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In 2019, there were 3.7 billion social media users worldwide. That's 500 million more than in 2018. Of those social media users, 2.4 billion are active on Facebook. And an average user spends 136 minutes per day on social media. With those numbers, the question to ask is: How to get more leads for your business the social media way?

It's tempting to have a slice of the social media market pie. It's become one of the new ways to drive leads the inbound way. Despite the wide range of what social media includes, you still need to master the basics for using it. Without a clear plan on how to get more leads for your business the inbound way, it may be a one-way road to failure.

In this article, I'll share nine secrets to establish your long term, trust-building strategy for social media.

Create a Habit of Posting Each Day

Consistency is the key to getting more leads for your business. To keep your audience interested, you need to keep a constant flow of content. It's easier to trust someone who you see active every day.

Your customers need to feel that you're present. It may be a difficult task to create new content daily, and it's not necessary to do that anyway. You can leverage other people's content, add your own words and link to your source. It's a great way to show your reader that you care about them.

Not only do you need to have a post per day, but the timing of when to post is also essential. It should be consistent every day at around the same time. Either it is during the morning commute, lunchtime, or evening commute. Those are the times when most of your audience is active on social media. Freshly posted content appears first. Thus, your target time is before your audience is engaging with social media or during that time slot.

Spice Up Your Content by Using Visuals

An image tells a thousand words, and video shows a thousand pictures. Visual content is a great way to attract the attention of your reader and entertain them. It can be an artistic image, detailed infographic or entertaining video.

It's hard to imagine social media, such as YouTube and Instagram, without having visual content. Visuals on LinkedIn and Twitter are appearing more often. And it's more affordable and faster to create visuals than ever.

You can borrow video footage and images from one of these 24 sites. As well, you can create infographics easily with tools such as or

Have a Conversation and Be Personal

Social media is a place for person-to-person conversations. Behind every company, there are people involved too. Make your posts entertaining, fun, and conversational. Ask a question to your audience and keep them engaged.

Make sure you're writing in a way that's appropriate for your audience. People like to have a conversation with someone who reminds them of themselves. Write a post the same way you would say it out loud to someone.

And keep it personal - don't be cold-blooded. It's normal to have flaws and emotions in your writing. Being personal will give you an easier time to connect with your audience and have them open up.

Listen and Prove With Action

Follow your customers' comments and listen to what they're saying. Don't underestimate the value of your audience. You can measure your own performance and decide how to improve your communication.

If you don't receive any feedback, either you need to improve your content or you haven't opened up your audience yet.

If comments are general with vague descriptions, such as "Good post!" your content delivery wasn't engaging enough. It touched on a surface level but didn't do that much.

If you do get detailed comments, make sure to reply to them. Keep your most engaged audience satisfied. Say "Thank you!" and point out what's helpful from their comment. Such action creates a conversation feel, which your customers will appreciate.

As well, take notes about your audience commentary. Discussions about features and benefits can point out information gaps and your audience's desire. Consider their suggestions and notes as priorities to address.

Engaging with your customers gives you insight on how to tweak your marketing message. The more your marketing message can describe your customers' situation, the better your credibility as an expert. It will trigger a reaction such as, "Wow, how do they know that? They must have a solution to my problem!"

And when that happens, it means you've found out how to get more leads for your business. Continue to improve on these social media techniques.

Track Performance and Learn What Works

It's crucial to understand which social media activities work and which don't. You can track such statistics as engagement, comments, and re-shares. These are good indicators of what kind of content your customers want to receive.

Include hyperlinks in your posts and comments. Ensure you set your URL links so they are trackable and easy to read. Use URL tracking tools, such as Bitly, and see how often your audience engage with your links.

If you don't see any activity with your links, it may be due to the following:

  1. Your content isn't engaging enough.

  2. Your links aren't clear on what benefit they provide.

  3. Your links don't relate to your audience's needs.

When you do post hyperlinks, make sure they don't appear spammy. It may be tempting to put URLs to your provided solution everywhere.

