How to Hire Copywriters Quickly When You're on a Deadline

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Have your content needs expanded, your business has grown, you’re on a deadline, and now you need to hire copywriters quickly? This predicament is all too common. When you set out to hire copywriters, you’ll want to find someone who is both a great writer and an awesome culture fit for your team. In certain scenarios, however, time is of the essence. Whether you or your client is on a tight schedule to make that critical hire, you need to be prepared to hire copywriters quickly. The question is, when you need to hire copywriters quickly, but you also want to hire a good copywriter, how do you go about this effectively? 

Questions to Ask Yourself While Hiring Copywriters

Before you go out and start hiring copywriters, you'll need to come up with a plan. To begin, it may help to ask yourself a few questions based on your business' specific goals.

  1. What is your budget for hiring copywriters?

  2. How many copywriters are you looking to hire?

  3. What part of your company's marketing plan needs improvement?

  4. How much time do you have to hire copywriters without risking getting behind in your schedule?

By having your needs in mind while picturing your ideal candidate, you can quickly determine what you’re looking for in a copywriter. Once you've identified what you're looking for, being able to hire copywriters quickly without compromising quality, comes down to which medium you use to search for candidates.

Where Should You Source Copywriting Candidates?

You might ask yourself, What are the best platforms to find good copywriters for hire? You might also be wondering, Which online platforms have copywriters available to start immediately? These are key questions.

You Can Hire Copywriters on Freelancer Platforms

One way to hire copywriters is through online freelancer platforms. No doubt, there are a lot of talented freelance writers who possess the right copywriting skills to bring to your team. The challenge, however, is that with all the noise online, finding a great copywriter is like picking a needle out of a haystack. That's why the vetting process is important here; asking for relevant portfolios and testimonials will be key in allowing you to find the right fit.

It’s Best to Use Online Platforms Dedicated to Copywriters

Did you know, there are platforms like that specialize in the copywriting industry? This is similar to using a freelancer platform, but it’s dedicated to copywriters and the business’ seeking them. Business owners don't always want to sift through freelance platforms that also have resumes of graphic designers and other people they don’t need. If you are looking for a copywriter, you don’t want to sift through all the non-related profiles. These dedicated platforms for one niche industry such as more or less guarantee that you'll be receiving high-quality candidates. This saves your business time and money.

Referrals from Colleagues

Similar to client testimonials, referrals for good copywriters can often be your saving grace when it comes to hiring copywriters on a tight timeline. Chances are, if you're an entrepreneur, you have colleagues who have also hired copywriters. They likely have recommendations, and could provide you with a list of referrals. Although referrals from credible people tend to hold a lot of weight, it is still essential to request writing samples. Keep in mind that anyone a colleague refers could likely be a copywriter who isn’t available to take on new clients. If they aren’t available, look online for a remote copywriter.

How to Vet Your Copywriting Candidates

By sourcing writers online and seeking out referrals, you'll be able to obtain a solid candidate pool. But from there, you'll have to narrow down your options -- and do it quickly, too. Here are two efficient ways you can approach filtering out candidates”

  1. Have them walk through your process

Compelling sales copy is often as much about the process as it is about the quality of the writing. That is, great copywriters think extensively about resonating with your prospects and put together copy that both relates to readers and gives them a call-to-action. That's why, beyond reading over your candidate’s writing samples, it's important to get to know how they think and what their process is in putting together content projects and moving towards the close.

  1. Assign trial projects

Conversation via email or phone can provide you with a basic understanding of how good of a fit a candidate might be. All a phone interview really tells you, is that they can talk the talk. But can they walk the walk? A great phone interview isn’t always a great indicator of future performance.

When you go beyond the traditional screening process and take a risk by assigning a trial project, you'll be able to learn a lot more about your top candidates. For instance, what are their research habits? How quick are they to pick up new business processes? How effective are they at leveraging storytelling to drive prospects towards a close?

Now that you know how to hire copywriters quickly without compromising the quality of work delivered, hire one of our top copywriters today.

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