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Are you curious about how to get into Google News and drive more traffic to your website?

If you’re looking to generate more subscribers and qualified leads from your content, you may find this helpful. So, why would businesses want to get into Google News?

Firstly, being on Google News is an excellent way for you to increase your website ranking and visibility. It’s an effective way of marketing your brand. And it makes it easier for your audience to find you through the relevant keyword searches.

Having your content handpicked by Google News is big business. It immediately speaks to people that your site has valuable and high-quality content compared to your competitors. Consequently, you’re opening more potential opportunities to gain more traction to your website.

And what’s fantastic about this is you don’t have to be the top-ranked on Google News. You can make use of these benefits by simply getting Google to feature some of your website properties.

On the “For you” tab, people can find highly-customized and personalized feeds that suit their preferences. Here, Google shows the most relevant content depending on the users’ behaviours. It means that it’s easier to get your target audience – the ideal customers – to see your content.

Besides, securing a place on Google News can be a tremendous help in building a strong brand reputation. It gives you more power to influence your audience and, at the same time, brings you higher brand awareness.

Benefits of Getting Into Google News

Specifically, your audience perceives your brand as being more trustworthy and authoritative.

Passing Google News’s standards is not easy — it requires diligence and consistency. But of course, it’s certainly worth the effort.

One of the benefits is that it’s faster for your content to appear in search results – within hours! It’s a game changer for businesses who want to announce important, urgent information.

Plus, when you submit quality content consistently, it helps you to increase the chances of getting higher engagement. When users give a thumbs-up by clicking “more stories like this”, they can see more content from your website.

So, how do you get into Google News?

The First Step to Get into Google News

There are two primary ways to publish your content on Google News. They are Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center. What’s the difference?

In Google News Producer, you can license your content to Google. It allows you to create branded Google News editions where you can link your RSS feed and YouTube channel.

Most importantly, it lets you optimize your content for different devices like smartphones and tablets. And it gives you useful tools to control your content and how you want to monetize them.

But since it’s not a content management tool, it isn’t necessary for anyone to use Google News Producer. Why?

Because what it does is that it gives you higher control over your content. It’s not a tool for you to submit your content directly to Google News.

What you need is the Google News Publisher Center. It’s a tool that allows you to manage your news sites within Google News directly. But you need to verify your website through Google Search Console first.

Then, through your Google News Publisher Center, you can update your URLs and classify your content. The publisher center provides you with a smooth and user-friendly way of arranging and managing your content.

Note: It may take you 7 to 21 days to get Google News’s approval notice. Plus, a 60-day waiting time for anyone who needs to re-submit their website for inclusion.

The Key Content Guidelines to Obey

For your site to appear in Google News, you have to follow the content guidelines provided by Google. It’s a standard guideline that you’ve probably been following to create your quality content.

In particular, make sure that your content contains:

  • No false or misleading information.

  • Originality and authenticity.

  • Clear biographies, addresses, and contact information.

  • No spelling or grammatical errors.

  • Clear authority and expertise.

  • No aggregated content. (You must block the content you don’t want to appear on Google News with the robots.txt file. It’s a file you can find on your website that tells Google whether they can crawl certain content.)

As long as you’re publishing original and timely news content professionally, getting approval is not difficult.

The Easy-to-Follow Technical Guidelines

There are basic technical requirements that businesses have to follow to get into Google News.

1. Unique static URLs for your news articles.

Having static URLs that are unique allows Google to crawl your content easily. And it’s important especially when you’re aiming to rank your content and get higher click-through rates.

Another reason to use static URLs is that dynamic URLs may not work very well on Google News. The problem with dynamic URLs is that it has lower keyword relevance and is difficult to share. Also, you may risk getting errors like “404 Not Found” or “Page not found”.

That’s why it’s highly advisable that you use static URLs. It gives higher keyword prominence and relevancy, which helps you get the right audience to visit your site.

Besides, for click-through rates and crawling in general, don’t you think it’s better to use fixed and long-lasting URLs? For that reason, it’s always better to stick with using unique static URLs.

