Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates With These 7 Tips

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Landing page conversion rates are by far one of the most important indicators of marketing success. After all, you might be working hard to establish credibility for your brand, which can result in more prospects visiting your website.

But what good is all this effort, if your landing page never drives a sale? Sure, landing pages can act as a great anchor for your brand in digital form, but at the end of the day, what you should be optimizing for is how your landing page can help you get more customers. You need to keep track of whether or not your landing page is converting visitors into customers, and what your landing page conversion rates are.

Most business owners focus their customer acquisition efforts in other areas, whether it be social, email, or otherwise, and forget that perhaps the best way to drive sales is from their own website. In other words, a landing page can convert customers like nothing else, if done right, by an expert copywriter.

Today, we will explore the ins and outs of landing page conversion rates, how to improve your own, and how paying close attention can result in incredible value for your business

Why Landing Page Conversion Rates Matter

If you spend time improving your landing page conversion rates, you will immediately see an increase in consultation requests, bookings, and sales. These website landing pages get people buying your offer. Once they click on the call-to-action, their intent is to buy.

Even if your prospects aren’t buying on the spot, they are interested. And that often means you can retarget these leads and engage further with them. That’s why most landing pages take advantage of one great asset: email addresses. Since your potential customers are filling out information in a form, their email addresses can then be captured. From there, you can create highly-targeted email campaigns that account for your various customer segments.

Depending on your analytics software, you can also see valuable information about these leads.

Demographics and where these visitors on your site came from can help you better understand your audience. Once you know your audience, you can then create better content that yields better results.

How To Improve Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

1. Know who you are talking to. When it comes to landing pages, you need to know your audience and speak their language for the page to be effective. By “speak their language”, I don’t mean English. I mean, what motivates them? What excites them? What do they want? What are their emotional triggers? Dig into your analytics to learn more about your prospects.

2. Nail your first sentence. This is one of the first things copywriters learn. Remember to nail your hook! That lead-in sentence is key. Draw the reader in right away so they actually want to keep reading. Many brands have amazing offers, but their website visitors click away before they even have the chance to engage in a conversation.

3. Eliminate distractions. Nobody likes a busy landing page. It just creates chaos for the reader and your prospect is more likely to abandon the page than buy. It’s crucial that your landing page is simple, uncomplicated, and clear. It can’t be confusing, complicated, cluttered or distracting.

4. A/B test your copy. Split testing is your friend. This is where you can really see the effectiveness of your copy in your landing page. Without testing, it is impossible to know what is working and what isn’t.

5. Include testimonials and reviews. People want to know that what they are investing in will yield results. Trust is currency, so include testimonials so you can show (not tell) that you are the real deal.

6. Add design elements. A great design does not just focus on the visuals. Rather, it puts more of the focus on the copy and complements it. This is easier said than done, but the best landing pages achieve this.

7. Follow-up with a ‘thank you’. Humanizing the buying process for customers will make them remember you for future purchases.


Though your brand may look to various channels to acquire and close leads, don’t forget about one of the only channels you have full control over: your landing page. Similar to how dedicated you are to marketing on channels like Facebook, you also shouldn’t skimp on optimizing your landing page.

Imagine attracting a plethora of website visitors as your brand continues to grow, but failing to monetize that growth. That would be tragic, wouldn’t it? So, don’t lose sight of the importance of your landing page conversion rates, because that would be you leaving serious money on the table. Instead, book a consultation with a skilled copywriter today, and get your landing page copy written in a way that converts website visitors into real revenue. 

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