How To Qualify Leads and Cut Down Unnecessary Acquisition Costs

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Wondering how to qualify leads? Start by being preemptive. More important than narrowing down your prospects is generating leads that actually convert to sales. To do this, you must first create a viable lead magnet. Then, you must ensure that the magnet's format and content are consistent with the product you're selling.

After you’ve made sure that the preliminary leads you acquire are high-converting, you should further engage them. Make sure you do this in a way that promotes the sale of your product or service.

Ideally, the way you leverage your lead generation process to create a smaller, higher-converting list of leads should allow you to adjust that process for greater efficiency.

Over the years, we’ve tested and observed the best ways to qualify leads. We’re hoping what we’ve learned can help you too.

Design Your Lead Magnet to Qualify Leads

Think about how your lead magnet appeals to prospects who convert. If you’re selling video content and your lead magnet is an eBook, your choice in lead generation doesn’t align with your product.

This will inevitably reduce the number of viable leads you have from the beginning. When prospects accept the form of your lead magnet, they’re confirming that they find consuming that style of content acceptable. 

If your paid content is reasonably similar, then conversions become more likely.

Extreme examples are easy to point out. Mistakes you might be making with your own lead magnet can be more difficult to spot. Especially in eCommerce, there is an assumption that discounts, for instance, are particularly effective in leveraging a person’s visit to your store.

The mistake is in the magnet incentivizing the sale, rather than necessitating it. If you’re selling a service, creating a checklist lead magnet can be a good idea. If the checklist doesn’t indicate that your service is a necessity however, then it didn't do its job.

This is to say that when thinking about how to qualify leads, you must first consider if your generating process yields prospects who are likely to convert in the first place.  

If the specificity of the content, its ability to create demand, and the style of the content cater specifically to people who are interested in your product, conversions are bound to follow.

The discipline in casting a thinner net for higher quality leads is always better than a wide one with low conversion.

Qualify Leads By Engaging With Prospects

Whether it’s you or an employee, actually reaching out to leads is always your best move. Remember that mass emails don’t count. The most effective emails are personal.

This makes them warrant responses. Especially if you’re operating B2B, determining a contact's interest and ability to make a purchase should be your primary concern.

After striking unresponsive or uninterested leads, it's up to your closing script to secure sales. More than anything else, you should have a small number of high-quality leads rather than many people generally interested in your operations.

This should make narrowing them down a bit more streamlined.

What’s more, in thinking about how to qualify leads, it’s important that after your lead demonstrates they’re in a position to make a purchase, that you also confirmed that they actually want what you’re selling, and intend to make a purchase (from you or not) in some specific time frame.

If it seems like a lead is uninterested, even if they’ve been responsive, your time might be better spent elsewhere.

Clarify Intent On Both Sides of The Table

The most frustrating thing you can encounter is a person who’s unsure. People with no timeframe, or generally don’t know what they’re looking for are likely just going to waste your time. 

For many entrepreneurs, when determining how to qualify leads, they’re reluctant to disqualify any.

If you see inconsistencies while corresponding with a prospect, making a point to clarify their intent and needs while demonstrating your receptiveness to answering questions and explaining where you can help them is a necessity.

While it’s always possible that unsure leads are truly in the preliminary phase of their search, making as simple of a choice as confirming this can go a long way in determining whether a sale will follow, even if not right away.

How To Qualify Leads Today

Answering the question of how to qualify leads shouldn't be a coin toss. And it doesn't have to be.

Make sure to clarify intent on both sides of the table. And don't forget to send personalized newsletters to your email list.


But, of course, both things take time and aren't trivial if you're not a wordsmith. Fortunately, you can hire a copywriter to do both for you. Doing so can help you both save time and convert more qualified leads.

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