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You've worked hard to build your email list. Now you may be wondering how do you improve your email click through rate (CTR).

Ascend2 asked 260 marketing influencers what their most important objectives for an email marketing strategy are. They answered that increasing conversion rate and improving email click-through rate are the top two most important objectives. Better click-through rates typically mean better conversion rates.

If you're looking to boost revenue without increasing your marketing budget, learning how to improve email click through rate is a good objective. Read on to discover 5 hacks you can use in the next email you send.

What is Email Click-Through Rate?

It's a percentage that tells you how many people clicked on any link compared to the total number of emails sent.

CTR shows how your audience is engaging with your message. Better CTR means your message is working. They like what you wrote. That means you're one step closer to getting a sale.

So what's a good click-through rate benchmark?

There are no hard and fast rules. CTR varies based on country, industry, and other factors. The average CTR across all industries is 2.6%.

1. Get Your Emails Opened

These days, there's a lot of competition for your reader's attention. An office worker receives on average 121 emails per day.

Sending an email that doesn't get opened is like giving a speech in an empty room. You might have a great speech prepared but no one is there to listen to you.

Likewise, it doesn't matter how good the message is if your email recipient doesn't open it. Your message isn't read. And the links inside definitely don't get clicked.

The first battle is to capture the reader's attention and get the email opened. This consists of two main parts: technical aspects and copywriting.

Technical: This is about navigating spam filters and promotions tabs. You want your email to land in the primary inbox. Work on improving the reputation of the sending domain and the email provider you use. And avoid using words and phrases that are spam triggers.

Copywriting: Once you get to the inbox, the next part is to have a compelling subject line. Do this by using curiosity and benefit-driven lines. Readers can’t help but click to open them.

2. Changing the Anchor Text of the Call-To-Action (CTA)

Anchor text are the clickable words you use for the link. To improve email click through rate, you want to use words that are casual.

Even though you're varying the words, you still want to stick with one CTA objective in the email. Having multiple objectives would confuse your reader, causing fewer CTR.

Examples of what your anchor text could look like:

  • Copy these strategies

  • Implement these simple tweaks

  • Here are 3 simple tips you can follow

  • Learn more here

These links are casual and benefit-driven. People are more likely to click them.

3. Email Formatting to Improve Email Click Through Rate

More and more people use their mobile devices to browse the internet and check their emails.

It's important to format your emails with the mobile user in mind. Email formatting is often an overlooked component of email marketing strategy. But it's easy to fix.

If your email doesn't open properly on mobile, your reader is going to skip or delete it.

To see if your email shows up correctly, simply send yourself a test email. Then check it on your mobile device and desktop. It only takes a few minutes and doesn't cost you anything.

4. Segmenting Your List for Higher CTR

Having a segmented list means you're sending a more targeted message to your subscribers. They are more likely to resonate with a message tailored specifically to them.

Here are some of the common ways to segment your list:

  • Demographics. You can segment based on age, gender, or location. For example, you can send an email only to males and a different one to females.

  • Browse History. You can segment people based on what content they read on your website or what products they look at. Sending a message that interests them is a good way to improve email click through rate.

  • Purchase History. This is a popular way to segment your VIP customers from those that may have only purchased a few times and those that have yet to buy. VIP customers know what your business is about and believe in what you do. On the other hand, prospects need more nurturing.

How to segment your list?

The big-name email marketing platforms like Aweber, Mailchimp and GetResponse have list segmentation built into them. They have detailed step-by-step instructions on how to segment a list. Here's an example from Aweber.

Before deciding on how you segment your list, you need to understand how your email platform does it.

5. Tell a Story that Engages the Reader

Storytelling goes back thousands of years. It works because stories are engaging. It's the same reason why we go to the movies and watch dramas.

Stories also help you create a deeper connection with your audience. Your list gets to understand what you and your brand stand for and why your business exists. Stories evoke emotions like joy, anger, or achievement in your readers.

Neuroscientist Uri Hasson studied the brain activity of both the storyteller and the listener. As soon as the story starts, the brain activity of the storyteller and the listener syncs up—called 'brain coupling'. What this means is emotions are being transferred to the listener.

By telling a story, you hooked your audience to read your entire email instead of scrolling through it. They are emotionally involved in the story, which is subtly doing the selling for you without them realizing it. That's why they are more likely to click your link and go down your sales funnel.

Here are a few ideas for stories you can share in emails:

  • Origin story. People love hero stories. Share with your audience your story of struggle and conflict.

  • Story of what motivates you and your team. As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

  • Success story of your customer. Your prospects might be going through a similar struggle and relate to the story. It's also a good way to handle objections they have.

  • Story of interaction between your brand and your customer. This paints the picture for your reader on what it's like after buying from you.

Every copywriter on has been trained in the art of storytelling. They’ll be able to help you craft a compelling story for your email list to improve email click through rate.


You've just learnt how to improve email click through rate.

Remember to do these hacks when sending your next email:

  • Getting your emails opened

  • Changing the anchor text

  • Correctly formatting the email

  • Segmenting your list

  • Telling a story

By doing these, people will read your emails and click your links. You get the benefit of getting an ROI while building a long term relationship with your prospects and customers.

If you're looking to increase click-through rate but don't have the time or expertise to craft emails, the team at are here to help you.

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