram is giving you a tool to start spamming everyone. That's not how you use direct messaging to do Instagram advertising.

It's just like having a stranger come out of nowhere, dropping you an email and asking you for something. How many times did you even respond to such cold emails? As always, whether online or offline, isn't it better to approach with value first?

You see, your product doesn't interest anyone unless it can help your customers solve an existing problem. The first question everyone has on their mind is, "What's in it for me?"

How to Use Direct Messaging in Instagram Advertising

You can do any of the following:

  1. Send your loyal fans products or content you've made only for them.

  2. Give your loyal fans a discounted price for a new product or a new service launch. You might even get some feedback, and you can fine-tune it for a massive launch later.

  3. Handle questions raised by prospects, giving you a chance to convert them.

  4. Manage complaints and feedback. This give you a chance to redeem a situation. Who knows? This person may become your most loyal advocate.

4. Create a Proper Post Design

What makes you stop and click when you are scrolling your Instagram account? Isn't it the pictures? Similarly, those first few seconds will decide if your Instagram visitors are going to explore your post further.

Images play a significant role on a platform like Instagram. Since Instagrammers love to look at images, make your photographs stand out. If you don't have a proper post design to capture attention, your post will get lost in the millions of posts uploaded to Instagram.

Now here's a solution for you if you don't have quality images. HubSpot has compiled a list of websites with free quality images, and you can visit their website to check them out.

5. Leverage on Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio area (including the CTA), is only a small space. But it has a significant impact on your company's bottom line. Think about spending more time on this area, instead of attending to it as an afterthought. You need to consider crafting something meaningful and unique that represents your business.

Consider the following:

  1. Name. Is your Instagram account name recognized? Do you have a different Instagram name compared to what you use on your website?

  2. Username. Is your Instagram username searchable?

  3. Images. Are you showing a captivating view? Is it refreshing and aligned with your branding?

  4. Category. Is your business defined in the right group?

  5. Contact. Do you make it easy for Instagrammers to contact you?

  6. Bio. Does your profile describe what your business represents? There are only 150 characters available in this area. How can you make each letter count?

  7. Clickable link. The link is the place where your prospects can click and go to your landing page. Your landing page will need to get those who clicked on the link to take action and buy your products or services.


Statistics have shown that the popularity of Instagram allows businesses an opportunity to reach out to their target market using this platform.

Five ways you can use Instagram advertising to increase sales for your business:

  1. Influencer marketing.

  2. Content repurposing.

  3. Sending direct messages.

  4. Creating a proper post design.

  5. Leveraging on your Instagram bio.

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