How To Generate High Quality Leads For Your Agency Using Evergreen Blog Content

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Oftentimes, agencies and business owners struggle with the common problem of how to generate high quality leads. The inability to generate high quality leads results in your sales team feeling left in the dark. They have to chat with just about anyone to make a sale, even if that prospect isn't a good fit. The result? A plethora of time-consuming conversations with unqualified leads, that often don't convert to a sale.

If you find this to be a common problem, then you've come to the right place. But that also means you need to start taking action.Can evergreen content help you generate high quality leads? We’re going to discuss this today.

Thinking about how to generate high quality leads often segues into a discussion about crafting compelling landing pages, and interest forms, and website copy, but today, we'll discuss one asset that most businesses ignore: evergreen content.

Evergreen content, most simply, is sharing timeless information with your audience. Information that is always searched for, and information that is always relevant.Though the dynamic nature of the business world often makes generalizing advice difficult, there indeed are principles that are evergreen in nature, and stand the test of time.

Today, we'll talk about how to leverage those evergreen principles to help you think more critically about how to generate high quality leads. Additionally, we'll share some thoughts on how you can implement some strategies and potentially even see some results right away.

Why Evergreen Content?

Though new information and ideas are constantly being spread throughout the business world, what you post online doesn't have to get lost in the masses.

The main appeal of evergreen content is that it increases and encourages blog views over time. So, some common formats of evergreen content include, but are not limited to tips, how-to's, some video content, and product reviews.

Leveraging evergreen content is about playing the long game. It helps with SEO, sure, but perhaps more importantly, it promotes conversation. This way, you're showing your audience that you're happy to provide value (for free!) and the most you want from them is their email address.

How Evergreen Content Can Help You Generate High Quality Leads

Let's look at some headline examples of evergreen blog posts. They should give you a pretty good idea of how to approach putting content together to generate high quality leads.

First and foremost, these blog topics are all fairly specific. With a variety of business publications available today, it is no longer useful to write generally about finance or economics. Instead, business owners (or whoever your customers may be) are looking to read bite-sized articles on how they can benefit.

That's where being niche has its benefits. To get readership, your content first needs to stand out from the sea of internet content.

Secondly, these article topics are timeless. To hit the sweet spot, you want to ask yourself this question while planning content: "Would I read my article in 5 years?" If you would, it's a promising idea.

It Comes Down to Value-First Thinking

Specifically, in the first case, let's say your target customers are small e-commerce shops. Chances are, the owners of those shops are interested in learning how they can tweak their slogans and garner more customers.

What happens when you teach them what they need to know (and again, for free!)? Wouldn't they be more inclined to hire you in the future?

If there are two things to keep in mind when considering how to generate high quality leads, they would be communication and exposure.

Communication allows you to speak to your target audience, addressing their needs one-by-one. This communication won't go to waste if you use evergreen content because, in theory, visibility is supposed to then increase over time.

And exposure should account for your plan to draw in new prospects with each post, which will help you widen the top of your marketing funnel.

The balance between exposure and communication is the key to generating high quality leads. Though you want to draw more folks to your content, you should also be looking to retarget readers who are already engaging with your content.

After all, if the same audiences keep coming to your site and your insights are valuable, you slowly become a credible source.

Some Things You Can Include in Your Blog Posts to Help Generate High Quality Leads

Though evergreen content should contain insights that are applicable over large stretches of time, that doesn't mean you can't be specific with the kind of insights you're delivering.

1. Choose a Niche Topic (and Stick to it)

Though you don't want to go too far down the rabbit hole, being more technical than general business publications and other corporate blogs will help you attract a readership that is, for starters, more knowledgeable.

These more knowledgeable readers often come with greater budgets to solve whatever woes they have. And that opens up more opportunities for you to close.

Additionally, these prospects, having experience in the space, can often be easier for your agency to work with.

2. An Easy Call-to-Action

Too often, we see agencies write awesome evergreen content that doesn't convert. Why? Well, it's simple -- if you don't have a call to action, then your blog post isn't very useful.

If your goal is to get a prospect's email, just ask for it! You can just insert a form in the middle of your blog post, for instance. If your goal is to have the reader reach out, the least you can do is give them your email. Oh, and let them know you're happy to chat.

3. Case Studies

Case studies are always good because they show that the system you're suggesting works. Especially since you are thinking about how to generate high quality leads, you know that your customers are looking for evidence that you have successfully helped others before.

That's why case studies are great. Success stories aren't compelling when they just come from you. On the other hand, when they come from your clients, these stories sell themselves.

Fortunately, case studies are fairly timeless, just how evergreen content should be.

How To Generate High Quality Leads Today

We get it though: running an agency is a lot of work. And managing clients and selling your core services is what you probably want to focus on.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend your own valuable time writing blog posts. Instead, you can hire a copywriter to write evergreen blog content at just the click of a button. So what are you waiting for?

Erica Gordon

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