How To Get Sales on Your eCommerce Site: Basic Principles To Remember

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While running an online store, your primary concern is likely how to get sales on your eCommerce site. All over the web, there are a plethora of tips on how to get sales on your eCommerce site, but the most important thing to remember is the basic guiding principles. 

When it comes to sales, you can’t get distracted by all of the random tips online for how to boost your sales, and lose sight of those basic selling principles. 

When you put your business online, you become one of the hundreds of thousands of fish in the sea. Every day, new eCommerce sites emerge, trying to make a living off of their products. Take Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and any online retailer, for example. Those are the big fish your online store is competing with. Luckily, many customers prefer not to buy from those big online retailers.

Each ‘big fish’ online platform like eBay and Amazon has hundreds of individual stores that sell or produce goods for willing customers. What sets each eCommerce site apart from each other? Well, it generally is their ability to entice an audience.

Online copywriting brings in an audience and sparks a conversation. These are critical actions to maintain a strong array of future consumers. That’s why copywriters are how to get sales on your eCommerce site. They bring skills to the table that can help you show consumers how you can help.

Utilize Essential Copywriting Skills

The skillsets of copywriters come in all shapes and forms. One important factor to consider is that your budget will dictate the skill level of your copywriter. So, if you are a new business with a smaller budget for hiring copywriters, they will need to learn and grow with your company.

Let’s assume, however, that you have a reasonable budget to spend on your copywriting staff. Then, what are some essential traits that you should be looking for in a prospective copywriter?

Look for Copywriters with Strong Research Skills

Of your candidates, the best for the job will often have already done their research on you. A copywriter ready to hold a place in your company should at least know your goals, brand message, and main selling points.

That’s because answering how to get sales on your eCommerce site depends on your copywriter’s ability to close in print. Without an informed voice, a customer is less likely to believe in the validity of your product and commit to a purchase. And candidates with that informed voice even before they start often turn out to be the best.

Look for an Engaging Voice

Aside from persuasion and general product knowledge, a skilled copywriter should be able to engage your site’s audience. An imperative skill of great copywriters is word choice — and their ability to persuade personably rather than forcefully.

Generally speaking, the challenge of how to get sales on your eCommerce site involves a copywriter’s smooth conversation with your audience.

Adaptability to Your Business

A great copywriter should be able to adapt to your company’s workflow and operating systems. Regardless if they are in or out of office writers, it is your copywriters should not inhibit your job or any of the tasks of their peers. 

Granted there is a learning period, when copywriters are willing to learn, you can get sales on your eCommerce site without major interruptions to your team’s workflow.

How To Get Sales on Your eCommerce Site With Different Types of Copywriters

Now that you understand the basic skills of a copywriter, you might be asking: what kind of copywriter do I need for my business?

When you are looking for a copywriter, you need to consider where your online presence is lacking. The answer to how to get sales on your eCommerce site depends on your ability to hire the appropriate copywriter.

One of the standard copywriting specializations is a direct-response copywriter. Their abilities lie in the idea that through their masterful language, they are able to catch their readers’ attention and present an offer in a concise way. They use relatability and friendliness as a sales asset, making a customer reach into their pockets by showing how you can help them.

Another useful type of copywriter for an eCommerce site would be an SEO copywriter, who can help your store gain greater reach or greater visibility on search engines.

Why Hiring a Copywriter Will Help You Get More Sales

By gauging your sales needs and setting aside enough budget to hire a copywriter, you can increase your eCommerce profits. Ultimately, the answer to how to get sales on your eCommerce site relies on your content.

By hiring copywriters, you can optimize your product descriptions and any verbiage present on your site for closing clients. And if your copywriters have an SEO background too, that is all the better. That SEO background can help you gain more visibility on platforms like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.


Adding a copywriter to your team is one essential way to tackling the critical question of how to get sales on your eCommerce site. They will be able to engage your audience with your product and pull them in from a quick online search. Not to mention, they will also save your team valuable time.

Fortunately, looking for a copywriter that meets your needs isn’t hard. There are plenty of resources to find your fit. All you have to do is book a consultation with a dedicated copywriter today.

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