How Your New Product Announcement On Facebook Can Steal Your Competitor's Thunder

Erica Gordon
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Announcing your new product on Facebook can very ineffective without the proper strategy in place for a new product announcement. Simply trying to balance wide visibility with specific targeting can often cause more stress than conversions. And Although Facebook can be a powerful platform for marketing, mistakes in your campaign will always result in inequitable customer acquisition costs. 

For this reason, a new product announcement involves a handful of important preparations. 

When you’re figuring out how to announce your new product on Facebook, your primary concern should be positively influencing Facebook’s algorithm. Luckily, Facebook has been kind in providing a basis for how to do this. 

The Facebook algorithm prioritizes “meaningful engagement.” Specifically, the algorithm prefers content that generates engagement without obviously prompting it. In other words, comments, for instance, are good engagement, but their influence on the algorithm is negated if your post directly asks people to comment.

If you take nothing else away from this article, note that trying to “trick” the algorithm will always hurt more than it helps. The following are a few insights for handling Facebook marketing the right way:  

1. Your New Product Announcement Requires Pre-Release Advertising

You shouldn’t wait to announce your new product until it’s available for purchase. Instead, generating buzz about it, and generating hype with promotional content, should be your first move. A pre-release advertising period will allow you to build up enough buzz to get people at the decision-making point: They’ve decided they want to buy your product when it is released. 

Your new product announcement actually works best if people have heard of it before. People are more likely to purchase something they’re already familiar with. Customers who go out of their way to check out your page or website will feel more confident in making a purchase later. Even those who don’t check out your website, by virtue of knowing your company’s name (brand recognition) will also be more likely to make a purchase from you in the future than those who’ve never heard of you.

When you do begin posting promotional material to generate sales, there’s a chance that you won’t be reaching all of the same people you did in pre-release. This is a double-edged sword. While it negates some of the points of brand recognition, it allows for the like-based credibility to play its role. If your pre-release content was compelling enough to generate more ‘likes’ on your Facebook page, people will pay more attention to your actual release post. 

2. Using Visual Stimulation in Your New Product Announcement

If you’ve got the skill, or the budget, the most compelling way to advertise is with videos. The first reason for this is because people are more inclined to watch and listen than to read. It still matters what is said or written within the videos, though, and a copywriter can help write the video’s script. Although viewers will have the option to click off your ad, you’re still building brand recognition.

What’s more, compelling visual content is memorable. When looking into how to announce your new product on Facebook, your goal shouldn’t be to make a sale for every person that sees your ad. Instead, it should be to be remembered by everyone who sees it. Even if a person doesn’t need your product at the moment, a memorable advertisement can still lead to a future sale. This is especially true if your visual ad resulted in a long-lasting, memorable impression.

3. Consider How You Can Further Incentivize Purchases

From referral programs to flash sales, your value proposition should be obvious, and then seemingly tilted in the customer’s favor. More than anything else, people want to feel like they’re getting a good deal. Sometimes, people will buy your product (even if they don’t need it) if the offer is good enough. While you shouldn't engage in promotions that aren't financially viable, they are useful when determining how to announce your new product on Facebook.

One of the best methods of providing an incentive is to have deals on a time limit. This is becoming especially common in eCommerce these days, and with good reason. It’s difficult to pass up on a deal that won’t be there later.

But what should you do if you’re not able to offer deals? If that’s the case, make sure that you’re securing other types of conversions. Having a person’s email address, for instance, has its own utility in the long term. Further, by doing this you can focus discounts on only those who are most interested.

With a strong pre-release period, compelling video advertising, and a seemingly imbalanced value proposition, you’ll be able to secure sales with ease and have no problems when figuring out how to do a new product announcement on Facebook. 

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Erica Gordon

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