3 Strategies To Stand Out As A Social Media Marketing Agency

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With social media being as popular as it is today, it’s no wonder that your social media marketing agency needs some help standing out. Since the social media marketing industry is booming, agencies have to figure out a way to gain a competitive advantage over their competition.

According to an Emarsys article, there were 3.2 billion social media users in 2019 (and that number is growing).

These days, there seems to be a new social media marketing agency popping up every day. In fact, Wix held a forum in 2018 for social media marketers, and the statistics were quite surprising. 50% of the surveyed social media marketing agencies said their biggest challenge was the increasing competition in the marketplace. If you're part of a social media marketing agency, can you relate?

Maybe you're doing just fine, and everyone seems to be flocking to work with your agency. But if you're finding it harder and harder to find good clients because of the increasingly oversaturated marketplace, keep reading.

If you're an executive at a social media marketing agency, you want to find high-ticket clients. That is, big companies that pay well for social media marketing services.

But how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors in a vast sea of social media marketers? How do you stack the odds in your favor and showcase that you’re the best option for their online marketing needs?

In this article, I’ll reveal 4 key strategies to help you stand out from your competitors as a social media marketing agency. Read on:

1. Offer Value Upfront, For Free

You need to offer free, educational value to your potential social media marketing clients. If every social media marketing agency is offering the same service to the marketplace, this is how you'll stand out. You have to differentiate yourself in other ways than just the quality of your work. One way is to offer the marketplace value upfront through free education. This is also known as ‘education-based marketing’ or ‘content marketing’.

It’s a good idea to promote your agency using more than just paid ads. According to Statista, an average of 25.8% of the global population in 2019 used an ad-blocker. Content marketing slips right through the ad-blocker cracks. Your prospective clients can’t block your free content, and it’ll help you build a relationship with them. Eventually, it'll guide them right to your doorstep, ready to buy.

Think of it this way: Imagine someone is deciding between two social media marketing agencies. They both offer the exact same service, and they’re identical in quality. However, one of them is offering free blog posts to help equip a website with more value, case studies, eBooks, and email newsletters. Anything that helps educate prospective clients about various aspects of social media marketing. This content must be valuable, not fluff pretending to be helpful.

The other agency only has self-promoting online content and is just trying to pitch people to work with them.

Which agency would people most likely to want to do business with? Exactly.

But most agencies don’t apply this strategy, because either they haven’t thought about it or they don’t have the time. And who can blame them? It can be a lot of work to create good quality content that people want to consume, right? Especially when you have to keep pumping out quality content regularly. It's exhausting. The good news is, you can hire a professional copywriter to do it for you!

2. Leverage the Power of Video Content (Especially YouTube)

What’s so special about making videos? Neil Patel, digital marketing entrepreneur, once stated: “People want videos, it’s how they connect with one another.”

In general, people do business with those they know, like and trust. Videos are personal, so they help you build that trust.

Putting out videos that feature you or other members of your team is a great way to connect with your future clients.

Videos humanize your company, and buyers like that. Plus, most people aren't comfortable on camera, so if you can muster up the courage to do it, you'll stand out from all the brands who don't put out video content.

You should focus on creating relationships with your potential clients, and videos are great for that. Eventually, they’ll want to work with you instead of other social media marketing agencies with whom don’t have a personal connection.

Sometimes your video will result in landing a new client the same day you put it out. Or, it could take months of consistent video content to start increasing sales. Either way, you’ll more easily fill your pipeline with new clients who want to work with your agency, because of your engaging videos.

Your videos can be funny, witty, promotional, and educational. Have a mix of videos that help sell your social media marketing agency. For example: ‘how-to’ videos, ‘about us’ videos, 'testimonials' and ‘promo’ videos.

Copywriters can help your write the script for your videos, or the text slides in your videos.

Videos convey personality, build trust, and are enjoyable to consume compared to text. It's easier to learn, understand, and remember information through video consumption. According to a Cisco study, 82% of all online content will be video by 2022. All the more reason to start now and get a head start on the competition, right?

And do you know why you should consider creating videos specifically on YouTube for your social media marketing agency? Neil Patel explains of YouTube SEO: "If you’re going to rank, you typically rank in the first 24-48 hours.” How’s that for an immediate head start, compared to the typical 3-6 month wait time to rank your content on Google?

Also, Google owns YouTube. This means your YouTube videos, if optimized for SEO, can actually show up at the top of Google search results! Many SEO-optimized videos for brands ended up on the first page of Google. And that leads to lots more sales.

3. Have Superior Copy and a Superior Offer or Guarantee

One of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to have superior website and sales copy. Why is this one of the easiest ways to stand out? Because at copywriters.com, you can quickly and easily hire a professional copywriter to take care of this for you.

And why is it important to have great online copy? Well, I’m sure you can already guess. A buyer doesn’t buy based on who’s the best. No, they buy based on who’s perceived to be the best.

In the tough world of online businesses, you have to sell yourself, and great copy does that for you. This is the whole point of having a website. If the website copy doesn’t compel visitors to take action, what good is your company website?

To appear superior to your competition, maybe it’ll require you to write more persuasive paragraphs on your website, email newsletters, or landing pages. Or perhaps you'll need a copywriter to craft an irresistible offer that’s light-years ahead of your competitors. Also, craft a solid guarantee that no one else is offering, to help you stand out as the social media marketing agency of choice.

Any copy that’s designed to influence your target market to work with you should be looked over by a professional. This will ensure you get the best conversion rate possible. Since many competitors aren't thinking strategically enough to hire a professional copywriter, this will give you an advantage.

4. Improve Customer Experience

This is a big one. It ties into everything we’ve talked about so far. All of the strategies discussed in this article essentially help build this one up: The customer experience.

Forbes said it best: “Everything a company does contributes to how customers perceive it.” The customer experience is your customers' (and potential customers’) perception of your brand. It's what they experience when they interact with you and your business online and offline. How they interact with your website and your social media pages are part of this customer experience.

Using all of the strategies outlined in this article will help you improve your customer experience, as your brand will come across as more personable, helpful and valuable. You’ll come across as the type of business people want to work with. Most businesses only focus on acquiring customers and delivering a decent level of service, but people want more. Your prospects want to be wowed.

According to a PwC consumer survey, “54% of U.S. consumers say customer experience at most companies needs improvement.” This means that if you worked on improving and then highlighting your company’s superior customer experience, chances are you’ll stand out in a big way!


Here’s a quick summary of the strategies shared in this article that can help you differentiate yourself as a social media marketing agency:

  • Build relationships with your potential clients by educating them for free. You can use blog posts, videos, emails, case studies, eBooks and more.

  • Add video content creation to your digital marketing strategy to boost SEO and connect with your market.

  • Improve your website and sales copy to influence and persuade potential clients to choose you above your competitors.

  • Improve and highlight your customer experience to gain everyone's attention in the marketplace.

Did you like what you read? Now it’s time to implement! Many business owners already know some of this information, but be careful… Knowledge isn’t power. As Dan Lok likes to say, “Applied knowledge is power.” So go out there and use what you've learned.

And remember - it’s not about who’s best, it’s about who’s perceived as best. Get them to know, like and trust you (starting with the above shared strategies) and you’ll be well on your way to scaling your business to new heights.

Need help with any of these strategies? A professional copywriter can help you write educational content, blog posts, video scripts, social media copy, compelling website copy, and more. Hire a professional copywriter today.

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