How to Write Non-Annoying Marketing Emails

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How many bothersome marketing email blasts have I unsubscribed myself from just today? Four. Some days it’s a dozen. I don’t know exactly how I get on all these lists, but it’s not often that I open a company’s email and click through to buy the product.

I have responded positively to marketing email blasts before, and I likely will again. But not if the email is so annoying that I never get to the point of considering the sales pitch. So, how can you make sure the emails you write increase a brand’s image and drive sales up instead of annoying the potential customers out of their minds? Read on to find out.

Know Thyself Before Sending Annoying Marketing Emails

Or maybe this section should be called “know thy brand.” It doesn't matter how big or how small a company’s marketing and research budget is. Having a firm handle on what the particular brand can really offer to customers is of key importance to any successful sales pitch.

To get people to buy a product or service, you need to know what is appealing about your business. For instance, if you’re marketing to customers of a high-end brand, you’re not going to want to use a lot of language about pricing (a luxury market no-no) or talk about discounts for last season’s unwanted goods.

Know Thy Customer

In my profession, I often write how-to articles or buying guides about women’s lifestyle products for big sites or magazines. Because of this, I get cold emailed a lot of pitches for products I should write about.

Occasionally I’ll accept or at least follow up on a suggestion, but usually these emails end up in my trash. Why? Because they’re frequently about products that have little or nothing to do with my field of expertise.

If a marketer found my contact address through my work writing about the best makeup sponges, for instance, I don’t belong on a pitch list about a men’s testosterone supplement.

Sometimes these emails are so obviously under-researched and under-tailored that the pasted email salutation will still be addressed to someone else.

The point is that great marketing emails will be specially targeted to demographic lists and interest groups as precisely as possible. Anything else feels like junk advertising.

Nix Old-Fashioned Newsletters

Everybody in the modern world is short on time and long on responsibilities vying to fill it. Except for a brand’s extreme devotees, nobody cares about a for-profit organization’s monthly updates, or pics from the company picnic.

As an article in Forbes recently discussed, instead of starting monthly emails with “here’s what’s going on with us” phrasing, your entry point should be more about what the brand can offer customers now. So please, do the world a favor and re-think that newsletter format before you hit send.

Quality, Not Quantity

In the world of marketing, it’s not uncommon to see businesses following the concept of constant contact almost more like a religion than a strategy. And it’s true that a higher level of customer contact means a higher level of coveted customer engagement.

But that doesn’t mean you should confuse email length with email frequency. Ask yourself: do you ever read those five-page, single-spaced marketing emails with mixed fonts and no sub-headings that look like a confusing block of text lifted from a teenager’s diary? Probably not.

Value your customers’ time and get to the point in as few words as possible, while still paying attention to tone and style.


Have a specific purpose in mind for your marketing email blasts. What are your readers looking for and what can you offer to meet that need? If your emails are more about quality and not quantity, and you have a firm understanding of what your audience wants, your emails won't annoy them.

If you would like more tips on how to write non-annoying emails, get in touch with us. Our copywriters will be happy to help with your next marketing email.

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