2. Content in plain HTML, not PDF, JavaScript or any other source code.

Why prefer content in plain HTML? Because Google News loves speed. It wants to index your news articles as quickly as possible.

You see, Google follows a two-stage indexing process. It taps into the HTML code first before completely rendering the page.

But when it comes to Google News in particular, they only use the first stage of indexing. This means that they're indexing based on HTML source code only. That's why you don’t see PDF or JavaScript-driven content on Google News.

3. Use clean code.

You want to have clean code. It means that the HTML source code of your news article has to be neat and easy to read. And it also means that it has to be easy to maintain and contains no unnecessary repetition.

When you’re using clean code, you’re helping Google News to index your content more efficiently. So make sure that you write them in one neat continuous block and provide white space.

If you’d like to see how the pros craft their source code, consider learning from sites like alistapart or Github.

Pro Tip: To get into Google News, all articles have to be in the same “news” domain. You have to be crystal clear about the date and time of the content publication.

Also, if your site is in different languages, you need different URLs for each language page. You want to have one account per language because you need to submit each of them separately. But of course, be sure to keep all content in the same domain.

Never Ever Write Evergreen Content

You want to write timely news-related articles, not evergreen content.

To get into Google News, don’t you agree that timing is crucial in delivering your content? After all, timing is everything when it comes to news-related articles. And with timely content, you have a much better chance of getting to the top of the list.

By looking at your Google News homepage, you’ll notice that you only see top stories that are very recent. Just like the breaking news on TV, you see the newest information.

And for your site to get into Google News, you have to produce newsworthy content consistently. That’s why you would not want evergreen content on Google News.

According to Google News, they’re looking for “timely reporting or analysis on recent events”. They don’t want how-to articles and advice columns. And as you’ve probably known, you can’t write job postings, real estate listings, weather forecasts, or stock data.

Evergreen content is excellent for you to secure a sustainable increase in content views over time. It’s an efficient way of building authority in your niche. Every business should include them in their blog - but not Google News!

Note: Be sure to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines for your site to get into Google News.

Quick SEO Boost for Your News Article

As mentioned earlier, Google News loves speed. So they’ll index your articles as fast as they can to put you on the top stories carousel.

But the thing is, they don’t perform an in-depth analysis of your content for SEO. What Google News does is look into your titles and headlines.

So you want to include the keywords that you want to rank for in your title and H1 tags.

According to an SEO expert, Barry Adams, Google News looks into the first six words of the headline. So when you’re aiming to rank for a topic, consider placing the relevant keyword early on.

Also, keep your headlines between 2 to 22 words - limited to 110 characters at maximum. And make sure you’re not including dates or times in your headlines.

Note: Stay away from humorous or comical titles - they don't work on Google News. Keep your headlines relevant, focused, and factual.

The Only Way to Include Video Content in Google News

Another great way to boost your SEO is by using video content.

As you’ve noticed, many people prefer watching news videos rather than reading written articles. And as always, videos are helpful, engaging, and entertaining to your audience. Yet on Google News, you can’t include audio and multimedia content.

But there’s an exception. And that is your YouTube videos. As mentioned previously, you can submit your YouTube channel to Google News for approval. And to do this, your video content has to follow these essential guidelines:

  • Your video content should use relevant descriptions and useful titles - no click-bait and misinformation.

  • Contain accurate, basic information about your brand or organization.

  • It has to have originality, and all video content elements should be yours - or used with the owner's permission.

  • Videos have to be high-quality, meaning it has to be easy to understand and contains clear images and audio.


To get into Google News, businesses should have a news dedicated website - not a commercial one. A good news website focuses on delivering news content to a specific niche or target market. Despite the strict Google News guidelines, having a news website can be highly profitable.

If you want to avoid the hassle of creating Google compliant news content, work with our copywriters. At, you can find the best SEO and creative copywriters to craft your news articles and videos.

Also, having copywriters to work with your news dedicated website can help you create compelling and engaging content. It gets more people to read and interact with your content.

So are you ready to get into Google News? If perhaps you want to find out more about how it can benefit your business, get acquainted with us today.

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