Keep your hyperlinks related to the topic. If you know a service, which is not yours but can benefit the reader, don't hesitate to share a link. Your reader will appreciate it and trust your intentions as beneficial to them.

Having a clear understanding of what gets more leads for your business is an excellent advantage to your marketing plans.

Keep It Fun and Challenge Your Audience

Social engagement contests with awards are an effective way to keep a presence on social media. It gives your customers the chance to express themselves, create exciting content and promote your brand.

Ensure you engage throughout the contest. Keep your audience accountable to engage with the content of your challenge. Let your customers know you're reading and following their actions.

You can promote your most engaging followers and tag them in your posts. Their moment of fame is highly valued. It doesn't cost you anything, and it gives the contest a higher value.

As a prize for your challenge, offer a product which supports your brand. If the award is delivering high value for your customer, you may include gated content to be able to participate. In such a way, you get access to essential contact details (full name, email), and permission to send content via email. It opens the door to get more leads for your business.

Social media competitions are a great way to establish a genuine flow of referrals.

Create Unique Offers With Partners

When strategizing how to get more leads for your business, you don't have to work alone. To extend your reach and have better offers for your customers, you can provide a solution together with a partner company.

For example, you are a gym owner, and you want your customers to attain results fast. And you know there are supplements which can speed up the process, but they're not cheap.

To ensure an edge over other gym owners, you decide to strike a deal with a supplement producer. You come up with a discounted price for supplements in exchange for promoting them within your gym community.

Now you can share an irresistible offer for your gym community - an exclusive price for a gym membership that includes supplements.

Your solution can have synergy with product/service providers in your field. If such a partnership can help to solve a problem that your customer has, it can strengthen your credibility as a package solution provider.

A special bundle offer for your and your partners' customers gives you new opportunities to get more leads for your business.

Keep your community informed about such partnerships. When you show you have trustworthy business partners, it's a credibility boost for your brand.

Offer Free Content Beyond Your Customers' Expectations

An excellent way to show your genuine interest in helping your customer is by providing a brochure, eBook, or set of video lessons for free. It will be easier for your customers to evaluate if your provided solution is "The One" for their needs.

In exchange for this kind gesture, you can ask for contact details (full name, email) and subscription to your content newsletter. This way, you give more opportunities for your customers to consume your content and get more leads for your business.

Be transparent with your provided material. It's better to have some parts of it available to consume without any need to share contact details. You want your audience to trust you and not feel deceived.

People don't like the feeling that they are missing pieces to a puzzle. If your audience engages with your content, they'll likely share their contact details to get that extra bit of information that they are missing.

Hang Out on More Social Media Platforms

Know where your audience is present. This is important if you're figuring out how to get more leads for your business. For some products and services, Facebook works the best. For some, it's YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. If you focus only on one platform, you're losing a lot of opportunities. It's good to be present on at least on two, preferably three social media platforms.

It's essential to tailor your content to a specific platform, as well as avoid copying your content between platforms. Duplicating content doesn't look good from the search engine perspective. It's good to keep unique content on each platform.

Why is it important to keep content on each platform unique? The same customer may be present on multiple platforms.

Would you watch the same video three times and share it every time? Most likely not. When you have unique content on each platform, your customer will have the motivation to engage and share your content.


How much you want to get involved in social media marketing is a choice you must consider. There are benefits you can get out of it when executing a well established, long-term plan. It's a great option if you want a strategy for how to get more leads for your business and develop brand awareness.

Consistency and speed are essential to do social media marketing efficiently. Trust-building is the heart of social media marketing. Without it, there's a limited benefit out of it.

Fortunately, this is a service you can hire for your company. A dedicated copywriting team can create engaging posts consistently, target your ideal consumers, and much more.

To learn more, book a consultation with one of our copywriters now.

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