How to Use Language to Appeal to High-End Clients

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Oftentimes high-end clients are the ones who can most appreciate that you get what you pay for, and can understand why the highest quality copywriting should command a price tag that matches. As copywriters, our product is writing.

So, if you’re targeting high-end clients, you’ll want to make sure your product appeals to the luxury set by using the sort of language that can elevate your copy and seduce your readers with just your words.

The Psychology of Luxury

You’ve likely heard of the term the “pleasure principle” in psychology (thanks, Sigmund Freud!); now familiarize yourself with the “luxury principle.” In essence, the pleasure principle says that at their core, people will always seek pleasure over pain.

Any behavior that doesn’t fit this model is the result of willpower, morals, or strategy—what psychology calls the superego. But our instincts (the id) will always seek what feels good in the moment.

The luxury principle, also called the “luxury strategy” by some experts, says that customers of luxury goods are, in part, driven by the desire to have and experience things that are out of most people’s reach.

Using elevated and uncommon (though still easily understandable) language will help you appeal to this “premium” crowd. As John D. Rockefeller famously said, “The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well.”

Pathos: the Emotional Appeal

Anyone who has seen an episode of Mad Men knows that appealing to a customer’s emotion is usually the most powerful tool in successful advertising. This is especially true for the luxury market.

Scientific research in psychology has found that what moves luxury buyers to shell out sky high price—in addition to the impression that they’ll be getting the very best of something—is the sense of superior identity and excitement it affords them.

High-end clients tend, unconsciously or not, to seek to gain a sense of comfort and security while aligning themselves with a unique and creative image.

As Psychology Today puts it: “For [high-end] consumers, luxury is an integral part of their lifestyle. They experience emotions of trust, security, contentment, and confidence. These emotions are evoked by perceptions that their luxury brands are authentic and timeless.”

Language that lets prospective buyers associate themselves with excitement, mystique, or other hard-to-attain facets of self-image, will convince them that a premium cost is worth it. Strong imagery, combined with a unique yet subtle call-to-action, is an effective way to create this level of emotional response.

The Vocabulary of Luxury

We’ve discussed the theory, now here’s what some of this language looks like in black and white. The Luxury Lexicon is an online collection of words (many tried and tested by premium luxury brands) put together by the Luxsell blog to help writers invoke the emotional concept of high-end products or services. You can access and download this priceless document here, or read some of our personal favorite luxury vocab words below:

  • Bespoke

  • Commanding

  • Curated

  • Classic

  • Devotee

  • Eternal

  • Fearless

  • Identity

  • Impeccable

  • Pedigree

  • Passionate

  • Perfection

  • Rare

  • Sophisticated

  • Timeless

  • Unparalleled

  • Upscale


Words that elevate your copy are what will appeal to high-end clients. Experienced copywriters will emotionally move their readers to invest in high-end products and services. For more tips and tricks for success in the copywriting world, visit

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