How to Grow Your Email List With Highly Converting Squeeze Pages

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Maybe you are wondering how to grow your email list? No matter how big your company is, email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing tools.

For every dollar you invest in email marketing, you get on average of $42 back. So wouldn’t it make sense to grow and expand your email list?

“Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI.” — Karl Murray

Squeeze pages help you to do exactly that. Squeeze pages are a type of landing page but not quite the same. The sole reason for a squeeze page is to get the prospect’s email address.

Now, it might sound simple but there are a few vital points to keep in mind when you craft your squeeze page. There are some common pitfalls you want to avoid. Let’s have a look at how such a page has to look like to really help grow your email list.

How Squeeze Pages Grow Your Email List

To get more emails with a squeeze page you first and foremost need one thing: a valuable lead magnet. A lead magnet could be a free eBook, a whitepaper or free templates. It has to be actually valuable for your audience—after all, they are giving you their email in exchange.

A common mistake with lead magnets on squeeze pages is this: Companies would offer lead magnets where it doesn’t make sense to opt-in your email. What am I talking about? Let me give you a perfect example.

Let’s say your lead magnet is a free video. To watch the video, the prospect has to opt-in their email. That doesn’t make any sense. What has the email to do with the video? They might as well close your squeeze page and find a similar video on YouTube.

So, you want to make sure that your lead magnet is valuable and exciting for your audience. And they have to understand why they have to give you their email in exchange. The lead magnet is the most important factor of the squeeze page. But there is more you have to pay attention to if you want to grow your email list.

Hit Or Miss: The Format of Your Squeeze Page

Squeeze pages can have different formatting. For example, there are pop-up pages, slide-in pages, or splash pages. Let’s have a look at the advantages of each of these.

Pop-Up Squeeze Pages

Pop-up squeeze pages can generate great results when you want to grow your email list. In fact, they might convert up to 40% of your visitors into subscribers. But, pop-up pages also can annoy the heck out of the user.

In a 2016 study, 50% of the participants said pop-ups are "extremely annoying". Why is that? Many common pop-ups are too big and there is no clear way for the user to exit the page.

I think we all have been there. You access a page, a new window pops-up and you simply can’t find the “X” to close the page. That’s a squeeze page done wrong. If you create a negative user experience, it won’t help to expand your email list.

What if you still want to use a pop-up? Give the user a fair chance to leave the pop-up if they are not interested. Have a clear “X” sign or a button that says “No, thank you.” You also want your pop-up to be smaller than screen size so it doesn’t cover the user’s whole view.

Slide-In Squeeze Pages

Slide-in squeeze pages are great and here’s why: they are usually in the form of small banners that slide into view. That means they are smaller and don’t block the view of the whole page. They are more like a friendly reminder saying “Hey, this could be interesting for you.”

What’s more, slide-in squeeze pages normally only slide in after the user has spent some time on your page already. They probably scrolled down and read some of your content. That means they are already warmed up towards you. What does that mean for your email list? You build an audience that truly enjoys your emails.

Splash Pages

Splash pages also hold some potential. Here’s how they work: when a person wants to enter your website, they get redirected to your splash page. It’s like a small landing page that clearly states your offer (your lead magnet) and what the visitor should do.

When you install a splash page, it’s a good idea to have a button that says “Go back to the full website”. That way your visitors know they aren’t on the website right now and you prevent confusion.

Now you know some basic forms of squeeze pages and their potential to grow your email list. Next, let’s have a look at some general aspects you should think about.

The Anatomy of a Great Squeeze Page

Remember, the goal of the squeeze page is to grow your email list. All elements on the page should help you to achieve that goal. What do you have to keep in mind?

Your Lead Magnet

I mentioned this before but I will say it again. Your lead magnet has to be valuable and useful to your audience. They are giving you valuable personal data (their email) in exchange for this, so make it worth their while.

It is also a good idea to have an autoresponder in place that immediately sends out your offer after they opted in their email. Don’t let them wait too long or they might forget about your offer.

The Design of the Squeeze Page

To successfully grow your email list, you have to pay attention to the design of your squeeze page. If it’s tacky, the visitors might think it’s spam. The best way to go about this is to have the design of the squeeze page very similar to your website.

If your website is in white and beige and the squeeze page is screaming red and black it might turn off the visitor.

Captivating Copy

Another factor of a converting squeeze page is the copy you use. It’s best to keep it clear and easy to understand, but also arouse curiosity. How would they enjoy your lead magnet? Why should they want it?

One Clear CTA

This ties in closely with the squeeze page copy. To grow your email list, you want the page to have one—and I mean only one—clear call-to-action. And that would be, of course, for them to opt-in their email in exchange for something.

Don’t ask them to opt-in their email, visit your website, and follow you on Facebook all at the same time. Confused minds don’t buy.

Add Social Proof

To create a highly converting squeeze page, it’s a great idea to have testimonials on there. What others say about you and your product is much more persuasive than what you can say yourself.

So, if a visitor sees that others enjoyed your lead magnet, then they are more likely to join too.


Squeeze pages are a powerful tool to grow your email list. When you create a squeeze page, make conscious choices about the type of page you want to use. Keep in mind other factors like the design, a clear CTA, and captivating copy. The most important factor to get people’s email is to have a lead magnet that is valuable for your visitors.

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